Please!! Itenerary review needed and Arusha NP


Sep 18th, 2005, 08:25 AM
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Please!! Itenerary review needed and Arusha NP

Dear all,

We are trying to finalise our itinerary for our safari in December.
Any comment on the itinerary below is much appreciated

2/12 Arusha NP
Overnight at??? Please help us out with suggestions!!
3/12 Lake Manyara NP
Overnight outside the NP at the Kirurumu Tented camp or at the (Karatu) Plantation Lodge/Gibb´s Farm if they are cheaper.
4/12 Overnight at Lobo Wildlife lodge
5/12 Overnight at Lobo Wildlife lodge
6/12 Overnight at Seronera Wildlife Lodge
7/12 Overnight at Seronera Wildlife Lodge
8/12 Overnight at Serengeti Sopa Lodge
9/12 Overnight at Serengeti Sopa Lodge
10/12 Overnight at Serengeti Sopa Lodge
11/12 Afternoon crater tour
Overnight at Ngogrongoro Wildlife Lodge
12/12 Morning crater tour
Drive back to Arusha

Is it worth staying one night at Arusha NP? And if it is please help us out with accommodation suggestions.

Many thanks and Kind Regards

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Sep 18th, 2005, 12:53 PM
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Hi Mariaan,

You haven't given much information about what you want out of this safari, but this looks pretty good--I'm guessing, though, as I've not been to TZ in December.

I would probably try to stay at Kirurumu rather than the Plantation Lodge/Gibb's Farm just so you could have the tented camp experience. I would be surprised if there was a significant difference in the price.

I'm wondering what the drive time is between Manyara and Lobo, though? I think it's long, although once you're in the Serengeti you'll be game-viewing.

If $'s a concern, I'd probably skip ovenighting at Arusha NP; I think it would be cheaper to stay in Arusha. The Impala, while not at all glamorous, is fine, and you can take care of any administrative tasks from there very easily b/c it's sort of a business hotel. The breakfast was not great when we were there, but we really liked the Indian restaurant.

Pesonally, I would love to hit three areas of the Serengeti in one trip, regardless of the season. But hopefully one of the Fodors experts can better advise you about these areas in December and drive times.

Good luck!
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Sep 18th, 2005, 01:43 PM
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Mariaan -

First, I want to suggest you keep all the posts about this trip under one thread/heading. This way you can easily find it and the answers will progress through your plans and arrangements. You can ask as many questions about the trip without having to start a new thread.

Re Arusha NP - is this your arrival day? As Leely mentioned you can easily stay in Arusha on arrival, especially if you're departing the next day for Lk. Manyara. The Impala is a good choice. If you're spending a day in Arusha and want to visit Arusha NP, that's something else. You can still do this and stay at the Impala. At Arusha NP you can do a canoe safari in the morning taking a boxed lunch from the hotel. In the afternoon you can arrange some cultural activity.

I can understand Lobo Wildlife in the Northern area of the Serengeti and/or the Wildlife or Sopa in the Central/Seronera area of the Serengeti - but not both. That's a lot of time in the Serengeti.

I would suggest you forego two days in the Serengeti and visit Tarangire NP. While not at it's peak in December, those who visit here anytime, will agree that Tarangire is always wonderful if only for the landscape and baobab trees. Besides there are lots of elephants and zebra.

Do Arusha (1),
then Tarangire (2),
Lk. Manyara (1),
Lobo (2 or 3)... though this is going to be a very long drive;
Wildlife OR Sopa in Central Serengeti (2 or 3),
Ngorongoro (1),

which, I believe, would be a better overall itinerary.
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