Northern Part of Morocco


May 26th, 1997, 12:27 PM
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Northern Part of Morocco

My wife and I will be entering Morocco through Spain and plan to spend about 5 days driving around the country. I imagine that driving to Marrakech might be stretching it a bit too much so maybe we will have to stick to the attractions in the Northern part of the country such as Rabat and Fez. Can anyone give me suggestions of an itinerary for 5 days ?/ Thanks
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May 28th, 1997, 12:51 PM
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Although Marrakesh is truly wonderful, I think you're wise not to dash about the entire country in just 5 days. I assume you're entering Morocco through Ceuta or Tangiers. If you're coming through Ceuta, consider stopping off at Tetouan. The medina there is fascinating but be extremely alert to scam artists. As a tourist, you will have dozens of instant "friends" and the pressure to give them something or buy a rug in a "friend's" shop has to be experienced to be believed. From Tetouan, consider driving into the Rif Mountains to Chefchaouen (sp?), a fascinating Berber town and the center of a flourishing hashish trade. Rabat is worthwhile, but the medina at Sale, just across the river from Rabat, is infinitely more interesting. Of all the cities in northern Morocco, though, Fez is definitely the highlight. The ancient medina transports you to another age, and you could happily pass most of your five days there. A good excursion from Fez is to nearby Meknes. Hope you have a wonderful trip.
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