No electricity, what to take with us?


Mar 18th, 1999, 05:17 PM
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No electricity, what to take with us?

We'll be travelling to a mission in Zimbabwe in August. There is electricity for only a few hours a day. Does anyone know if they make butane hair dryers for travelers? If so, where can I get one? Any other tips you might have for me would be greatly appreciated. Clothing? Will I need bug spray? We'll also be taking two toddlers. What will I need to keep them happy during the trip? Thanks in advance.
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Mar 20th, 1999, 04:26 PM
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Sorry I can't answer but have a question - would it be a hassle to take a butane hairdryer on an airplane? (Would it fall into the category of "dangerous goods"?) I took my hairdryer to east Africa and didn't use it until I got to London. It just wasn't the place for it.
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Apr 26th, 1999, 07:53 AM
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Hi Peg, I'm Zimbabwean born and bred and live now in UK but go all the time back to Bulawayo, I lived near a mission in the south, which one r u going to? I will answer your ?'s about electicity etc if you email me and I can give you indepth advice.
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