New Game Lodge on Garden Route


Feb 22nd, 2003, 02:13 AM
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New Game Lodge on Garden Route

If you ever travel along the Garden Route and want to see some game while staying in luxury tents, have a look at Gorah Elephant Camp ( By September 2003 they will have the big 5 as well. I am off in December to see what it is about, but I have read many positive reviews on it.

If you are in that region and visit Plettenberg Bay, spend a night or two at Tsala Treetop Lodge. This is a new, very romantic, place. You can view them at
While I write all these wonderful places pops up in my mind. If you want a different game experiece (I have seen an Aardvark there!), visit Tswalu Desert Reserve in the Northern Cape. I do hope this information will help someone planning their trip to South Africa.
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Feb 22nd, 2003, 09:17 PM
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Whatever I am going to write in this response is based on my honest personal experiences as a tourguide/operator.

I will agree with Stienie about the Tsala experience even though it is a pretty expensive event. Tsala is a treetop lodge with a difference and is well worth ones stay but I want to emphasize that it costs bigtime relative to other establishments in the area. Thus if it suits your pocket do the deed. Other than this be aware of costs.

Gorah is a great experience however it is way out of line price wise relative to other establishments in the area. Be aware that Gorah does NOT have the Big 5 and NEVER EVER believe promises about this until it actually happens. I have been hearing about these type of promises about many other places in the past and they have not happened. In simple language one does not simply on an overnight basis say "we have the Big 5" as it does not work that way. There are conservancy rules that need to be set up and it takes a lonnnnggg time for this to happen. Presently Gorah is mainly an elephant camp and one can do much better at one fiftieth of the price by staying close to Addo and enjoying the Addo Elephant park at an entrance fee of R25 ($3) and enjoying great accommodation at one of many nearby guesthouses. Also realise that there will be folk who say that Gorah was a great experience. That might be true but you have to ask yourself against what are they measuring the event? I have done them all and what you are hearing is my own experiences. In simple language Gorah is a good experience however it is equated if not bettered by many other joint experiences in the Addo region at a fraction of the price.

Btw I find it rather sinister that Gorah and Tsala are recommended together in Stienie's mail as they both come out of the same stable viz the Hunter's group of establishments. These are upmarket venues that charge high prices (some of them are worthwhile) as well as pay handsome commissions to agents due to their high price range. Be aware of this when booking through an agent as one can do this on ones own directly via the hunters website at When doing this be bold enough to ask for the 10% commission that the agent would have obtained for your own pocket. You might well obtain this if you persist.

Thats my own advice to those who read this page.

Stienie please note that the Fodors page is NOT a page to advertise on; it is a page to help and where I do see your info as trying to help others I also see other motives to your mail. I could be wrong in saying so and if I am accept my apologies however what I have written in the above mail is the truth and is NOT a mechanism to advertise. In simple words it is a way of trying to help Fodors travellers with genuine intent and nothing else.

Selwyn Davidowitz

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Feb 23rd, 2003, 03:00 AM
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Dear Selwyn Davidowitz,
In no means I have tried to advertize and I do apologize if it came accross like that. I just thought the 2 new properties look great and I have read so much about them, I am off in December to stay. Thanks for the information and the share of your experience there.
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Feb 23rd, 2003, 04:58 AM
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Stienie you are obviously trying to advertise when you put your web address at the bottom of al your posts! You may well be offering suggestions etc which are always more than welcome but leave off the web address and you will be adhering to what fodors is all about!
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