Personal Guides/Jerusalem and Cairo


Dec 9th, 1997, 03:33 PM
David Weber
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Personal Guides/Jerusalem and Cairo

I and 3 others will be travelling to Jerusalem, then Cairo in May. We would like to have a knowledgable guide in each city who would stay with us for the 3-4 days we are in each place.
Any ideas regarding fair amounts to pay? More importantly, does anyone have some recommendations and means of contacting some people?
Thank you very much!
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Dec 13th, 1997, 10:32 PM
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I just returned from Jerusalem and Cairo and can give
you two names of guides. In Cairo, we had a wonderful
guide, Manal Tawfik who had a degree in Archeology and
was great. You might want to write her as she does
not have an E-Mail Address. Her address is:
17 El-Emam Mahamed Abdu St. El-Naam, Ein Shams,Cairo,
Egypt. Her telephone is 2488358 (home). I don't know
what she charges but I feel sure it would be reasonable.
She was our guide through Adventure Tours in Cairo but
she also works independently. In Jerusalem, we stayed
at a Bed and Breakfast which was great-very reasonable and
very convenient. One of the people who worked at the
Bed and Breakfast was really knowledgable and also did
tours for a company and also on his own. His name was
Yuri and you could reach him through the Bed and Breakfast.
The name of B&B is Allenby2 in Jerusalem. Allenby2
has a website and a fax. The E-Mail is [email protected].
Internet site is
Tel/fax is 972-2-5344113. The owner is Danny and you
can tell him that Sue Hamby from Texas recommended them.
Let me know if you have any other questions. It would
probably be better to send them to my E-Mail address as
I don't always check this forum.
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Jan 17th, 1998, 11:41 PM
Tony Lee
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I was unsuccessful in trying to access the allenby2 website. Can you give me some info about this B&B? I'd like to know about its location, its features, and the prices if possible. I will be in Jerusalem in early February. Thanks for your help/
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Jan 21st, 1998, 08:55 PM
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Tony, I sent you an E-Mail with the information you
requested. I hope that the information is helpful.
Let me know if you have any more questions. Sue
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