petrol stations & credit cards

Jan 26th, 2004, 06:47 AM
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Hey KV, about Namibian ATM's... I don't think we ever found one that would let us take more than 1000 out at a time. That's only 100 and some euros. I've heard it's the same in SA; can anyone confirm that?
Jan 26th, 2004, 08:15 AM
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Kavey, any town that has a bank will have an ATM. St. Lucia does; I remember going there one morning to get cash, and having to wait 5 minutes or so till the bank opened.

I will almost swear that Mpila camp and Hilltop camp take credit cards. I would swear, but don't want to make the same mistake I did about the petrol stations!

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Jan 26th, 2004, 03:30 PM
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So, I guess we should try to make sure we take out cash every day we're in Cape Town to be certain we'll have enough Rands to pay our 3 night hotel bill in cash?!!! And then can buy gas when we return after our safari and pick up a rental car!
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Jan 26th, 2004, 11:27 PM
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Whoah, stop the bus.

Uhoh_busted, there is a 99.9999% certainty that your hotel will accept your credit card for payment. The vast majority of restaurants, supermarkets shops and what have you accept all major credit cards with Visa and Mastercard being the most popular.

We are only talking petrol stations and maybe road side vendors here. The shops at the petrol stations accept credit cards to pay for snacks and what have you - just not the petrol itself. And really, it shouldn't be a problem - many petrol stations have ATMs in the forecourt and if they don't - ask the attendants - most likely there'll be an ATM within a 1 km radius. Even if the daily withdrawal limit is R1000 - that still buys you a lot of petrol.

Peep, the withdrawal limit at SA ATMS is R1000. Inside the bank there's no withdrawal limit. You can also request to have your ATM limit raised but I don't know how that would work for foreign visitors.
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Jan 27th, 2004, 03:49 AM
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No, actually I'd prefer to pay the hotel in cash as there's a discount
Otherwise I'd use a card. Also, I have friends who owned a B&B and know that the guesthouses and small hotels prefer being paid in cash. Keeping a small business up and running is easier when there's an easily predictable cash flow.
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