OAT-Ultimate Africa Trip Report

Aug 20th, 2006, 01:26 PM
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OAT-Ultimate Africa Trip Report

Well This is going to be a work in progress trip report. Ill start off with a brief overview of the trip and get into details over time. If anyone has ??, Im glad to help.

First off this was truely a wonderful trip. 21 days split between
Krugar NP-Hoyo Hoyo lodge
Chobe-Oat camp
Mundumo NP namibia-Lianshulu lodge
Okavanko delta-OAT camp
Hwange-Linkwasha Lodge
Vitoria Falls
Well I got back on thureday morning after traveling 40 hours from Vic Fall-Joburg-London-JFK-LGA-Denver-Montose and home to Telluride. It was a wonderful trip that I was able to share with my mom.
Wildlife at most parks was amazing including
27 Lions-Two mateing and Two females with six cubs
4- cheetahs(all at Krugar)
3 Rhinos(krugar)
6- wild dogs(on rd between VicFalls and Kasane)
Countless numbers Elephants, zebras,hipos, croks, buffulos, warthogs,baboons, sables, waterbucks, koudous,impala and more birds then you can shake a stick at.

Krugar NP- We were booked at Hoyo Hoyo in central Krugar. We were supposed to be near pafuri in the northern part of the park but Oat changed us two weeks before the trip. Hoyo Hoyo was an amazing lodge that was truely first class. Buitiful huts and a gorgouse main lodge. Food was two plentiful(Light breakfast, snack, Brunch, Lunch, tea and Dinner)
Wildlife was very good. Not a tone of general game everywhere(not open savanah) but plenty. Krugar is were we saw the 3 rhinos, mateing lions(only lions), 4 cheetahs.
Hoyo Hoyo and Krugar is strongly recomended(Ill get into more later)
Chobe- Next was off to chobe. On the drive from vic falls to Chobe we were treeted to 6 wild dogs. We watched them for over 20 minutes. Truely amazing. Our guide and everyone else we met said we were very lucky.
We stayed at an OAT camp in chobe. Chobe river valley is truely spectaculat. When we entered the valley we were treated by 1000's of zebra. We saw a wide range of animals but only 2 elephants on the first day and no cats.
The secound day we were treated to a pride of 7 young adult lions. Finnaly we came across the famed Elephents of chobe. We watched a heard of 200+ elephants walk right past our truck. Out camp was on the NW end of the park. As we got closer to the Eastern end crowds picked up. It was alittle crazy as we passed over 30 trucks on the way out of the park including some that were driving way too fast.
Mundumo NP, Namibia caprivi strip-
Hear we stayed at Liansulu lodge. A buitiful lodge on the banks of the Kuando river. A plain flight and an hour boat ride brought us to the lodge. Rooms were very nice, and the main lodge was amazing. We had a 9 foot croc right under the main lodge.
Bird life was prolific but animals were scarce. A few general game animal but not much else. Its a new park still recovering from Hunting in the 80s. Boat trips were very relaxing and nice on the kwando. Hippos, crocs and birds were everywhere. Drinking a sundowner floating down the kwando was very nice. You are in the bush at Mundumo. Far from everything. Botwana immigration was an army tent and Namibia never even showd up. Lodge Food and birds were great but animals were few and far between. Game drive should be replaced by boat tours.
OK my hand is getting tired. Ill overview The Delta and Hwange later today.
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Aug 20th, 2006, 10:19 PM
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Thanks for the post, deeppowder. I was interested to read that the Caprivi Strip is still recovering from the hunting and poaching of a few years ago. That's what I had heard a few years ago, staying on the Botwana side. I'm looking forward to reading more.
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Sep 28th, 2006, 01:23 PM
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Hey, where's the rest of this report? Don't stop now.
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Sep 28th, 2006, 05:54 PM
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Here's one more congratulations of good luck on a 20-minute wild dog sighting. So you were just driving on the road when you saw the dogs?

You had a good variety of parks, terrain, countries.

How nice you went with your mom.
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Sep 29th, 2006, 06:44 PM
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cool, i'll be doing the kasane-vic falls road trip next month, hope the dogs are still around!
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Sep 29th, 2006, 06:48 PM
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Congratulations on some amazing sightings Deeppowder. My radar tuned into the 4 cheetahs at Hoyo Hoyo....awesome!!! (Let me guess, cheetah mum with 3 cubs?) Wild dogs on the road transfer is fantastic!!!

thanks for checking in, and would love to hear about Hwange when you have a minute.

Sep 29th, 2006, 06:57 PM
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me too!
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