Please Critic Itinerary


Nov 20th, 2005, 10:36 AM
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Please Critic Itinerary

My husband and I are planning a trip for 30 people to South Africa in March/April 2007. We will renew our vows in Hermanus during the last two days of the trip. Please let me know if this itinerary will work. Also, are we trying to do to much in 12 days?

Day 1 Leave for Johannesburg
Day 2 Johannesburg/The Michaelangelo
Day 3 Johannesburg/The Michaelangelo
Day 4 Johannesburg to Victoria Falls/Matetsi Water Lodge
Day 5 Victoria Falls/Matetsi Water Lodge
Day 6 Victoria Falls to Cape Town Winelands/Sante Wellness
Day 7 Cape Town Winelands/Sante Wellness
Day 8 Winelands to Cape Town/Waterfront Apts.
Day 9 Cape Town/Waterfront Apts.
Day 10 Cape Town Waterfront Apts.
Day 11 Cape Town to Hermanus/Birkenhead House
Day 12 Hermanus/Birkenhead House
Day 13 Leave for United States

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Nov 20th, 2005, 12:15 PM
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What have you planned to do in JNB?
I think that a night there is sufficiant, however you can overcome this by connecting straight through to Cape Town, giving yourself and two extra nights down South, which if it was me is exactly what I would do.

I would finish the trip by flying CPT to LVI and back to JNB from there, connect with your international flight and return home.

Of course if the vows are timed for the end, well that puts a spanner in that suggestion.
But to answer your original question: Yes it will work.
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Nov 20th, 2005, 09:06 PM
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Yes, "it will work", but I do not find it to be an enjoyable itinerary...way too choppy and the only safari destination is for two nights and at a questionable destination for overall gameviewing, but obviously will allow for a Victoria Falls visit. In my opinion, it would be so much better, with even a single night at the Victoria Falls Hotel and then a 3 night safari at Makalolo Plains.

I don't quite understand the inclusion of Hermanus at a place as posh as the Birkenhead House when the safari portion is being skimped on. Will Birkenhead House even accomodate 30 guests?

A better itinerary, in my opinion, would be the following:

Cape Town (3)
Cape Winelands (2)
Victoria Falls Hotel (2) (Imagine the dinner party that could be held in the ballroom...why not renew your vows here...with 30 guests they will likely allow you the ballroom for a private ceremony/reception
Makalolo Plains (3)
Michelangelo (1) This will make for an easier transfer home and allow for some shopping and fine dining in Sandton

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