Ngamba Island Uganda


Apr 27th, 2004, 06:22 PM
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Ngamba Island Uganda

I wanted to put a plug in for Ngamba Island for anyone planning a trip to Uganda. Ngamba Island is a chimpanzee sanctuary in the middle of Lake Victoria, about a 40 minute boat ride from Entebbe. The island was established by the Jane Goodall Institute and 3 other organizations and is home to survivors of the bushmeat trade in Congo.
The island has four tents (can sleep 8 people) and you can either visit for a day or spend the night. If you spend the night, you have an opportunity to go on a forest walk with the infant chimps...and what a blast that is!! Imagine walking through a forest with 15 baby chimps--a couple of them riding piggyback on you or sitting on your shoulders, while the others are swinging through the trees or running around. It was definitely the highpoint of my trip.
In order to do the forest walk, you must have proof of a number of inoculations. If anyone wants details, let me know.
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Apr 28th, 2004, 03:45 AM
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Since the description of the Ngamba excursion on most tour itineraries sounds like going to the local zoo, I was pleasantly surprised by your ringing endorsement. Is it your impression that the day visits to view "feeding time" are less rewarding? The walk with the infant chimps sounds fantastic. For the overnight trip, is the forest walk done the first day or early the second morning?

Also, from your other posts I notice that you trekked the chimps in Kibale but felt they stayed a bit far away. I've read about a full day chimp habituation experience in Kibale and was wondering if you did that or a more traditional forest walk. Thanks for your insight. -Matt
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Apr 28th, 2004, 07:33 PM
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Just going to Ngamba Island for the day for the feedings would, indeed, be like going to the zoo. There were 6 of us spending he night so 3 of us did an evening forest walk and 3 of us went in the morning. It was wonderful...go go go.

As for Kibale, I suppose it could've been an all day "trek" but we found the chimps pretty quickly. A couple of other people who were at our camp went the following day and they got much closer to the chimps. So, I guess it's all about timing...

hope that helps...
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