Pamukkale Scammer!


Jul 9th, 2004, 04:01 AM
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Pamukkale Scammer!

The Mislina Tourism Travel Agency, in Pamukkale has found a way to hustle and scam tourist.

On the overnight Nevtur bus trip from Cappadocia to Pamukkale, you are dropped off, literally, on a very busy highway, in the middle of the night (approximately 11:30pm) and just outside of Pamukkale. I assume this is at the request of the mini-bus contracted mini-bus delivery company, Mislina Toursim Travel Agency.

The owner of Mislina Tourism takes you to his family hotel, the Koray Otel. He likes to introduce himself as, ?Mel Gipson or Jack Nickolas, to break the ice. Once at the hotel, he immediately starts his pitch of his tours of the Pamukkale area. If you show an interest in one of his tours, he takes you to your hotel. If you?re not interested, he announces that you can walk up the hill to public bus transportation or use ?your? phone to call your hotel ? If questioned, as to ?why are we here??, he advises that you can use of his hotel lobby, to rest or do as you please! He then takes those that have shown an interest in his tours to their hotel leaving the rest of the group on their own! There is no other assistance in the hotel lobby.

I have taken several bus trips on different bus lines in Turkey and was never dropped off other than at a terminal or my hotel.

He offers 2 tours; One one-half day, One a full day. The price of the ? day tour of the mineral terraces, an old graveyard associated with a Greek town ruins was $20 USD each with pick up at our hotel, tour guide, and delivery back to the hotel after the tour?. Usual and normal! The full day tour was transportation to the Aphrodite, a large cave, water fall, underground city attractions, tour guide with a return to the bus station to continue our trip to Selcuk. He wanted $200 USD for a tour for 2 people. We negotiated the price for a private tour of $90 USD! I told him, I didn?t require a private tour. He said that at that time we were the only 2 he had for the tour and if others joined then I would get a better rate. I paid for the tours in advance.

The next morning we were picked up at the hotel for the ? day tour. The Turkish Guide, Turkish Tourist, and driver comprised the tour. The guide, could not speak English such that he could be understood. We keep trying to clarify his presentation. This annoyed him! After about 30 minutes, we gave up, took our pictures, and read the information, as available on the site signage.

The next day, a mini-bus arrived with about 8 people on board for the full day tour. . . there was no tour guide. I assumed that the driver, the owner of the Mislina Agency, would serve as the guide? WRONG!! We drove to Aphrodite, over an hour drive. No presentation was offered during the entire trip relative to what we were seeing or going to see, etc. On arriving at Aphrodite, we were told that the site was well documented and he would meet us in about 3 hours for the return! He paid no fees for site entry or the museum! The Aphrodite museum was documented but not the many, and various surrounding ruins? several tours were going on all with tour guide.

Conversations with the other tourist suggested that they were to pay $20 USD if the tour was full and $25 USD if the tour wasn?t full. They were not aware of that the tour included a waterfall, cave, etc. After return to Pamukkale, the other tourist were delivered to their hotel. By this time, it was too late to go to any other sites, if they even existed? Only time was left for us to catch the bus! I requested a refund of $45 USD because the bus was full ?although he had delivered the other tourist to their hotels, and they paid on exiting, he said that he did not have any money for the refund!

In summary, the Mislina Tourism Travel Agency, appears to be one individual, who scams, hustles tourist with trumped up tours with, poorly guided, bogus tours and is certainly a liar! I would advise anyone visiting Pamukkale to look for other tour companies and make plan in advance to obtain transportation from the Koray Otel if traveling by bus. At 11:30pm, the area around the hotel isn?t a location for a single, couple, or group to be in!
Questions to [email protected].

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