Nile Cruise rating

Nov 26th, 2000, 05:31 PM
Michael Wang
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Nile Cruise rating

Dear everyone:

I and my girl friend are planning to take a Nile cruise on Jan of 2001. With many choices available for the Cruise ship, is there any ranking for these ships other than the star rating?
Nov 28th, 2000, 05:25 PM
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I haven't actually made it to Egypt yet, but you can find info on cruises by searching for "nile cruise" on this site. I think Movenpick is one of the less expensive 5-star cruises. Rates seem to vary a bit, depending on whom you ask, so try around - toll-free numbers, internet sites, travel agents, etc.
Nov 29th, 2000, 06:14 AM
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Hi Michael,

Just returned from a Trafalgar Tour of Egypt with 5 days on the Nile. It is advertised as a five star tour and part of the reason we chose it was that it was more expensive than other companies, foolishly thinking more money meant better quality. Be very aware that 5 star in the Middle East is not the same as 5 star in North America or Europe. It's more like a 2-3 rating in reality. We were very disappointed as were many on our ship with the food, cleanliness, poor facilities (the 'swimming pool' was a small square wading pool with one deep 6x6 square hole in the centre), sub-standard furniture on the upper deck, grey linens.... I could go on.
Best advice - Spend a lot of time on research. The nicest boats we saw on the Nile were French and especially the German ones - large pools, hottubs, gorgeous deck facilities, etc.
Good luck
Nov 30th, 2000, 02:22 PM
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We just enjoyed 4 days on Abercrombie & Kent's Sun Boat IV and can't speak highly enough of it. Good, safe food, very attentive staff, pristine facilities on board. Pool was small and didn't appear to be heated, but in January you won't need one anyway. Besides, you can swim ANYWHERE ... you can't see the treasures of Egypt anywhere ELSE!!! Good luck.
Dec 6th, 2000, 08:33 AM
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Tour operator Voyages Jules Verne - not in the travel agents - check out the Sunday papers, boat the 'Serenade'. Perfection! Staff wonderful - accommodation luxurious - food superb. Full of english but what can you do?
Dec 6th, 2000, 11:44 AM
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Hi Mike, I cruised the Nile last Sept. on board Nagger Cruise line's "Queen of the Nile".The cruise line has about a half a dozen ships and I seen four of them during my 5 night cruise,all were very nice.One must keep in mind that Nile cruise ships ARE NOT what you would cruise the Caribbean on.They are small,approx 120 passengers,and are typical river type ships/boats.Prior to my trip I attempted to research various cruise ships and found little information except that all seem to be"RATED 5 STAR".When I arrived on the Nile I was stunned at the quantity of cruise ships plying the Nile at any given time(estinated 250+).That's why its difficult to research and make a choice.The safe bet when selecting a ship,I guess,would be to book thru one of the large hotel chains in Cairo,Hilton for example,who all seem to have their own cruise ships or simply put your trust in a good tour company.
Dec 7th, 2000, 12:21 AM
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Hi, Michael,I was with MS Royale three weeks ago, and enjoyed the cruise very much. The swimming pool was small and not heated, otherwise everything was up to my expectations. The Nile cruise ships are not like the normal cruise ships, so don't expect facilities you would find in Q.E. II or Crown Princess. Our room was small but clean, comfortable and tastefully decorated. The services on board were excellent especially the guide we had, friendly, efficient and very knowledgeable. The cruise was the highlight of my trip to Egypt. Some of my friends were with MS Royale's sister ship MS Regency, they gave a glowing report too. Other cruise ship of high standard is Oberoi Shehrazard. Enjoy your cruise.
Dec 12th, 2000, 04:13 AM
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Just returned from 2 wk. trip thru Egypt and loved our 6 nite Nile cruise aboard the Oberoi Philae. this is truly a 5 star ship. The staterooms are large, with balcony, the food very good, service excellent and a wonderful guide (Fawsey [sp?] to take us through the valley of the Kings/Queens and all the Nile temples.
Dec 12th, 2000, 06:40 PM
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Hey Judy....thanks for reporting back. Give us more details. I'm going Maupintour and sailing on the OP it was nice to hear your positive comments. Tell us more tell us more........
Dec 22nd, 2000, 09:06 AM
harry manders
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Gwen: You replied to this heading on Dec.06 and mentioned Voyages Jules Verne.
I have a question or two about this company but I couldn't access your e-mail. Please let me know if there is an error in your address. Much appreciated.

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