Owl - still looking for art in JHB?


Jun 22nd, 2003, 11:55 PM
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Owl - still looking for art in JHB?

I've been giving this some thought because it seems to be a popular topic. When you say "art" are you looking for original works by famous name artists, or still lovely pieces by lesser or unknowns? It makes quite a difference as to where you should go and also how much you will end up spending! For example, a Cecil Skotnes will set you back a few thousand US$(!) and can only be obtained from a high profile gallery. Now the question is whether you want to spend that much and whether you could probably obtain such a work in the US. On the other side of the coin - do you want unique and original pieces by unknown artists that are not available anywhere else at a faction of the cost? (I know where my vote goes!) If you want the "famous" option then ask the hotel you are staying at to contact the Everard Read Gallery or any other mainline gallery they know of to arrange viewings. If you want the unique option, then the Rosebank market is a good choice. While the best bet for paintings is to attend on Sunday, if it is not possible there is a Rosebank Market Craft shop in the Rosebank Mall that is open Tues to Sun. You will be able to obtain beautiful sculptures (of all sizes) and masks in this shop for a very reasonable price. One of the best places to obtain original Africn art though is simply the side of the road. (In JHB you can buy just about anything at a traffic intersection from coat hangers to cellphone paraphenalia and fresh fruit.) Take a drive along William Nicol Drive through to Fourways and there are hawkers on the side of the road every day of the week - particularly at the corner of Bryanston Drive. If none of this is helpful - let me know where in JHB you will be staying and I'll see if I can come up with any more suggestions.
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Jun 23rd, 2003, 06:00 AM
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Once more time: Sunday mornings on Bath Street, one block from the Grace Hotel. Local art. Good bargaining opportunity. Enjoyable market. Rooftop.
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