Northern Cyprus


Jul 10th, 2004, 07:23 PM
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Northern Cyprus

Message: I am interested in going to Cyprus in November. Please let's not get into the politics of this concerning correct names, which side started what, which side is 'in the right', which side would not vote to approve whatever, etc.
I am thinking of going to Northern Cyprus because I hear the costs are much, much less there
than in Southern Cyprus.
I would like to know from people WHO HAVE NO AXE TO GRIND about
(a) the relative costs of North vs South Cyprus,
(b) the merits of sights to see (outdoors and museums, etc.) in North vs South (not interested in any night clubbing),
(c) availability of apartments to rent for several weeks,
(d) how does one fly into the North,
(e) what is the latest situation about moving across the border in either direction having landed at airport on either side?


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