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Oct 12th, 2006, 06:04 PM
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As she comes out of hibernation from 3 weeks of constant company.......
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Oct 12th, 2006, 06:04 PM
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PIXELPOWER - TANZANIA & ZANZIBAR JULY 2006 (thread on Fodors) (photo’s & trip report)

Here is a wonderfully long trip report with enough juicy details to keep all of us Afreekah enthusiasts going for awhile! Interspersed throughout, in Jochen’s trip report are his incredible pictures. Joachen, his wife Mira and 4 of their friends set out on this trip from Europe, and six sets of luggage were lost by KLM. That had to be some record set! Booked through EXPLORE TANZANIA as a private drive photographic safari, their ground operator was GANE & MARSHALL. Their itinerary was:

Arusha – Kia Lodge
Tarangire – Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara – Kirurumu Tented Camp
Ngorongoro Crater – Sopa Lodge
A day for an Empaki Crater Hike and a Maasai boma visit
Serengeti – Ikoma tented Camp
Zanzibar – Pongwe Beach

Jochen has given us very detailed descriptions of all that he saw and experienced, good or bad. Don’t miss the story about the lioness who decided to take a liking to Nikon lens caps – along with great pictures of it!

NHULBERG - TANZANIA JULY 2006 (report) (photo’s – use email address [email protected] to sign in with password: ‘forboard’)

Norm, his wife and his 2 daughters (age 15 and 18) booked their first trip to Africa with MULTICHOICE SAFARIS out of Arusha. Norm gives us some really good details on the camps and lodges that they stayed at, along with some plane/ticketing nightmares that they ran across. Not only does he give us all these details, but he also tells us where some of the names that are familiar to us all come from – who says you can’t learn something new everyday! Norm has also provided us with some excellent background information on the Maasai and Hadzabe cultures. His trip report also includes some great details on Dar Es Salaam, a place we don’t often see reports on! Their itinerary was:

Arusha – Moivaro Coffee Lodge
Lake Manyara National Park – Wild Africa (previously Manyara Tented Lodge)
A day with the Hadzabe Bushmen
Ngorongoro Crater – Sopa Lodge
Serengeti – Sopa Lodge
Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Plantation Lodge
Cultural tour at Mto wa Mbu (River of Mosquitos)
Arusha – Impala Hotel – with a visit to Ng’iresi on the slopes of Mt Meru
Ruaha – Ruaha River Camp (Foxes camp)
Selous – Rufiji River Camp
Dar Es Salaam – Holiday Inn


BahamaBreeze will hook you from the start in her incredibly humorous and well done trip report. Thinking that her and her husband might like to take a trip to Africa for their 25th anniversary, somehow she became the UGL (Unofficial Group Leader) of a crew of 8, which included 5 adults and 3 kids ranging in age from 11-15 yrs! Choosing AFRICA TRAVEL RESOURCE (ATR) as their agent for a private drive safari, they experienced:

Arusha – Moivaro Lodge
Tarangire – Tarangire Treeops
NCA – Gibbs Farm
Olupai Camp
Serengeti – Migration Camp
Selous – Sand River (for fishing!)
Dar Es Salaam – Holiday Inn

A footnote? Rumour has it that BahamaBreeze is actively planning to be UGL again – this time to Botswana!
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Oct 13th, 2006, 01:56 AM
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Somebody pointed out that you included my trip report here. Thanks!

A small correction for you; between crater and serebgeti is also one day @ Ndutu lodge. ;-)

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Oct 13th, 2006, 12:58 PM
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I am so sorry, Jochen! My apologies on this, I usually check my data twice, but last night supper was ready & waiting and I pressed the 'post' before checking!
Looks like you will have to go back and do another trip so I can get it right this time
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Oct 14th, 2006, 04:20 PM
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SANDI - TANZANIA & KENYA - MAY/JUNE 2006 (report) (photo thread) (photos)

This was Sandi’s 12th year in visiting Africa, an incredible goal for all of us to try and catch up too! Her wealth of knowledge and her willingness to share it is an integral part of our ever-growing family of AFREE-KAH enthusiasts. For this trip, booked as a private safari, through her very own AFRICA SERENDIPITY (of course), Sandi chose some off-the beaten track, little known – but incredible – camps for her incredible ‘educational’ (to borrow Julian’s term) visit. Mostly flying between camps her itinerary was:

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Kibo Palace
Day in Arusha
Nairobi, Kenya - House of Waine (in Karen)
Kowop/Mt. Nyiru - Desert Rose
Shompole - Shompole
Tsavo, West - Finch Hatton’s Camp
Maasai Mara - Richard’s Camp
Maasai Mara - Saruni Camp

Sandi’s report, as usual, is full of loads of funny stories (my oh my, the strangest things seem to happen to our Sandi on these trips!) and fabulous details about the camps and lodges that she stayed in. So detailed that you really don’t need pictures – you can just picture the room in your mind. But, that’s no reason to miss her great photos, which are mainly of the lodges, but do include some scenery and a few wildlife shots to round them out.
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Oct 14th, 2006, 04:26 PM
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(Photos will follow someday!)

Well, hey, what can I say about this report, as it's mine! It took a while to write, but here is a VERY long, very detailed report of our awesome, incredible 'dream-come-true' trip. Booked as a group safari through MICATO SAFARIS(Stanley Wing Safari), our mostly flying (only 2 driving legs) itinerary was as follows -

Nairobi - Grand Regency Hotel
Amboseli - Serena Lodge
Tarangire - Sopa Lodge
Ngorongoro - Sopa Lodge
Serengeti - Sopa Lodge
Maasai Mara - Kichwa Tembo tented camp
Mt. Kenya - Mt. Kenya Safari Club
Nairobi - Grand Regency Hotel
Stonetown, Zanzibar - Serena Inn

Full of packing tips for first timers, as well as lodge and camp descriptions (not as good as Sandi's, but I did try!) and many other details such as money matters, security and group travelling, this report will keep you reading for a very long time. I do hope that my enjoyment and enthusiasm on this incredible trip shows through!
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Oct 27th, 2006, 06:22 PM
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Here is a terrific deliciously funny report from Deb and Faye’s first trip to Africa. Deb has told some wonderful amusing stories, along with great descriptions of their camps & lodges. . Booked as a private drive safari with JOURNEY TO AFRICA as their outfitter, Deb and Faye’s itinerary was as follows:

Arusha – Moivaro Coffee Lodge
Tarangire – Tarangire Safari Lodge
Lake Eyasi – Kisima Ngeda tented camp (for Hadzabe tribe and Datoga tribe visits)
Ngorongoro CA – Ngorongoro Farm House
Serengeti – Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Serengeti – Ikoma Camp
Western Serengeti – Mbalageti
Stonetown, Zanzibar – Emerson & Green
Zanzibar – Matemwe Beach Village

Her stories will keep you laughing through the report, be sure to look for the ‘oh well we’re stuck, might as well shop’ story!

This is Cathy’s trip report from her first (NOT the last, she’s already planned one for next year!) trip to Africa. Booked through ROY’S SAFARIS, Cathy, along with her 18 year old son and 22 yr old daughter went on an incredible private drive safari. Her magnificent story-telling will make you think you are right there with them. Their itinerary was:

Arusha - Impala Hotel, Ngiresi Village tour
Tarangire Park - Tarangire River Camp
Rift Valley Children’s Village visit
Ngorongoro Crater - Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
Western Serengeti - Kirawira camp
Northern Serengeti - Lobo
Central Serengeti - Serena lodge
Lake Manyara - Kirurumu camp.
Arusha - day use Kia Lodge
Nairobi - Fairview Hotel.

A few posts in, her daughter ‘Breezydreezy’ jumps in to contribute to her mom’s trip report. It’s not very often we get a ‘mother / daughter’ trip report, it’s great!
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Nov 2nd, 2006, 07:11 PM
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This report from Imelda detailing her & Deck’s first trip to East Africa will keep you up reading all night long!! Booked on their own, in sections, Imelda will have you laughing, and crying as you read all about their adventures that took them from lost luggage (for days), ending up in the wrong country (Deck and Imelda – not their luggage!) and guides that ranged from 'extraordinary' through ‘ok’ to ‘a little rude’. It is a hilarious, suspenseful, moving and downright entertaining report! The story on the extra visa stamp on their passport alone is worth the read…. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi – fly to Kigali, Rwanda (theoretically….)
Day in Kigali (theoretically…)
Volcanoes National Park - Gorillas Nest & trek (Amahoro Group)
Kigali - Des Mille Collines
fly to Nairobi, drive to Lake Nakuru with Kennedy - Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Maasai Mara - Serena
Nairobi – Serena (and that famous cheetah hug!)

Uc=b2opcbv.p3c0ekr&Uy=-pl3x6t&Ux=0 (pictures)

This is Mohammed’s trip report on his first visit to Kenya, along with his wife, and two daughters, aged 9 and 12. Booked through AFRICAN QUEST SAFARIS, out of Nairobi, Mohammed has given us lots of great details on the lodges and camps; along with built in edge-of-the-seat suspense on their wildlife sightings & the logistics of the trip. Don’t miss his incredibly exciting description of the wildebeest crossing that they were lucky enough to see in the Mara! Their itinerary was:
Nairobi – drive to Samburu
Samburu – Sarova Shaba Lodge
Aberdare National Park – The Ark
Lake Nakuru – Sarova Lion Lodge
Maasai Mara – Sarova Mara Tented Camp
Lake Naivasha – Sopa Lodge
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Nov 3rd, 2006, 01:07 PM
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Great job!

Thanks again.

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Nov 7th, 2006, 10:05 PM
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This is a short, and to the point trip report on Sam and her husband’s first trip to Africa. Booked through EASTCO – EAST AFRICAN SAFARI AND TORUING COMPANY Sam’s main point of the report is not to report on lodges, etc, but to tell us about some pretty scarry happenings. It is a no-holds-barred trip report, where she tells of the awesome (the animals) the good (the scenery), the bad (their experience with Eastco ) and the downright ugly (being left stranded on the side of the road by themselves for four hours en route to the Serengeti). This particular trip report flashes ‘buyer beware’ and should be read by all. But, amazingly, Sam and her husband packed a great attitude along with them, and we do hope that someday they will go back and have an incredible experience!


This is Lucy’s incredible trip report on her & her boyfriend Michael’s first trip to Africa. As Michael was going to Africa to study the gorillas, Lucy thought she just might as well tag along too! Booked as tight-budget trip through GAMEWATCHERS, their fabulous itinerary took them to :

Kigali, Rwanda – The Milles des Collines
Ruhengeri – Hotel Murhabura
PNV – gorilla trek – Susa Group
Gisenyi, Rwand – Palm Beach Hotel
Kibuye – Bethanie Guest House
Kigali – Milles des Collines
PNV – gorilla trek – Hirwa Group
Kigali – Milles des Collines
Kigio Conservancy – Malewa River Lodge
Lake Nakuru – Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Maasai Mara – Ilkeliani Camp
Maasai Mara – Basecamp Dorobo Bush Camp
Maasai Mara – Basecamp Main Camp

Lucy tells us some wonderful, entertaining stories in her report – one not to be missed is about the bat ‘poop’ – it will have you rolling in the rafters saying ‘eeeewwwwww’. She has given us good descriptions of their lodgings – good and bad, along with lots of food ‘critique’. There are also lots of good hints interspersed on what to bring, such as a pair of garden gloves for the gorilla trek. What a great idea – $4.98 at Home Depot, use and then leave them!
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Nov 16th, 2006, 09:35 PM
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Here is an incredibly detailed, juicy full-of-good-stories report from AmyH. Booked as a private fly/drive trip, with a private guide throughout; with HOOPOE SAFARIS as the operator, AmyH, her husband and their two kids – a 13yr old son and an 11 yr. old daughter, had an incredible trip! And Amy sure has the stories to prove it, it is a fabulous read. One story, the “8 lions vs. the 1 mongoose” story is an edge of the seat thriller. The mongoose (a smart & lucky guy) ran under their 4 x4 with 8 lions in hot pursuit! Their itinerary was as follows:

Nairobi - Norfolk Hotel.
Lake Nakuru, game drive
Naivasha - Llodia House on the shore of Lake Naivasha.
Aberdares – The Ark
Samburu - Larsen's Camp
Namunyak Conservation Trust – Sarara Tented Camp
Arusha - Arusha Coffee Lodge
Lake Manyara – Kifaru Coffee
Ngorongoro Crater - Crater Lodge
Tarangire – Swala Camp
Maasai Mara -Il Moran at Governors
Nairobi - day room at the Norfolk
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Nov 26th, 2006, 08:53 AM
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JANGOSS KENYA AUGUST 2006 (report) (thread with picture link) (pictures)

On her 10th trip to Kenya, Jan tells us of some of her incredible adventures – as one poster put it – ‘this report has all of the elements of a good drama!’. Booked through SOUTHERN CROSS, Jan did her usual circuit of:

Nairobi – Mayfair Inn
Amboseli – Ol Tukai
Tsavo – Satao Camp

Jan tells of us her adventures in wonderful detail, from the heartwarming story of the rescue of the elephant stuck in the mud, to the heartracing story of the theft of her valuables (thankfully fully recovered) to the very strange story of the son that did not report his family missing until the next day. We are looking forward to her next set of adventures from her next trip!

LLE KENYA AUG 2006 (report)

This is a short thread with some questions and answers on Ile’s trip to Kenya, no operator or agent mentioned. Here is their itinerary:

Amboseli, Ol Tukai
Laikipia, El Karama
Lake Baringo, Island Camp
Lake Nakuru, Lake Nakuru Guest House
Lake Naivasha, Elsamere
Masai Mara, Simon's camp, Ololaimutiek gate
Lamu, Kizingo
Nairobi, Hotel Boulevard


In August, Betty went with her family of 8 on quite the adventure to Kenya! The family was Betty and her husband, their three children in their 30’s, two spouses and one grandchild, aged 4 ½. Booked through AFRICA ADVENTURE COMPANY, their itinerary was:

Samburu – Serena Lodge
Aberdares – Aberdare Country Club
Lake Nakuru – Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge
Maasai Mara – Group Shared Siringet Mobile Camp

Betty gives us some great tips on traveling with a young child, with some good advice on getting the little ones to take the malaria pills.


This is a very informative report from a mom who took her 4 year old daughter, Issy to Kenya on a fabulous adventure! Using a UK company called AARDVARK SAFARIS,, who used the ground handler BUSH HOMES to book the private flying safari, their itinerary was:

Kigio Wildlife Conservancy – Malewa River Lodge
Samburu – Sabuk
Maasai Mara – Ol Seki Mara
Lamu – Manda Bay

Isabelamei has included some details and lots of useful advice for traveling with small children. Interspersed are some pretty amusing stories about bats, one part of Africa’s wildlife that seemed to follow them everywhere….
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Nov 30th, 2006, 08:04 PM
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After planning this trip with fellow Fodorites for the last 4 or 5 months, Kevin and his family – wife Mari, 26 yr old daughter Marisa and 18 yr old son, Sean set out for their trip of a lifetime, booked with SOUTHERN CROSS. Not only was their fun and adventure trip packed full of wonderful happenings, but so is Kevin’s well-written, very entertaining report. With his wonderful sense of humour, Kevin describes the lodgings/camps, the food, the guides and the animal sightings in such a way that will keep you reading until you finish! Kevin’s enthusiasm sparkles throughout the report. Interspersed throughout, he has also given us some insight into his thoughts on the different way of life in Africa – stuff that really does make you think. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi – The Stanley
Samburu – Larsen’s Tented Camp
Maasai Mara – Little Governor’s Camp
Lamu Island - Kizingo

There are lots of videos and great pictures to see along with his report!
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Dec 8th, 2006, 06:23 PM
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After coming back from Zambia, SA and Mozambique, Yvonne found herself planning a return safari for her, husband Robert and 11 yr. old Carmen. Booked through NOMAD, they visited:

Mt Meru – Mt Meru game Lodge
Kilimanjaro – Makoa Farm
West Kilimanjaro – Ndarakwai Camp
Arusha – Arusha Coffee Lodge
Serengeti – Klein’s Camp
Zanzibar – Kempinski

Yvonne’s report of their unusual trip is wonderful to read, she gives us some very good descriptions of some of the less-written about camps/farms that she stayed at, as well as giving us some stories while on their horseback safari, along with lots of great animal sighting stories! And, in the thread, there are instructions for any Kodak novices to get your pictures successfully uploaded and the link shared.


Whizforty, her husband AD and their two sons Adim (14 yrs old) and Aamer (9 yrs old) dreamt of going to Africa. Narrowing it down to Kenya, Whizforty, together with help from Fodorites and others, put together a dynamite trip! Booked through ACROSSAFRICA (now owned by Liberty Africa Safaris), thier itinerary was:

Aberdares – The Ark
Shaba Game Reserve – Sarova Game Lodge
Visit to Samburu and Buffalo Springs
Mt Kenya Safari Club
Lake Nakuru – Sarova Lion Hill Lodge
Maasai Mara – Sarova Mara Camp
Nairobi – a friend’s house

Whizforty tells us some wonderful stories about their incredible amount of cat sightings; along with some very detailed descriptions of the other animals they enjoyed seeing. There are also lots of great little tips throughout the report on things to pack and bring along for the trip, especially as a family.
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Dec 16th, 2006, 09:51 AM
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After some great consultations with some of our very knowledgeable Fodorites, Sueblue had a great time on her safari with her friend to Kenya and Tanzania. The ground operators she used were WILDTREK in Kenya, and ROYS in Tanzania. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi - InterContinental Hotel
Masai Mara – Il Moran Camp
Amboseli National Park - Amboseli Serena Lodge
Arusha - Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge (chalet
Nigresi Village Visit
Tarangire National Park - Kikoti Camp
Ngorongoro Crater - Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
Serengeti National Park - Serengeti Serena Lodge
Lake Manyara National Park - Kirurumu Tented
Arusha - KIA Lodge for dayroom use

Sueblue’s thread includes some really helpful discussions on prices paid, something that is always on the top of our minds! (Good deals = go back to Afree-kah faster!) She also gives us some very honest opinions on what they thought of the camps, lodges and parks they visited, along with some great details of these places. And, don’t miss the fabulously funny story about the spider in the tent!


In August, Thomas, his wife Renee and their friend Sandra set out on a wildlife adventure. Booked through TATUM INTERNATIONAL their wonderfu7l adventure took them to :

Nairobi - Norfolk Hotel
Maasai Mara – Mara Explorer Camp
Mahale – Nkyungwe Tented Camp

Having been to Africa before, Thomas went this time in search of the spotted hyena, the elusive honey badger, the chimpanzees at Mahale and a wildebeest crossing in the Mara. And, well, four out of five isn’t bad! (no honey badgers!) With great descriptions of the camps interspersed with lost of details of his animal sightings, Thomas has written a great report!
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Dec 17th, 2006, 08:11 AM
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Dec 27th, 2006, 08:52 AM
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(PICTURES) (1st THREAD with photos)

This report is sure to go down in Fodors trip report history! Who could forget Jenn’s (mis)adventures with her roommate Arielle, and her ground operator? Jenn is a very easy going person who likes to take things in stride – which is good as NOT ONE of their accommodations (and in some cases, parks) stayed the same as planned! Constantly moving from camp to lodge to camp, being bumped off her connections to Zanzibar, and being set up as lion bait by her very skittish roommate Arielle (“you sleep by the door so you are eaten first”) would have taken its toll on any one of us, but not Jenn! This is a wonderful report with lots of humourous stories – I laughed, I cried (I really did cry in parts!), and I DIDN’T want it to end – I felt as though I was right there with Jenn and Arielle. Booked as a group trip, through GO2AFRICA, they were joined up as a group with others as well from 2AFRIKA.COM; their ground operator was PREDATOR SAFARI CLUB. Their itinerary ended up to be:

Arusha – Ilboru Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara – Lake Manyara Hotel
Ngorongoro CA – Crater Forest Tented Lodge
Ngorongoro CA – Wildlife Lodge
Serengeti – Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Serengeti – Ikoma Bush Camp
Serengeti – Mbalageti
Tarangire – Tarangire River Camp
Arusha – Kia Lodge (only because they were bumped from their Precision Air Flight to Zanzibar
Zanzibar – Nungwi

As a bonus, there is a great discussion on collaring the animals in the wild with Predator Biologist shedding light on this rather touchy subject for us. Who knew you could learn so much from a trip report!


Marija has written a delightful pre and post trip report for us from the eyes of a person who had never considered going on a safari until she met Bruce, an Eagle Scout who watched National Geographic shows with a passion. Heading off to the local library and video stores, Marija learns the difference between lions and leopards, elephants and giraffes. Moving to the next level, they plan their trip and book through CC AFRICA with the following itinerary:

Nairobi – Norfolk Hotel
Nairobi – Giraffe Manor
Around Amboseli – Camp ya Kanzi
Maasai Mara – Bataleur Camp
Lake Manyara – Lake Manyara Lodge
Ngorongoro CA – Crater Lodge
Serengeti- Tanzania Under Canvas

This is a very witty and entertaining report written through the eyes of a first -timer, with some very frank assessments of her booking agents. We all hope that Marija will drop her I Love Lucy reruns and come on over to National Geographic so that they will go and we can read another delightful report from her!
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Jan 7th, 2007, 09:28 AM
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Just three months before Linda (nevermind, hopefully I have your name right, I got it from Kodak Gallery) & her husband's well planned & long dreamt about trip to Africa, Linda tore her ACL on another trip. But, with the enthusiastic help of other Fodorites cheering her on, they did indeed go on the trip, and the knee was not much of a problem for them! This is a very refreshing report full of priceless stories (like the one when Linda was lost) along with lots of great tidbits on the various customs and the cultures that they came across in East Africa. Traveling as a group tour (10 people/2 Landrovers) with INTRAV, their itinerary was:

Arusha - Serena Mountain Lodge
Tarangire - Safari Lodge
Lake Manyara - game run
NCA - Gibbs Farm - lunch
Ngorongoro - Serena
Serengeti - Serena Kirawira Camp
Lake Victoria - day trip
Serengeti - Serena Lodge
Arusha - Serena Mountain Lodge

As a bonus, take a look at her wonderful pictures, Linda has listed the Swahili name on all of them! A real learning experience for all of us.
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Jan 7th, 2007, 02:14 PM
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WALKTHEEARTH - KILIMANJARO SUMMIT CLIMB, TANZANIA SAFARI & ZANZIBAR-AUG 06 (Kili report thread) (Kili report & pictures) (safari & Zanzibar thread) (Safari & ZBar report & pictures)

These are two very well-written reports/blogs on Walktheearth’s Kili climb, safari and Zanzibar adventure. With lots of dry humour and wonderful details, I promise you a good read – and some great facts and figures in here as well. His story of Pasta, Gorilla and Moshi is incredible to read, it is a very enlightening story of how the people of Tanzania live. Booked through 7SUMMITS.COM, his itinerary was:

Moshi, TZ - Springlands Hotel
7 day Kili climb to Kili’s highest peak, Uruhu
1 day to descend
Moshi, TZ – Springlands Hotel
Lake Manyara
Ngorongoro Crater
Olmoti Crater hike
Serengeti – Seronera Wildlife Lodge
Zanzibar – Stonetown – Clove Hotel
Zanzibar – Paje – Hakuna Majiwe

The report on the Kili climb will give anyone going for the first time what life will be like when they are ascending. I am always truly amazed whenever I read anyone’s report on their climb, it’s a huge mountain!
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Jan 7th, 2007, 05:45 PM
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Lynda, yes you have my name right! Thank you for including my trip report. I think I'll go back and reread it -- just to relive the experience.

I am so impressed that you have kept up with the East Africa Trip Report Index project. It will serve as a wonderful resource for other travelers. Especially first timers. I remember that this time last year, I was so bewildered and not sure what to expect from my first safari. I didn't even know what questions to ask. Thank you for organizing all these trip reports; I'm sure there are many Fodorites out there who really appreciate it.
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