Nile Felucca cruise or Sinai??

Sep 17th, 1999, 08:41 AM
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Nile Felucca cruise or Sinai??

In February, I will be spending just over 2 weeks on tour in Egypt. Given the time constraint, I seemed to be faced with having to decide between a tour that will spend 3-4 days cruising the Nile on a felucca plus a couple of days at Hurghada or one that travels to the Sinai with a few days in Dahab. I would hate to miss the Nile all together (why can't it be for just 1 night?) but 3 nights of sleeping on a felucca in Feb. is a bit more than I want to do. Scuba diving is also a major consideration but I'm hoping both Hurghada or Dahab will suffice. So, is the Nile cruise worth 3 nights of freezing my butt off?? Thanks for any suggestions or insights!
Sep 17th, 1999, 03:44 PM
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In Feb. you are not going to be freezing anything off - this is a desert and the temps in Feb will be 50-60 for Cairo and will steadily get warmer as you further South. Why do a felucca tour at all - you can take a cruise for a day on one of the Nile floating restaurants - the Mena House owned one comes to mind.

If diving is your thing then head to the Sinai - that is about 7 hours by car from Cairo. Hurghada is overblown and touristy - that is in the North of the Red Sea area. Dahab is a bit further south but still not where the best diving is. That is centered in Sharm el Sheikh area north to Noweiba and south to Ras Mohamed.

I can't determine what your goal is here - 2 weeks is more than ample time to do the entire country if you have some set goals here. Is it diving, seeing the pharaonic sites, what is it? No one forces you to take a felucca - you are limited only by your pocketbook and knowledge of what you want to do.
Sep 20th, 1999, 06:55 AM
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Paula, I find your response somewhat confusing and a little unforgiving. Firstly, I was under the impression that Dahab was located between Sharm and Nuweiba, and everything I have read suggests that winter nights can be quite chilly...I personally would find sleeping in an open felucca, in 10 degree Celsius night air, quite cold. Secondly, the purpose of posting a question on a forum such as this is to gain knowledge to help one make a decision on areas yet traveled...not to have others suggest you are limited by your current lack of knowledge. My goal was to get some advice from travellers who have actually spent 3 nights on a felucca, or have spent time in Sinai, and then make a decision on which I would do in addition to the regular hotspots. I never suggested I was being 'forced' to take a felucca, only that given the info, time and budget I had, I was most likely going to have to choose between the 3-4 day Nile cruise and Sinai.
Sep 20th, 1999, 01:01 PM
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One way to do both the Nile cruise and the Sinai is to skip Hurghada. There is diving in Sharm-el-Sheik.

If Hurghada is a must-see for you, it's a tough choice.

Without a Nile cruise, you can fly to
Aswan (don't miss Abu Simbel), then to Luxor. The cruise will take you to Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo for more interesting temples and will show you life along the Nile. For me, these are fascinating and worthwhile even if I freeze.We considered a felucca cruise but selected a comfortable ship instead.

The Sinai is surprisingly scenic. Sunrise at Mt Sinai (St Catherine) was worth getting up at 2-3 a.m. and hike 3-4 hrs. The colored canyon is fantastic. Dive in Sharm then swim with the dolphins in Nuweiba. Dahab is not too appealing to me.

Our trip was 17 days (3 days lost for travel to/from US). We had time to cover these plus Cairo, and even Alexandria.
Sep 21st, 1999, 04:39 AM
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You can spend less time on the felucca. You just have to organise it there with the individual boats as opposed to an organised tour.
Also, I do believe that Paula offered fairly sound advice - you shouldn't take things so personally! Dahab is still quite a distance from Sharm el Sheik - you can do a day trip there but its a long day. The best diving is near Sharm, but it can get quite crowded with many dive boats at the one spot. Ras Mohammed island is one famous spot, as is the Thistlegorm wreck dive.
If I was you, I'd be inclined to wing it a bit. In Dahab accommodation is plentiful, and bargaining opportunities are available - quite often which includes discounts on dives/food etc. Overnight trains are a good way to save money, and often tours are the more expensive and less practical way to do things.
Sep 29th, 1999, 05:54 PM
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If I may muddy the waters a bit...why not take a short cruise on the Nile, such a quinntisential part of teh Egyptian experience in a regular cruise boat, you certainly don't have to go high end. And, then at Aswan rent a felucca for a few hours, go to Kitchener's, to the old tombs across the way, try your hand at sailing it (watch out for the kids looking for baksheesh sailing in tubs). This is not expensive and truly a wonderful experience.
Then go to Sharm for some diving and you will have done it all. Have fun!
Oct 2nd, 1999, 01:07 AM
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2 weeks for egypt is too little.

u should first decide what u want to see in egypt?? pharonic historic sites? diving??

well u can do both actually.

no matter how little time u have, u can't miss the pyramids and the citadel in cairo. don't forget to pick up some souvenirs in kanlichanlilli. things are so so so cheap and u will not be able to resist!! egyptian museum is a must see. if u have time, go for a hores riding in giza at night. it is really romantic and u will never forget what u see there! in addition to that, try a sound and light show in the pyramids, it is avavliable in many languages. also, saqara the step pyramid is very important!
also, the cairo tower at night is exotic. go for a walk along the river nile.... watch for the juice bars on the street. mango juice and sugar cane juice are so so so good and so so so cheap!!
nile cruise is nice. u can't miss all the temples in luxor and aswan. u must go there. but u don't have to travel on a felucca. it would be more pleasant if u travel in a big ship. and just hire a felucca for 1/2 day in aswan.

hurgada and dehab are pretty much the same. hurgarda is more developed and more for tourist. hotels and accoummendations are better. but, why not go for the dehab?? there is more to do in dehab.. u can climb the mount sinai to see sun rise. and u can dive. and one more thing, u can join some tour there to have dinner with "bedouins". they will cook u dinner in a very primitive way, and u will see lots of stars and spend one night in the mountain!! it will be an unforgetable expereinec for u! the restaurants in dehab are fairly cheap and the enviroment there is really relaxing. dehab is the place i enjoyed most in egypt.

if u still have time, go to alexandria. see catacomb and the pompey pillar. (only if u have time)

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