Mar 29th, 2004, 05:53 PM
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we will be in Kenya on safari for 15 days and then on to Mombasa for 8 days. Does anyone have any suggestions what we must take and what can be left behind? I tend to always bring everything but the kitchen sink. Also, do the lodges have self serve laundry or is sent out?
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Mar 30th, 2004, 04:45 AM
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Katj232 -

Realizing you need certain clothing while on safari and others for Mombassa, you can take two separate duffle bags. One with the safari stuff, the other with beach clothing - leave the beach bag back in NBO (your safari company will be glad to store it for you till you return) likewise leave the safari duffle wih them while in Mombassa and when you return to NBO for your return flight you'll gather the other and head for home.

Yes, there is laundry service available at most lodges and camps at moderate prices, but they will "not" launder "smalls" (underware). You should have some detergent to do your own or enough "wares" to carry you thru your entie trip. Note: laundry is mostly line-dried, so be sure it is a sunny day when you hand in your clothes or you'll likely have it returned, neatly folded, but a bit "damp."

Your tour operator should be sending (or has sent) a suggested packing list and it's good to adhere to it. Also, you really don't need more clothings then for wherever (park/camps) you stay longest, i.e., 3 or 4/days. You aren't likely to meet the same people at other camps, but even if you do, everyone is in the same situation and the theory is still functional and comfortable, not looking as if you stepped off the pages of a fashion mag. Clothing should be interchangeable, in neutral colors - tan, brown, khaki - for pants, shorts, shirts/tees; jeans are okay, but should be lgt.weight; have a sweater or lgt.weight jacket (you don't mention what time of year which might dictate something warmer [consider a thermal-t] or a windbreaker/rain slicker); check out the "convertible" pants that zip at the knee that turn into shorts. See the Travel Smith or Magellan's catelogs or websites for these and any other safari items.

Mornings and nights can be cool/cold depending on time of year, but daytime temps are comfortable - 70s. Don't forget socks. Since closed vehicles with pop-top or flip-top are used (good for photo taking) you won't have to contend with the winds blowing in your face as in Southern Africa.

Have comfortable walking shoes (avoid white if going on game-walks - they get dirty and animals don't find this color agreeable - sounds strange, but true). Shorts are not appropriate in Nairobi, so suggest pants or a skirt/dress especially if you go to a nice restaurant with a pair of flats or sandals; loafers or slip-ins for a guy.

Special note: "do not" wear camouflage-type clothing. Consider a sports-bra for comfort as most roads are rather bumpy. You'll need a first-aid kit, malaria and personal meds, a bandana to protect from dust, plastic bags for your camera equipment, lots of film or sufficient memory sticks, if a digital camera, extra batteries, adapters/plugs if needed to charge batteries; have dual voltage appliances - hairblower, curling iron, shaver, etc. & plugs. Bring swimsuit, coverup, sunscreen, insect repellent containing Dheet, personal toiletries (unscented deodorant, body lotions, don't wear perfume while out on safari), sanitary items.

If you are traveling by vehicle throughout Kenya, then your luggage weight is more flexible, but only 1-pc.each person. Yet if you are taking flights between camps, your limit is 15Kg (33lbs) including camera equipment.

As to your time in Mombassa, well, it's a beach area - not too difficult to figure this one, and while swimsuits and shorts are fine at your hotel or on the beach, you might want to consider more modest clothes - pants or skirts when walking thru town.

If I've omitted something, I'm sure others will pipe in.
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