Possibly Moving to Israel


Feb 14th, 2002, 11:57 AM
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Possibly Moving to Israel

i am a 35 year old single Jewish woman who just returned from India where all the people i hung out with were Israeli. i have been to Israel 3 times, once at 16,once again at 20 and the last time on a kibbutz, K'far Hanassi for four months right before the gulf war when I was 24...a strange thing happened when i was hanging out with all these Israelis....i felt this incredible pull towards Israel....the Israelis i met astonished me with their loyalty to each other (and to me), plus their sense of community is probably what affected me the most...they were in ages from 22-42, but it has me thinking this crazy notion of making aliyah....a feeling i've never had before....

want to know what is the climate in israel right now....politically, ecomonically, socially, security-wise.....? I read that something like 30% of Olim return to the US. That seems high!

RIght now I am looking into the WUJS art institute in Arad for an Ulpan/art program as i am a graphic designer...it starts in October but i was thinking of coming to Israel in May for a few weeks to check things out and see whats what....If i can get a job, bring my dog, find an international community to settle into etc...

Need some advice on whether to seriously consider this. Thanks!
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Feb 14th, 2002, 03:11 PM
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Mari, I have only one advise for you: don't let strangers on this web site determine your fate.
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