Olympic Airlines


Dec 31st, 1999, 09:36 PM
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Olympic Airlines

Have any of you flown on Olympic Airlines to Athens and then on to Telaviv?

If so, how were they? I have heard they are privately owned but also saw a comment on one of the airline websites NOT to fly with them because the service is poor. Anyone know?

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Jan 3rd, 2000, 06:43 AM
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My husband and I had the misfortune of flying on Olympic Air in 1995. As we were on a packaged tour, we had to go with the agency's choice. When we flew them, we had to get on a bus from one of the gates at JFK as the plane was out on the tarmac. We had to repeat this experience upon arrival in Athens and then again when we resumed our flight to Cairo. Needless to say we had the same experience on the return flights. So if will become a real hassle if you are carrying anything bulky or heavy as carry-on luggage. The plane was really packed. One flight out of Athens was cancelled without explanation and when we finally got on the replacement flight it was a free for all seating. Forget about the fact that you originally had seat assignments. I can't remember how the food or the service was so I would have to hazard a guess that they were the usual stuff. An office mate of mine who's Greek said that even the Greeks would not fly the airline unless they had to. So unless you are getting a real good price and/or you don't mind the discomfort, I would avoid them.
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