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NEW EAST AFRICA Trip Report Index


Even though this report goes back to 1999, it is definitely one that should be read by anyone going on their first safari – it is an incredibly detailed and informative report with plenty of packing tips, camp, lodge, money, photo and more tips in general. (just like the title says – TC sure didn’t lie!) TC booked his upscale small group/mostly-flying safari with BIG FIVE INC.


Nairobi - Norfolk Hotel
Serengeti - Kirawira Tented Camp
Ngorongoro CA - Serena Lodge
Tarangire - Oliver’s Camp
Nairobi - Norfolk Hotel
Samburu - Larsen’s Camp
Mt Kenya Safari Club
Maasai Mara - Little Governor’s Camp
Nairobi - Norfolk Hotel

TC has given us some wonderful details on all the camps and lodges, the costs of the trip, the vehicles, the animal sightings, clothes, meds, bugs, - the whole works!


This is a report of Ruth and her husband’s awesome trip on the not-so-well-traveled southern circuit in Tanzania. Booked through FOXES OF AFRICA, their itinerary was:

Dar Es Salaam
Mikumi NP - Fox Camp
Iringa - Foxes Farm (60 miles s.w. of Iringa)
Ruaha NP - Ruaha River Lodge

Ruth’s husband has given us very detailed camp and game drive descriptions along the way in his journal. A bonus is the discussions on Foxes of Africa after her report, it gives us good insight into how their camps work, and how concerned they are for everyone having a good experience with them.


This is an incredible report from Michael on his ‘off the beaten path’ trek to see the gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. Booked through VOLCANOES SAFARIS, Michael’s itinerary along with his guide Frederick included:

Nairobi - Stanley Hotel
Entebbe, Uganda
Queen Elizabeth National Park - Mweya Safari Lodge for a chimpanzee trek
Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for a gorilla trek
Ruhengeri, Rwanda - Mountains Gorilla Nest – for another gorilla trek
Samburu NP - Serena Lodge for a few days on safari.

His vivid descriptions of his amazing encounters on the treks will surely make you book your own trip to see the gorillas!


Lisa has written a short, but informative account of her and her husband’s trip to Tanzania booked through BUSHTRACKS, with NOMAD TANZANIA as their ground operator. Their itinerary took them from:

Arusha - Rivertree Inn
Lake Manyara - Tree Lodge
Ngorongoro CA - Plantation Lodge – as the Serena was overbooked
Serengeti - mobile tented camps in the Ndutu area and the northern part
Arusha - Rivertree Inn

There are plenty of animal sightings in this report to keep all of us animal lovers dreaming!


In the first thread, Kavey gives us her itinerary for her exciting trip to Kenya for the first annual FESTIVAL OF WILDLIFE. In the second thread she has just returned and is pumped for all sorts of information on her exciting wildlife photography safari. Staying at Governors Camp in the Masai Mara, Kavey and her dad had the privilege of attending workshops, field experience and lectures with John and Angie Scott (of the Big Cat Diaries fame), wildlife photographers Nina and Ian Bailey, and David Shepherd from the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Kavey’s report will make you want to book the very next one of these wonderful safaris!


Here is a really detailed trip report from Freddy on his self-booked group drive African safari, using BEST CAMPING TOURS in Nairobi for the Kenya ground operator, and TANZANIA SERENGETI ADVENTURES in Arusha for the Tanzania portion. With a good mix of camping and lodges, Freddy and his wife’s itinerary was:

Nairobi - PanAfric Hotel
Mara - Best Camping Campsite
Lake Nakuru - Hotel Stem
Amboseli - Amboseli Lodge
Arusha - Arusha Cottage
Tarangire - Tarangire River Camp & Sopa Lodge
Ngorongoro CA - Sopa Lodge
Serengeti - Sopa Lodge

Freddy describes some great animal sightings, as well as giving us some great tips, some lodge descriptions and a section of ‘what worked and what didn’t’ that contains all sorts of good details for us!


Leely opens her report with ‘not a trip report’, but under pressure from the rest of the Fodorites she gives in and posts a trip report, much to every one’s delight. Her safari with her friend was a low budget, last-minute adventure camping trip/drive-only safari booked through EASY TRAVEL, using a local operator she found on TATO. From a ‘not so nice but clean’ guest house in Nairobi, Leely and her friend take a shuttle with to Arusha (Impala Hotel) to start their safari. Along with their private guide, extended Land Rover and a cook, they made their way through Tarangire (campsite), and other spots in Tanzania. It’s not finished yet, but even at this later date, we are hoping Leely will finish it!

SUSANLYNNE – KENYA & TANZANIA OCTOBER 2004 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

In three separate threads, SusanLynne gives us an in-depth trip report of her and her husband’s very special return trip to Africa. Well written, this report reads like a good book – in SusanLynne’s own words ‘it comes from the heart’. Traveling back to Africa, they carried her mom’s ashes to disperse over the land; it’s guaranteed you will have a tear in your eye when you read about Momma Irma. Their itinerary took them from:

Arusha - a friend’s house
Tarangire - Kokoti Camp
Lake Manyara - for a game drive only
Karatu - Plantation Lodge
Ngorongoro CA - Serena
Serengeti - Serena Lodge, Migration Camp, and Klein’s Camp

There are lots of details and amazing stories on animal sightings, lodgings, as well as some really good info on Elsa, the lion of the ‘Born Free’ fame.
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This is an incredible journal by a young couple that took a ‘remote’ trip of a different kind to Tanzania. Using EAST AFRICAN SAFARI AND TOURING COMPANY, their private drive safari itinerary was:

Arusha - Impala Hotel
Serengeti - E.A.S.T.’s mobile Ndutu Camp
Ngorongoro - Wildlife Lodge for game viewing
a 3-day trek (yes, on foot!) through the Crater Highlands
a trek up Oldoinyo Lengai to see the sun rise
Tarangire - Naitolia Camp
a challenging 4 day climb up Mt. Meru

At the end was a well-earned one week beach paradise stay on the exotic island of Zanzibar. Accommodations ran the gamut – they ranged from a 2-man tent on a mountainside, to a luxury camp, and then finally a beach resort in Paradise. This really is a trip report not to be missed, even if you have no desire to have such a ‘remote’ trip!


Matt has given us a short, but good description of his Mt. Kilimanjaro climb, followed by a down to earth camping safari that took in:

Ngorongoro CA - Simba Public Campsite
Serengeti - Seronera Public Campsite
Olupai Gorge - Mosquito River

Matt gives us some pointers on the local banana beer, as well as some options of good places to eat and buy a few ‘alcoholic supplies’. Be sure to follow his link to his awesome pictures of the climb, and the safari.


Nancy has given us a short report on her adventures in Tanzania with FRIENDLY PLANET. Although there are no specifics on lodges, camps or parks, she has listed a few highlights of the trip, as well as some really point-forward general hints, such as ‘If you think you are prepared for bad roads, think again.’ That comment alone persuaded me get some of those inflatable seat cushions from Magellan’s! There is also a good discussion on the ‘earth-tones’ versus the ‘bright colours’ for clothes in this thread.

JANGOSS - KENYA JAN/FEB 2005 report photos

This is an earlier report from Jan; this particular trip was her seventh to Kenya! Self-booked, Jan’s itinerary was:

Nairobi - Holiday Inn
Amboseli - Ol Tukai
Samburu - Elephant Watch Camp
Mombasa - Tamarind Village
Tsavo – Satao

In Amboseli, Jan spent a week with her elephants and their researcher friends, where she was lucky enough to see Echo, one of park’s most famous matriarchs. Staying at both camps and lodges, one camp of interest to fellow Fodorites would be the Elephant Watch Camp in Samburu. Jan’s love for animals is very evident throughout this report as she gives us travelers-to-be some good pointers on animal viewing etiquette and also a few eye-openers on the way some of the animals are treated in the wild. Jan also gives us some good location (location, location, location!) pointers for Amboseli lodges and camps.

PATTY - KENYA FEB 2005 report
Sweetwaters photos
Tsavo West photos
Amboseli photos
Nairobi photos

This is Patty and Mark’s report from their first trip (notice I said ‘first…’) to East Africa – and you can feel the excitement they felt as you read this very descriptive, wonderful detailed report. EASTERN AND SOUTHERN was the outfitter that they used, as they traveled by road (private vehicle), throughout from:

Tsavo - Finch Hatton’s
Amboseli - Ol Tukai

Patty gives us an incredible description of their safari and some of their adventures, including details of the ‘tourist route’ in Nairobi. Within the thread Patty also gives us good insight and some very useful tips into ‘frequent flyer bookings’ on the air travel to and from Nairobi – no one knows maps, routes and air routings and bookings like our Patty!


This report from Evelyn recaps her OAT (OVERSEAS ADVENTURE TRAVEL) group safari with her friend in early 2005. Originally asking about the pre-trip extension and the post-trip extension, Evelyn came back after her trip to post her impressions. Using KIBO as the ground operator, they did the pre-trip of ‘Meet the Maasai – Life in the Foothills of Kilimanjaro’ before their safari from Arusha. Their itinerary included:

Sinya Camp - private reserve
Tarangire - Tented River Camp
Ngorongoro - Ngoronoro Farm House
Serengeti - OAT tented camp

Evelyn has given honest and forthright opinions on game drives, lodgings, meals, animals, the cultural visits and the itinerary.


This is a short, but very informative report on Sarge’s 3-day safari to the Mara (Sarova Mara Camp) while visiting Mombasa. He has given us very informative animal sighting descriptions – don’t miss his vivid observations of mating lions – as well as some very informative tips on the clothes they took, how his cameras and the binoculars worked for them, and how he made good use of all the info Fororites gave him before he left.


Sandy has written an exciting and incredible report on her solo trip booked through VOLCANOES SAFARIS; with the ground operator DIAN FOSSEY FOUNDATION for Rwanda and Uganda, and the three days at the beginning and end in Kenya added by herself. Her exciting itinerary was:

Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel)
Chyulu Hills (Camp Ya Kanzi – Chyulu Hills borders Tsavo)
Kigali, Rwanda
Virunga Mountains (Gorilla’s Nest Lodge and Volcanoes Virunga Lodge)
Maasai Mara

Sandy begins her exciting gorilla-trekking adventure with Polly (her new roommate) and three others in Kigali, Rwanda. After heading up to the Virunga Mountains, we experience the thrill of three different treks to see different groups! (Sousa, Amahoro B and Group 13). The report ends here, but someday we all hope she will finish the Uganda and Mara portion. It is an incredible report, packed with useful information on the treks, how they work, how they rate on a ‘tough’ scale, and also some very descriptive observations on the socio/economic life in Rwanda. The highlight was reading about the ‘pushy gorilla’ when one actually touched her! (‘outa my way, lady, I have places to go!’)
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Jules tells us all about her fabulous trip, a return to Africa for her, but first time for her husband. Booked through 2AFRIKA as a group safari, the ground operators used were PREDATORS in Tanzania and NAKED WILDERNESS in Kenya. Their itinerary took them from:

Lake Manyara
Ngorongoro Crater
Mt. Kenya NP (Serena Mountain Lodge)
Lake Nakuru
Maasai Mara (Sienna Springs Tented Camp)

Jules gives us good details of how the group situation works in the vehicles, as well as descriptions of their many animal sightings, and some candid observations of their guides and ground operators. As a bonus, there is a very informative posting from someone else on the wildlife situation and sightings in Namibia.


This is a great descriptive report of Marilyn’s budget group drive safari with 2AFRICA to Tanzania. Marilyn’s itinerary was:

Tarangire (Tarangire Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Hotel)
Ngorongoro (Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge)
Serengeti (Serengeti Wildlife Lodge)

She has given us very good insight into a group safari, including some great tips and practical info on some items to bring along, as well as detailed descriptions of the food and the accommodations at the lodges. This report is crammed full of good advice and observations!

LIZ_FRAZIER – TANZANIA MARCH 2005 (report) (thread with picture link) (pictures)

Here is a very frank, and very informative report of Liz and Max’s final trip to Africa – they will still travel, but in her words ‘closer to home – less adventuresome trips’. Years ago, she writes, she married Max with ‘baggage,’ - a real love for Africa that has kept them going back at her insistence. ‘Time for Max’ now she says! Her report is an incredibly detailed report on their trip through Tanzania with ROY’S SAFARIS. Taking them from:

Tarangire (Kikoti Camp)
Ngorongoro CA (Ngorongoro Farm House at Karatu)
Serengeti (Kusini Camp & Kirawira)
Ngorongoro (Crater Lodge)

She gives in-depth descriptions of the various camps and one lodge that they stayed at. A highlight is reading about their first class flights to/from Nairobi/States, Liz gives us detailed descriptions of those wonderful first-class Flagship Suites on AA’s international flights!

ALARRYB – TANZANIA MAY 2005 (report) (report) (report) (report) (report) (report) (thread with picture link) (pictures)

Larry and Donna have written an excellent, very detailed day by day journal on their private fly/drive 10 day adventure into Tanzania. Booked through AFRICA DREAM SAFARIS, they used TANZANIA EXPEDITIONS as their ground operator. Their itinerary was:

Kilimanjaro (Kilimanjaro International Airport Lodge)
Serengeti (Kirawira Camp, Seronera Lodge and a private luxury tented camp)
Olduvai Tented Lodge (NCA)
Ngorongoro Crater (Serena Lodge and Crater Lodge)
Karatu, NCA (Plantation Lodge)
final game run at Lake Manyara

Staying for a for a few days in each of the three sections of the Serengeti afforded many incredible game sightings on their runs, as well as a ½ day trip to the tiny village of Rimaldi on the shores of Lake Victoria. Donna has written very detailed descriptions of all of their lodges and camps, as well as the food that was available at each of them.

RSNYDER (LGOUSTAY) – SOUTHERN TANZANIA JUNE 2005 (report) (photo links) (photos)

Having been already on the Northern Tanzania Route; Dick, his wife Darla and their 18-yr old daughter Beth decided to take a southern 11-night Tanzania fly-in safari with TRAVEL CO and FOXES OF AFRICA. Their itinerary was:

Dar es Salaam (Holiday Inn)
Mikumi NP (Foxes Safari Camp)
Ruaha (Ruaha River Lodge)
Selous NP (Rufiji River Camp)

Dick has written an incredible detailed and tip-packed report on their wonderful adventures on this trip. It is jam packed with lots of wonderful stories, details of animal sightings, the lodgings, the bugs, the group game drives, and even some thoughts on tipping. He has also given us very helpful details on pre-trip planning & arranging details, some packing details and great tips on cameras, camera accessories and money to bring. Highlights are his wonderful descriptions of the food in these camps, and the inter-flight details between the camps. Bonus – Dick’s 2004 pictures of East Africa are in his album too!

COOKNDOC - TANZANIA JUNE 2005 (report) (report) (pictures)

This is a very detailed, well written candid report from Howard of his private fly/drive trip with RANGER’S SAFARIS to Tanzania. Not quite finished yet, we are hoping that Howard does come back to finish, or direct us to the thread if it is finished, as we are all looking forward to reading more! In these two threads, Howard recounts his adventures from him, his wife and two daughters (19 and 22) leaving home to:

through London, Nairobi and Kilimanjaro
Arusha (Arusha Coffee Lodge)
There were a few bumps along the way, but nothing that didn’t easily get ‘forgotten’ in the background once they sighted their first animals in Arusha NP. The second thread describes their trip from:

Serengeti (Kirawira and Mbuzi Mawe camps)
Howard has given us great animal sightings and wonderful tips throughout the report
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SERENGETI – TANZANIA MAY/JUNE 2005 (report and photo links)

In this incredibly detailed report, Vijay recounts his exciting impressions of his first time trip to East Africa along with his wife. With ROY’S SAFARIS as their private drive outfitter, their travels took them from:

Arusha (Serena Mountain Village)
Tarangire NP (Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Hotel)
Serengeti (Seronera Wildlife Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge)
Arusha (Impala Hotel)

Vijay gives us an outstanding report on lots of different aspects – a food critique as a vegetarian, photo equipment, tourist etiquette and responsibility and some pretty good tips in general. Links to his wonderful pictures are throughout his report – too numerous to list!

SANDI – TANZANIA & KENYA MAY/JUNE 2005 (report) (pictures)

An incredible, fabulously lengthy and detailed report on Sandi’s self-planned AFRICA SERENDIPITY fly/drive trip to East Africa along with her friend Eileen. It is full of great descriptions of some pretty unusual and intriguing camps and lodges, complete with detailed descriptions of the accommodations. (who needs those brochures when we have Sandi?) This report is full of ‘Into Africa’ stories that are both memorable and amusing. Places visited were:

Kilimanjaro (Ngurdoto Lodge)
Western Serengeti (Serena Kirawira Camp)
Zanzibar (Karafuu Resort on southeast coast; Emerson & Green Hotel in Stonetown)
Nairobi (Intercontinental Hotel)
Laikipia (Sabuk Lodge & Loisaba/Starbeds Camp)
Maasai Mara (Cottar’s Camp & Elephant Pepper Camp).

West Kilimanjaro Area photos:
Ngorongoro & NCA Lodges photos:
Serengeti camps & lodges photos:
Tarangire Lodges/Camps photos:

This is a very informative report from Eben on-the-scene in Arusha! Having just camped in the Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Tarangire and Ngorongoro, we are treated to first hand up-to-the-minute reports of the lodgings and animal sightings. Eben gives us good insight into the migration patterns in the Serengeti in this thread as well as some good descriptions of some of the camps, lodges and hotels he stayed at. He has also given us four links to his incredible camp/lodge slideshows so that we can check out our lodges that we will stay at! Updates on lodges and camps included in this report are :

Serengeti : Mbalagheti Ikoma Bush Camp, Mbuze Mawe Tented Camp and Migration Camp. Ngorongoro: Farm House
Tarangire: River Camp
West Kilimanjaro: Ndarakwai Ranch, Kambi ya Tembo Tented Camp


There are lots of good hints and photo notes in this well-written descriptive family trip report by Andy, Arlene and their 11 year old son, Adam. With ROYS SAFARIS (Tanzania) and WILDTREK (Kenya) as the operators on their private vehicle drive/fly safari, we can follow through with them on their trip from:

Amsterdam (Amsterdam Hilton Hotel)
Nairobi (Giraffe Manor)
Amboseli (Tortilis)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Tree Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Kirawira Tented Camp)

Staying at some of the upper-end lodges and camps in those areas, we are treated to some great descriptions of accommodations. Especially unique was their stay at Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, as well as a post from Adam on his highlights as seen through the eyes of an 11-year old. Picture link is mentioned, but not working at this time.

NYAMERA – KENYA JUNE /JULY 2005 (report) (photos)

Susanna gives us a fascinating account of her self-booked combination fly/drive/bus/taxi safari through Kenya. Not only traveling solo, but using no particular outfitter, Susanna relates her trials, tribulations and adventures of her safari. And, she had some exciting adventures! This report gives us the full spectrum, from the dark side of Nairobi in a wallet-snatching incident to the humorous story of her walk along one of the fences of Mbweha taking only an umbrella to defend herself against wild animals! Staying at camps and hotels, Susanna’s itinerary took her from:

Nairobi (Hotel Terminal)
Samburu (Intrepids)
Lake Nakuru (Mbweha Camp)
Lamu (Yumbe House)
Kiserian, southwest of Nairobi (Whistling Thorns)
Nairobi (Hotel Embassy).

The highlight of this wonderful report is her comment at the end “There are places outside East Africa I would like to see as well, but these are “wants” – East Africa is “need”. I am sure that would about sum it up for all of us!

PHILW - KENYA AUGUST 2005 (report) (Mara photos) (Samburu) (Migration river crossing photos)

In this report, we can follow Phil, his wife and his two daughters (11 and 13 yrs) around Kenya on their self-booked ‘return’ trip to East Africa. Having fallen in love with Africa before, Phil picked two select spots for his family to extensively explore, and relax instead of going from park to park.

Nairobi (staying with friends)
Samburu (Serena Lodge)
Maasai Mara (Serena Lodge)

Phil’s fabulous descriptions of his game-viewing highlights are awesome – they saw cats, cats, and more cats! And, don’t miss Phil’s awesome migration pictures!

JANGOSS - KENYA AUGUST 2005 (report)

On a repeat trip to East Africa, Jan treats us to a wonderful report of her private drive/fly trip in August with SOUTHERN CROSS SAFARIS. Her adventures took in:

Amboseli (Ol Tukai Lodge)
Samburu (Elephant Watch Camp)
Mombasa (Tamarind Village Complex)
Tsavo (Satao Camp & Satao Rock Camp in Taita Ranch)

Throughout the report, Jan tells us of all of her wonderful animal sightings in some very entertaining stories. You can tell how much she loves animals by reading this report. Staying at lodges and tents throughout Jan makes us feel we are there with her vivid descriptions of them.
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SCHLEGAL1 - TANZANIA AUGUST 2005 (report) (photos)

This is an excellent, very detailed report from Schlegal1 of her trip with her husband to Tanzania, booked with ROY’S SAFARIS. Planned by her husband as a surprise trip after she graduated law school and passed the Bar, Schlegal1 has given us a well laid-out report with lots of juicy information on the booking operators, the food, parks, lodges, cameras, clothes, and vaccinations – the whole works! Their trip took them from:
Arusha (Mt Village)
Tarangire (Kikoti Camp)
Ngorongoro Crater (Serena)
Serengeti (Serena & Migration Camp)

TANZANIABOUND – TANZANIA SEPT. 2005 (report) (report) (photos)

In two threads, Heather tells us of her and Jeff’s exciting trip booked as a budget group safari with 2AFRIKA, who in turn used PREDATORS as the ground operator. Their itinerary was:

Tarangire (River Camp)
Lake Manyara
Serengeti (Wildlife Lodge)

This trip was the result of husband Jeff making good on a promise to take Heather to Africa someday if she promised to marry him instead joining the Peace Corps. (brought tears to my eyes!) The first thread is full of interesting tips for the safari, while the second thread describes the trip in wonderful details through the eyes of someone who had a dream to see Africa. . Heather has given us good insight into this type of a trip.


This is a short, but good trip report full of great animal sighting stories on a couple’s trip that started out as a one week self-drive trip in South Africa, and ended in East Africa. The East Africa portion was booked as a private drive safari with NATURE EXPEDITIONS INTERNATIONAL, who used AKORN as the ground operator in both Tanzania and Kenya. Staying at higher-end camps and lodges in Kenya we gain insight into a few of them that do not seem to surface very often in reports. In Part 1, we follow them from:

Cape Town (City Lodge)
Kruger NP (Berg-en-dal Rest Camp & Skukuzu)
Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel)
Aberdare NP (The Ark)
Samburu (Intrepids)
Sweetwaters Tented Camp
Maasai Mara (Governor’s Camp)

Part 2 would encompass their stay in Tanzania, but at the moment does not seem to be available.

SUNNY_DAYS - KENYA, RWANDA & TANZANIA SEPT 2005 (report) (photos)

Lawrence and Grace, for their honeymoon, booked an incredible 3 ½ week trip with value operators –RAYLENE TOURS for the first part, the second part with EAST AFRICAN SAFARIS, and AFRICAN ENCOUNTERS for the Zanzibar portion. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi (Panafric Hotel)
Mara (Keekorok Lodge)
Kigali, Rwanda (Des Mille Collines Hotel)
Volcanoes National Park (Gorilla’s Nest) (trek to Sabyinyo and Group 13 – 2 days)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Hotel)
Ngorongoro Highlands (that included a trek to Olmoti Crater and Munge Falls, and into Empakaai Crater)
Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa Lodge
Tarangire (Sidai Camp – n.b. destroyed in a fire Oct 2005)
Arusha (L’Oasis)
Stonetown, Zanzibar
Mnarani Cottages at Nungwi, Zanzibar)

This report is full of photography tips and useful hints for safaris in general, as well as a ‘pull no punches’ honest review of his operators and the various lodges and camps they stayed at.


Corbin and his wife have given us an awesome tip-packed detailed report on their first trip to East Africa. Booked as a private drive/fly tour with GOOD EARTH, their Kenya operator was SAFARI LINE, while GOOD EARTH handled the Tanzania portion and ZANZIBAR TOURS handled the Zanzibar portion. Their itinerary took them from:

Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel)
Lake Nakuru (Sarova Lion Lodge)
Mt. Kenya Safari Club
Sweetwater’s (Tented Camp)
Samburu (Serena Hotel)
Maasai Mara (Sopa Lodge)
Zanzibar (Serena Hotel and Matemwe Beach)

He has given first-timers some really good tips, and has debunked some of the myths that we all hear before going on our first safari. It is an honest, humorous report with answers to some of his own unanswered questions as well as some very entertaining stories – note especially the part where the plane gets a flat tire and the pilot has to change it! Use the photo link at the end of the thread to view his incredible photos on Kodak Gallery – the highlight has to be that Zanzibar cat! (I am going to Zanzibar in June setting out to find that cat and bring it home!)
NB- that photo link is not working at this time….

MARYNUS – TANZANIA SEPT 2005 (report) (photos)

This is a very witty, entertaining report of Luisa & Marijin’s 6 night honeymoon private drive safari booked with TANZANIA SERENGETI ADVENTURES. Their path took them to:

Arusha (Arusha Bungalows)
Tarangire (Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara (E Unoto Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Farm House)
Serengeti Plains (Ndutu Safari Lodge)
Serengeti (Migration Camp)
Fundu Lagoon on the island of Pemba (off the coast of Zanzibar)

It is an informative review; chock full of details on their adventures and their accommodations which included camps, smaller lodges and a farm. Highlights include some very interesting ‘scary stories’ as told to them by their overly-helpful guide!

LORIB1 – KENYA & TANZANIA OCT 2005 (report) (photos)

Lori and Greg celebrated their 10th anniversary by going on a private drive/fly safari in Kenya and Tanzania with GOOD EARTH TOURS. But wait until you see their pictures – you sure won’t believe they have been married 10 years, they look young enough to be ‘just married’! Staying in lodges and camps, their itinerary was:
Nairobi (Nairobi Safari Club)
Maasai Mara (Serena)
Arusha (Arusha Coffee Lodge)
Tarangire (Swala Camp)
Ngorongoro NP (Serena Lodge)
Fundu Lagoon on the island of Pemba, (off the coast of Zanzibar)

Lori’s wonderful descriptions of the game drives and the animal sightings will make you think you are right beside them in the van; while her recounting of their three days at Fundu Lagoon will make you wish you were there!

CHEERFUL - KENYA & TANZANIA OCT 2005 (report) (report)

This is an incredibly fascinating report on a type of safari that we don’t get too many reports on – participation camping. Booked with GAP, Cheerful has given us a very good insight into what it would be like to ‘rough it’ in both the public and private campgrounds of:

Mt. Kenya (Mountain Rock Bantu Lodge grounds)
Samburu (public site)
Lake Nakuru (Lion Hill)
Maasai Mara (Amicabre)
Meserani Snake Park (by Arusha)
Lake Manyara (Twiga)
Serengeti (Tumbili public site)
Ngorongoro (Simba public site)
Marangu, by Kilimanjaro (Nakara Hotel)

Sometimes on dirt, sometimes on grass, but always in a tent, Cheerful remains ‘cheerful’ throughout their 15 days. Only giving in once and upgrading the lodgings from a tent to a lodge when it was raining in Lake Nakuru, shows us the stamina these campers must have had! Giving us the stats on each campsite and the animals they sighted, as well as some very good hints and tips on the roads, the dust, clothes, luggage, lenses and other necessary things to bring, Cheerful keeps us glued to her report.
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AMF – TANZANIA OCTOBER 2005 (report)

This is a candid, detailed review of amfs’s honeymoon trip booked through ATR. Their itinerary was:

Arusha (Moivaro Coffee Lodge)
Tarangire (Mawe Ninga)
NCA (Gibbs Farm & Olduvai Gorge Camp)
Serengeti (Serena)
Zanzibar (Pongwe Beach, Matemwe Beach Village, Chumbe Island & Emerson & Green)

Amfs provides us with a great deal of detailed information and frank, honest reviews of their outfitters, camps, lodges and bungalows. You will also find a good discussion on box lunches here – if anyone has wondered what is usually in them, read this thread! Two highlights in the thread have to be the story on Olduvai Gorge Camp’s newly hired dishwashers; and the souvenir that amfs and her husband brought back from the Moivaro Coffee Lodge!


Dorish34 has given us a very short, but helpful report on their trip booked through UNITED TRAVEL GROUP. The local guides they used were RANGERS and POLLMANS for Kenya and Tanzania, while Uganda was handled by Ngamba Island’s own tour company. Although the exact itinerary is not mentioned, Amboseli (Ol Tukai) as well as Ngamba Island in Uganda is.

WAYNEHAZLE – KENYA, TANZANIA & RWANDA OCTOBER 2005 (5 – minute version) (the detailed report) (Full-length version on his website with pictures)

The first thread on Fodor’s is a ‘quickie’ version of Wayne and Mary Ellen’s fabulous first trip to East Africa thru AFRICA POINT (Kenya & Tanzania) and RNXPLORER (Rwanda) along with his parents Dorrel and Beryl. Bumping along on those ‘wonderful’ roads Wayne describes, we can follow their travels from:

Dubai (Emirates Airport Hotel)
Nairobi (PanAfric Hotel & Nairobi Safari Club Hotel)
Maasai Mara (Ilkeliani Tented Camp)
Lake Nakuru
Lake Naivasha (Sopa Lodge)
Aberdare NP (Treetops Hotel)
Amboseli (Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Sopa Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)
Nairobi (Hilton Hotel)

Saying goodbye to Wayne’s parents here, Wayne and Mary Ellen flew to Kigali, Rwanda for an exciting gorilla trek.

Kigali (Des Mille Collines Hotel, aka Hotel Rwanda)
Nyungwe Forest (OPTN Guest House & Bethanie Guest House)
Gorilla’s Nest Hotel to track gorillas in Volcanoes Forest (Amaharo Group and the Sabyinyo Group)
Kigali (Des Mille Collines Hotel)
Nairobi, Dubai and home

There are lots of fabulous and useful hints in his 5 minute report as well as his detailed report – BUT – don’t miss his full-length version on his web site either, as it is an incredible piece of art and wonderful reading! It’s the type of report that you will want to print out in colour (lots of pictures to go with the text) and read on buses, taxis, and in doctor’s offices. The highlight had to be ‘that looking thing’ – who would ever have thought that someone could still maintain their sense of humor after their car/jeep breaking down 6 times, especially in the middle of nowhere???

SONALI74 – TANZANIA OCT/NOV 2005 (report)

This report is full of descriptions of some wonderful animal sightings on Sonali’s 7-night trip to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, while staying in three of the Wildlife Lodges. We are treated to some pretty exciting cat-sighting stories in this report, and for those of us who dearly wish to see them, it is encouraging to read that 84 different lions, 8 cheetahs and 3 leopards were sighted! Sonali stayed at:

Serengeti (Seronera Wildlife Lodge and Lobo Wildlife Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)

LISA – TANZANIA NOV 2005 (report) (photos) (photos) (photos)

Traveling with GOOD EARTH on a private drive safari, Lisa gives us an amazing descriptive narrative of her and Mark’s 15 days sighting hundreds of animals and birds. And what is more amazing is that Lisa lists them all in her report, it truly makes you feel that you are right there with her sighting them. Their itinerary took them from:

Arusha (New Arusha Hotel)
Serengeti (Migration Camp, Mbuzi Mawe & Serena Lodge)
Serengeti Plains (Ndutu Safari Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Gibbs Farm)
Tarangire NP ( Swala Camp)

Staying at mid to upper end lodges and camps, with a farm thrown into the mix, her descriptions of the accommodations and food also makes you feel you are there. A highlight is her encounter with the large green mamba snake at Mbuzi Mawe!


Eben gives us a fabulously detailed report on up-to-date information on the Mara migration patterns, a Google Earth maps update (see his web site – fabulous site!), and best of all – up to the minute reports on loads of camps, seasonal camps and lodges in Tarangire, Loliondo (borders the north-eastern Serengeti), Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. As per his disclaimer, this is not a typical safari report, it was to update the GPS/lodge/road info on his site and see new safari routes. Eben definitely proves to us that once Africa gets in your blood it just WON’T wash out.

MW123 - KENYA & TANZANIA NOV 2005 (report) and (photos)

Here is a trip report with a different perspective – Maria starts out on this thread in Sept 2005 with two tickets to Nairobi and no other plans. With the help of those incredible regular Fodorites - Michael, Patty, Leely and Sandi, Maria puts together a great trip for her and her husband which covers Kenya and Tanzania! At the end of the thread, Maria tells us about her trip arranged through KANIA TOURS and AFRICAN TRAILS. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel)
Maasai Mara (Kania Tours tented camp)
Lake Nakuru (a charming colonial guesthouse)
Arusha (a Lutheran Hostel)
Ngorongoro Crater (a Lutheran Hostel)
Lake Manyara (a Lutheran hostel)
Zanzibar (Matemwe Baharini Bungalows)
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EEZAM - KENYA & TANZANIA NOV 2005 (report)

Eezam’s short, but very informative report on their private drive safari with AFFORDABLE TOURS.COM/BRENDAN in Kenya, and RANGERS SAFARIS in Tanzania takes in:

Nairobi (Safari Park Hotel)
Samburu (Serena Mountain Lodge)
Lake Nakuru (Lake Nakuru Lodge)
Maasai Mara (Sopa Lodge)
Arusha (Arusha Mountain Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Serengeti Lodge & Sopa Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Sopa Lodge).

This report is full of delightful animal sightings and a few helpful hints as well.

PATTY & MARK - KENYA & TANZANIA NOV/DEC 2005 (report) (photos)

This was Patty & Mark’s second trip to East Africa this year – their first trip was so incredible that they just had to go back! It was an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ private drive safari with EASTERN AND SOUTHERN SAFARIS as the operator. It is a well written report that will keep you reading until you finish, the details are amazing! Staying at smaller guest cottages/ ranches and tented camps, Patty and Mark’s travels took them from:

Nairobi (Hilton Hotel)
Laikipia (El Karama Ranch)
Olea Africana at the foot of Mt Kenya (with day visits to Solio Game Reserve and Aberdares NP)
Lake Nakuru (Mbweha Camp)
Lake Baringo (Samatian Island Lodge)
Lake Naivasha (Malu Country Hotel)
Maasai Mara (Kicheche Mara Camp & Ilkeliani Camp)
Nairobi (Hilton Hotel)
Kilimanjaro (Makoa Farm for a horseback safari)

NIKAO – TANZANIA NOV/DEC 2005 (report)[email protected]/sets/1627852/ (photos)

Nikao has written a short report on his trip in Nov/Dec to Tanzania. Booked through GREEN FOOTPRINT ADVENTURES, Nikao set out with his girlfriend, her mother and brother on an incredible adventure. Their itinerary was:

Arusha (nature walks at Kigongoni Lodge, canoeing on Duluti, and exploring Arusha National Park)
Tarangire (Tarangire Safari Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Serena Lodge)
Karatu (Plantation Lodge)
Ngorongoro Crater
Serengeti (Ndutu area – Camp Olakira and Sayari camp in the Gol Mountains)

Nikao and his family did some pretty exciting and different activities while on safari – mountain biking down a mountain at Lake Manyara, as well as a wonderful dinner in the bush and a night game drive. Don’t miss his picture of the mother cheetah with her cub – National Geographic could snap that one up any day now!


Marcus has given us a fabulous report of their safari with AFRICA DREAM SAFARIS. Their exciting safari started with the ‘tourist circuit’ in Nairobi, flying to Kilimanjaro with stays in:

Tarangire (Swala Camp)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Tree Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Crater Lodge)
Serengeti (mobile camp in the Seronera)
Zanzibar (Stonetown Serena Inn and Emerson & Green)
Zanzibar (Mnemba Island)

KIMBURU - KENYA DEC 2005 (part 1) (part 2) (thread mentioning photos) (photos)

In both of these threads, Paul gives us a very humorous and very detailed report of his and his wife’s first African adventure – note, first, as they are already planning a second trip for this year. As we speak Paul’s wife is calculating how many Louis Vuitton bags she can give up for each night of the trip. Being adventurous, and trying to please his wife who wasn’t sure at all about this trip, Paul booked it partially with EASTERN & SOUTHERN SAFARIS, partially with LET’S GO TRAVEL, and the rest left up to ‘CHANCE’ while in Africa. A real mixed bag! And that did indeed hold some challenges, which they seem to have taken in their stride. Their itinerary took them from arriving very hungry from their flight from Dubai in:

Nairobi (Nairobi Safari Club)
Maasai Mara (Serena Lodge)
Lake Nakuru (Midland Hotel)
Lake Baringo (Lake Baringo Club)
Mount Kenya National Park (Mountain Lodge)
Nairobi (Jacaranda Hotel).

The highlight of his adventure had to be his dealings with ‘G’ (Gibson, the safari man) who they came across in Lake Nakuru and seemed to be ‘stuck’ to them over the next 6 days!

TOSHI – KENYA & TANZANIA DEC 2005 (report)

This thread is an introduction with a link to Andy & Jennifer’s first trip to Africa on a private drive safari booked through SAFARILINE, with ground operators TRANSWORLD in Kenya, and SHIFTING SANDS In Tanzania. In the thread Jennifer gives us great summaries on their flights, vehicles, immunizations, food, pictures and a brief overview of the lodges and camps they stayed in:

Nairobi (Serena Hotel)
Amboseli (Serena Lodge)
Tarangire (Kikoti Tented Lodge)
Lake Manyara (E Unoto Retreat)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Serena Lodge)
Arusha (Kigongoni)

In the thread there is a link to their web pages (LOVE the name of their site – ‘Why We Work’!) that has an incredible detailed diary of their trip, audio of Maasai songs, and their pictures. It’s a great read, full of detailed descriptions of the lodges and camps, the food, the roads and the game runs.
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Just before Christmas, Julie and her husband Tony started out from their home in Australia and set about going around the world on an incredible trip. Flying east from Sydney to Toronto, they spent Christmas with their 14 year old daughter and Julie’s brother and his family. From here, taking their daughter Caitlin along, they flew through London to Dar es Salaam, where they began their wonderful Tanzania safari booked through AFRICA TRAVEL RESOURCE (ATR). Their itinerary was:

Arusha (Moivaro Lodge)
Karatu (Gibbs Farm)
Ngorongoro Crater (for a game run)
Oldupai Gorge (Olduvai Tented Camp)
Serengeti (Ronjo Flycamp & Ndutu Lodge)
Ngorongoro Crater (Serena Lodge)
Zanzibar (Pongwe Beach & Dhow Palace)

After relaxing on the beach in Zanzibar, they flew back to Dar es Salaam for their South African adventure in Durban and Capetown and Victoria Falls. Still flying east, from here they headed back home which completed their circumnavigation of the globe! Julie gives us incredible details of their activities, camp and lodge descriptions, and in general makes us feel we were right there with them!

FAMILY5 - TANZANIA DEC 2005 (report) (photos)

This is a fabulous report from Brett, an 18 yr old who went on safari with his mom and dad and his two brothers. Going with NAIPENDA SAFARIS, they started off in:

Arusha (Kia Lodge)
Lake Manyara (for a game run)
Lake Eyasi (Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp)
Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa Lodge)
Serengeti ( Sopa Lodge and a camp in the southern part)
Zanzibar (beach break - hotel not mentioned)

Brett relates some wonderful detailed stories to us, with lots of information that you never thought you would need – such as the size of the spiders in Arusha, what it feels like to throw up in a plane five times, what a real hunt is like for the Hadzabe tribe, and incredible details on stuff lions do – sleep, eat, poop, and hunt. Brett has done an incredible job on his journal – as you read you will feel as though you are right there with him, or at the very least, watching the animal planet. And for those of us who have been on safari in the same area, you will wonder why you didn’t see half of all that exciting stuff! Don’t miss Brett’s photo of that HUGE spider!

50SOMETHING – TANZANIA JAN 2006 (report)

This is a very informative report on 50something’s trip, along with his wife to Tanzania. Booked through DUMA EXPLORER, their travels took them from:

Arusha (Impala Hotel)
Tarangire (Oliver’s Camp)
Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa)
Serengeti (Ndutu Lodge and the Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Kirurumu Lodge)

There are plenty of details in this report on the lodges, hotels and camps they stayed at, along with some good observations on the roads, the food and the staff at the lodges. 50something also brings up some very good points as suggestions for the Tanzania Tourist Authority on road improvements and bathroom/public area improvements. We hope they are reading this report and take his suggestions to heart!

TORDENMALM - TANZANIA JAN 2006 (report) (photos)

Stefan has written a very good descriptive trip report of his & his family’s safari on the Northern Tanzania circuit. Booked as a private drive/fly through ROYS SAFARIS, their itinerary took them from:

Arusha (Impala Hotel)
Ngorongoro Crater (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Ndutu Lodge)
Zanzibar (Pemba Island -Manta Reef Lodge and Stonetown)

CHRISO – TANZANIA JAN 2006 (report)

Chris has written a short, but really good report on his terrific Tanzania/Zanzibar trip along with his friend. Booked as a private drive safari through GOOD EARTH TOURS, along with Rafael, their guide, they went to:

Tarangire (Tarangire Tented Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Serena Lodge)
Serengeti (Serena Lodge & Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp)
Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa Lodge)
Zanzibar (Shooting Star Lodge)

It’s brief – but it’s informative

KSTYLE – TANZANIA JAN 2006 (report) (photos)

This is a ‘more is coming’ thread from Mark and Krystal’s Tanzanian safari booked through GOOD EARTH, with Goodluck as their guide. Traveling on a small group safari (2 other people only), Mark and Krystal stayed at lodges, while the other 2 stayed at camps. This thread gives us a few highlights, with promises of a trip report to come.

JANGOSS - KENYA JAN 2006 (picture link and intro) (Amboseli) (Tsavo East) (pictures)

This is Jan’s detailed trip report on her 9th trip to East Africa. Traveling solo, Jan goes back a couple of times each year to check in on her beloved elephants and her friends at Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks. Booked with SOUTHERN CROSS, Jan started out this time in:

Nairobi (Holiday Inn)
Amboseli (Ol Tukai – Jan’s absolute favorite!)
Tsavo East (Satao Camp)

Jan relates to us some incredible stories of her adventures in these threads, reading her reports is more like reading a good novel than a trip report! She keeps us up to date on all kinds of wildlife-related issues in her report, as well as research data on the animals

BILL-H – TANZANIA JANUARY 2006 (report) (photos)

In January of 2006 Bill and his wife Carolyn, took a 16-day group photographic safari to Tanzania with PHOTOGRAPHER TODD GUSTAFSON. There were 5 jeeps with two professional photographers; their mission was to get the best wildlife shots ever. And, once you look at Bill and Carolyn’s shots – you will see, they succeeded! This safari, their first – but not their last – took them from:

Tarangire (Sopa Lodge)
Lake Manyara ( Serena Hotel)
Serengeti (Ndutu Safari Lodge and the Seronera)
Ngorongoro (Sopa Lodge)

His report is full of great tips for good photos, but the highlight are his pictures – they are not only incredible, but I am sure they would be the envy of National Geographic! Bill and Carolyn enjoyed their time in Africa so much, they went back on their own in April of 2006. (more on that later of course!)
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MAXWELL - UGANDA JANUARY 2006 (report) (pictures)

Linda has written a wonderful detailed report on her incredible trip to Uganda. Booked through GREAT LAKES SAFARIS, Linda’s itinerary was:

Entebbe (Sophie’s Motel)
Ngamba Island (to see, and play with the chimpanzees)
Kampala (Hotel Africana)
Kisoro (Travellers Rest – of the Dian Fossey fame – hiking to see a group of gorillas in Bwindi)
Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya Lodge)
boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel
Kyambura River Gorge to try and find some more chimps
Fort Portal (Rwenzori View Guest House) for more chimp tracking in Kibale
Kampala and Entebbe for flight back home.

For two days, she was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with the chimpanzees, complete with hugs, shoulder rides, and a life-defining moment of sitting on the rocks on the shores of Lake Victoria watching the chimpanzees play with her shoelaces!

COCCO1 - KENYA & TANZANIA JAN-FEB 2006 (report) (photos)

This is a very detailed, well-written trip report that Kimberly has written for us on their first African safari. Just back, it is an up-to-the-minute report of conditions in Kenya and Tanzania. Booked as a private fly/drive with TANZANIA SERENGETI ADVENTURE (TSA), their itinerary was:

Nairobi (Norfolk Hotel)
Samburu (Intrepid’s Camp)
Amboseli (Tortilis Tented Camp)
Arusha (Serena Mt. Village Lodge)
Tarangire (Swala Camp)
Ngorongoro (Crater Lodge)
Serengeti (Ndutu Safari Lodge)
Dar es Salaam (Ras Kutani Beach Resort) for some well-deserved relaxation.

Kimberly has given us lots of wonderful details on game drives, lodges and camps, along with some of their incredible experiences.


This is Barbara’s absolutely incredible, very descriptive report on her private drive/fly trip booked through AFRICA TRAVEL RESOURCE (ATR) to Tanzania. Barbara, S/O Fred, and T/C Mark started their wonderful safari in Arusha (Ngare Sero Lodge), by doing a few unusual ‘things’. Bat gives us a very detailed report on the lodge, their wonderful canoeing adventure (booked through GREEN FOOTPRINTS on Little Momella Lake in Arusha NP, taking school supplies to the local school, and attending an exciting piece of history – the Rwanda genocide trials. From here, with MKSC (Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club as their ground operator, they set out on their adventure, in search of wild animals –

Lake Manyara for a game run
Ngorongoro Crater (Serena Lodge, Crater Lodge)
Oldupai Gorge (Olduvai Camp)
Serengeti (Ronjo Camp)

And wild animals, balloon rides, as well as other incredible adventures, they did indeed find! Switching to NOMAD as their ground operator, Bat and her clan stayed next at:

Serengeti (Nomad’s Serengeti Camp and Loliondo Camp)
Stonetown, Zanzibar (Emerson & Green)
Zanzibar (Matemwe Bungalows, on the north-eastern part of the island)

Once you read this enticing report, you will be on the phone booking your next trip to Africa!

CHIQUITA - FEB 2006 (PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3)

This is a very humorous report from Chiquita and her DH’s first trip to Africa. Telling us she’s not the best writer (and disproving that right away as it is a very entertaining read!) Chiquita booked a private drive safari with KIBO in Tanzania. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi - Serena Hotel
Sinya Wildlife Conservancy - Kambi ya Tembo Camp
Arusha National Park - Kigongoni Lodge – (aka Spider Lodge by Chiquita!)
Tarangire -Tarangire River Camp
Lake Manyara - Gibbs Farm
Serengeti - Kibo mobile tented camp in Central Serengeti
Ngorongoro - Serena Lodge & Ngorongoro Farm House
This a fun read with lots of great info in it! At Kambi ya Tembo Camp, DH managed single handedly to bring on some rain in the current drought by doing a rain dance with the Maasai!

PHILW – KENYA FEB 2006 (report) (pictures)

Everyone may remember Phil from last year, when he took his wife, and two daughters back to Africa. Well, this time it was just him and his wife on a short, but wonderful trip to the Mara. Booked through local Nairobi operator GAMEWATCHERS, Phil and his wife spent their time at:

Maasai Mara - Cottars 1920’s camp
Nairobi - Giraffe Manor

Phil had some wonderful rare sightings – a pangolin in daylight, a zorilla, a black rhino, and a great impromptu game walk amongst a herd of 500 or so buffalo near the Sand River. And, as elusive as the cheetahs proved to be in the Mara, they got really up close and personal – to the point of petting one – in the cheetah sanctuary at the orphanage in Nairobi!

NET_WARRIOR - TANZANIA Feb 2006 (report)

This is a report from net_warrior’s 2nd trip to Africa along with his mom. Loving the first one so much from Oct 2004, they decided to go again in early of 2006. Now, first off, he says he isn’t a good writer – but I, as well as everyone else, have to disagree. He has a marvelously humorous way to get his point across to us, and, if one could really win an award for Truth In Travel, net_warrior should win it. He booked out of England with AFRICAN SAFARIS, they used the ground operator RANGER SAFARIS for a private drive safari. He gives us frank opinions, no holds barred; on the lodges, the service, the ground operator, the outfitter and, last but not least, the guide and the vehicle. Fortunately the first thing he packed on his trip was his sense of humor – he has some amazing stories!

Lodges and camps used in Tanzania were:
Arusha – Moivaro Lodge
Tarangire NP – Kikoti Camp
Ngorongoro CA – Ngorongoro Farm House
Serengeti – Sopa Lodge
Serengeti - Lobo Wildlife Lodge
Serengeti - Mbalageti Tented Lodge
Lake Manyara – Serena Lodge
Arusha – Kigongoni Lodge (reports no spiders by the way….)


This is a short report on Meichx’s trip to Eldoret, with a side trip to Kakamega Forest, staying at Rondo Retreat. It’s short, but it gives us lots of information on Rondo, in case anyone is thinking of heading there, this is a good frank and honest report to read.

DLO - RWANDA, UGANDA, KENYA & TANZANIA DEC 05- MAR 06 (report) (photos)

Here is a fabulously LONG report on a fabulously LONG amazing trip! Darren has treated us to some great details of his trip, starting in December, and finishing in March. And, as if a 3 month trip that involved a gorilla trek, a donkey trek, climbing to the summit of Kilimanjaro, a crater highlands hike, an incredible game-filled safari, and tons of culture and relaxation in Lamu and Zanzibar wasn’t enough excitement for Darren and Christine, they actually got married at Governor’s Camp in the Mara! The first part, booked through GREAT LAKES SAFARIS took them from Canada to:

Entebbe, Uganda.
Kampala – budget accommodation
Murchison Falls - Red Chili Campsight
Budongo Forest for chimp tracking - Rwenzori View Guesthouse
Queen Elizabeth Park - Institute of Ecology Hostel & Ishasha River Bandas

Volcanoes National Park - Kinigi Guest House to see the Umubano Group of gorillas in and to trek to see Dian Fossey’s grave with a ‘free’ sighting of the Amahoro Group when they came across them in the forest
Gisenyi - Palm Beach Hotel
Kigali - an unexpected side trip to the hospital

Kigali - Chez Lando

Lake Bunyoni
Lake Mburro for a boat trip
Kampala - Fairway Hotel for Christmas Eve and a visit to the Sanyu babies’ orphanage

Nairobi - Fairview Hotel
Samburuland for their 5-day donkey trek with 23 donkeys and 8 Samburu warriors, booked through SAMBURU TRAILS

The next part, booked through KENYA WILDLIFE TRAILS took them to;

Nairobi - Boulevard Hotel
Maasai Mara - Governors Camp for their incredible storybook wedding

Tsavo NP - Serena Kilaguni Lodge
Watamu - Turtle Bay Beach Club
Lamu - Lamu Palace Hotel
Nairobi - Boulevard Hotel

No, no, no, we’re NOT finished yet – we’re only half-way through! The next leg, booked through TROPICAL TRAILS, took them to:

Arusha- Karama Lodge and a day climb up the 18,500 ft level of Mt. Kilimanjaro
Tarangire - tent under a baobob tree
Lake Manyara - Twiga campsight
Serengeti – tenting and Ndutu Lodge
Ngorongoro CA - Simba camp & Sopa Lodge
Nainokanoka for a 6 day Olmati/Empakai Crater Highlands Trek
Lake Natron
Arusha - Karama Lodge
Booked on their own they needed some relaxation -
Zanzibar to sleep all over the island – Stonetown (Tembo Hotel), Pongwe Beach, Shooting Star, Mbweni Ruins

For the last leg of this incredible trip, booked through FOXES SAFARIS, Darren & Christine finished off in the Southern Tanzania route with:
Mikumi NP - Foxes Camp
Foxes Highland Lodge

Now that they have seen ALL of KY & TZ, they are going to have to think up a great excuse to go back!!!
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CYBOR – TANZANIA& SEYCHELLES FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006 (report) (thread with link to photos) (photos)

This is a well-written, detailed and informative trip report of Sherry & Mike’s wonderful adventure of their safari to Tanzania, and their unusual ‘beach’ post-adventure on a catamaran for 8 days. Booking through AFRICA ADVENTURE, their ground operator was TANZANIA PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS, and their ground operator in Nairobi was ORIGINS. With the Tanzania portion booked as a group safari, they lucked out on a private safari vehicle! Their adventure:

Arusha (New Arusha Hotel)
Tarangire (Kikoti Safari Camp)
Ngorongoro CA (Kifaru Lodge)
Lake Eyasi (Kisima Ngeda Camp) where they went hunting with the Hadzabe bushmen, and visiting the Datoga, Barabaig and Watindiga tribes
Ngorongoro Crater (Sopa Lodge)
Serengeti (mobile camping in the Nyaibollo (sp.) area)
Nairobi (Karen Blixen Cottages)

Sherry and Mike spent a great night in Nairobi before being told that their confirmed seats on their flight to the Seychelles had been given away, and they were to come back TWO days later! Not sitting well with a person who had not had a decent shower in the better part of a week – but our Sherry wore them down and they eventually re-routed them to the Seychelles via Dubai. This would enable them to make their catamaran trip at least, but the prepaid room in Mahé was history, to say nothing of the luxurious soak Sherry was looking forward too. But, adventurous as they are, they went, and they did get a partial night in at the hotel (La Meridien Barbarons) before embarking on their incredible 8 day catamaran tour of the Seychelles Islands. The islands & Marine Parks they explored included Ste. Anne Marine Park, La Digue Island, Coco Island, Praslin Island, Grand Soeur Island, Curieuse Island, and Cousin Island. After docking in Victoria Harbour back on Mahé, Sherry finally got her nice long bath at Le Meridien Barbarons where they stayed their final two nights, before flying back to Nairobi for a wonderful last day in Africa.

BOSTONGAL – KILIMANJARO CLIMB, KENYA & TABZANIA MARCH 2006 (Report) (Thread with picture link) (Photos)

Here is an incredible, very detailed report on Nicole and Jay’s amazing trip to Kenya and Tanzania, including their Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Booked through AFRICA TRAVEL RESOURCE (ATR), Nicole and Jay set out from Boston, stopped in Amsterdam and, almost without Jay’s passport, finally landed in Kilimanjaro and stepped out into the ‘hot, exotic African air’. (love that phrase, Nicole!). Their itinerary was:

Arusha - Moivaro Coffee Lodge
At the foot of Kilimanjaro - Ilburo Lodge, for a last night on a bed before the climb, and a briefing from AFRICAN WALKING COMPANY.
The next morning, after driving by jeep to the base of Kilimanjaro, they started their 6 day up – 2 day down Kili climb on the Shira route - going through five climate zones, lack of sleep, and plenty of emotions, to get to Uhuru Peak at 19,340 feet. Tired, dirty and cold, but exhilarated beyond belief, after the descent they spent another night at Ilboru Lodge. The next part was easy – the safari, Nicole’s trade off with Jay for climbing Kili. Their itinerary took them from:

A game drive in Lake Manyara
Ngorongoro Crater - Crater Lodge
Oldupai Gorge - Olduvai Camp
Serengeti - Ronjo Flycamp in the Seronera
Zanzibar, with a pretty scarry landing, staying at Emerson & Green in Stonetown for culture, and Matemwe Beach Village for a much needed rest.

This is a well-done report where you will feel you were with Nicole and Jay every step of the way – especially as she describes the climb – the tears, the joy, the humour, and the cold. It should be required reading for everyone who is considering going on a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Their fabulous pictures are in a separate thread – see the above link.

ROCCO – TANZANIA MARCH 2006 (detailed report) (report from the field) (thread with picture link) (photos)

As one Fodorite said in this report about Rocco’s writing – “Move Over Bill Bryson”! Rocco, in his usual style, has given us an amazing report; sometimes it will tug on your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes, other times you will be rolling with laughter, but at all times, it will pull you into the adventure, and keep you reading until the end. And, as we always appreciate – and would expect from Rocco, it is an honest and frank assessment of things that did work, as well as things that didn’t. Starting with a very entertaining story of how he ended up trading his Porsche for this trip to Tanzania, we follow the many escapades and adventures of the accidental travelers from Los Angeles to:

Kilimanjaro, to Dar Es Salaam, and back to Kilimanjaro, - and that was just getting there to Tanzania!

Booked through AFRICA TRAVEL RESOURCES, Rocco’s ground operators were MKSC (MT KILIMANJARO SAFARI CLUB) and NOMAD. Their itinerary (not that we didn’t all know this by heart by now!) included:

Arusha (Moivaro Coffee Lodge)
Tarangire (Tree Tops Lodge)
Lake Manyara (Lake ManyaraTree Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Crater Lodge)
Oldupai Gorge (Olduvai Camp)
Serengeti (Ndutu Nomad Camp and Mbuzi Mawe Camp)
Zanzibar to take in both ‘beach’ time on the island’s east coast (The Palms), and ‘shopping’ time in Stonetown (Serena Inn).

Don’t miss his incredible pictures, which capture the very essence of the best of Tanzania’s wildlife.


Tuskerdave has written a short, but very informative report on his current trip to Uganda and Kenya. Or, well, he said it wasn’t a report – but it’s sure packed with anecdotes and useful info! Booked through GREAT LAKES, Tuskerdave’s itinerary included:

Kibale, Entebbe (Sophie’s Motel)
4 chimp trackings with a stay at an elevated banda in Uganda
Nairobi (a friends place & Didi’s Guest House)
Tsavo (Ndololo Camp) for a drive and a viewing of the bone house with KWS

Be sure to read this report to find out how Tuskerdave acquired his own personal cow from a Maasai!

PDNY – TANZANIA MARCH 2006 (report) (photos)

Here is a great little report from Daniel & Fiona’s trip to Tanzania in March to go along with their fabulous pictures. Having lived in Nairobi on three separate occasions, Daniel gives us a good perspective into how things have changed over the years, as well as how different things look through the eyes of a tourist as opposed to a resident. Booked as a private drive safari with ACCESS 2 TANZANIA, a relatively new outfit in the US, Daniel and Fiona first visited a local charitable organization ‘Project Zawadi’ that the outfitter helps support. Their safari took in:

Arusha (Impala Hotel)
Tarangire (Tarangire River Camp)
a game drive in Lake Manyara
Karatu in NCA (Crater Rim Lodge)
Serengeti (Serena Lodge)
Ngorongoro (Serena Lodge and Crater Lodge)
a hike on foot through Olmoti Crater, hunting with the Hadzabe at Lake Eyasi, (Kisima Ngeda)
Arusha (day room at Kia Lodge)

KAREN47 – TANZANIA MARCH 2006 (report)

This is a short, but very informative report on Karen & her husband’s trip to Tanzania booked through CC AFRICA. Karen has given us her honest impressions on the outfitter, the lodges and camps, the highlights of her trip, and, of course the number one reason we all go – the wildlife. Their exciting itinerary of their fly-in safari took them to:

Mahale (Mahale Camp- chimp tracking)
Lake Manyara (Lake Manyara Tree Lodge)
Ngorongoro Crater (Crater Lodge)
Serengeti (Serengeti Serena)
Zanzibar (The Palms)
Dar Es Salaam (Royal Palms)
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Here is a beautifully written, emotional, fresh and sparkling report that will stay with you long after you read it. An African addict since she was a child, Teri finally took the plunge and booked a trip to Africa with her sister through THOMPSON SAFARIS. Teri is an enthusiast, descriptive writer, who gives us refreshing and honest stories of her trip, along with some reflections on the ‘life changing’ values that she went through from her trip. Her Classic Camping Safari itinerary was:

Arusha - Mountain Village Lodge
Tarangire – Classic Camp
Ngorongoro CA – Gibb’s Farm
Ngorongoro CA - Classic Camp
Serengeti – Serengeti Lodge
Serengeti - Wildlife Camp
Arusha – Mt. Meru Hotel (day room)


Here is Cyn’s long-awaited trip report – and was it ever worth the wait! And, once you read it, you will see why it took Cyn a long time to write this bittersweet memory of her and Peter’s trip. It is an incredibly moving report, written so well that you will go on an emotional roller-coaster with them. Starting out in South Africa in Capetown (Radisson Waterfront Hotel, Table Bay Hotel), booked on their own, they explored some of the great stuff that South Africa offers, as well as Fraenschhoek (Akademie Guest House). Then, off to Nairobi to start their private (fly) safari with ROYAL AFRICAN SAFARIS, where they were to meet their friend, and owner/guide David, who had visited, and stayed with them in their home in Vermont, along with his friend Christof, the owner of the Ngong House in Nairobi. It was another owner/guide, Jan, meeting them though; and sadly, he had to break the news that both Christof and David had recently died in a plane crash. Devastated, Cyn and Peter just wanted to go back home and call it all off.
But, thankfully they did go on – and had some wonderful adventures which, as you read along, will change your tears of sadness into laughter! Their itinerary was as follows:

Southern Serengeti - private camp
Ngorongoro CA - Crater Lodge
Mahale Mountains – Greystoke
Solio Ranch - private camp
Loisaba Wilderness - Loisaba Lodge
Lake Nakuru National Park - Soy Sambu campsite
Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria - Rusinga Island Lodge
Masai Mara NP - Root crossing on Sand River, private camp
Nairobi - Ngong House

BILL_H - TANZANIA APRIL 2006 (report) (pictures & commentary)

After having such a great time on safari in January of this year, Bill and Carolyn could just not wait to get back to Tanzania! This time they booked a private safari with one of their favorite drivers from their January group trip. Dubbed ‘Master Photographers’ by many on this board – they did not disappoint us with their absolutely incredible photographs. The itinerary was:

Lake Manyara – Serena Lodge (for optimum bird sightings)
Serengeti – Serena Lodge (for big game – a walloping 7 nights there!)
Lake Manyara – Serena Lodge (to break up the drive back to Arusha)

Thinking that the drought from January would continue, Bill and Carolyn expected dry weather, but landed up in the middle of the rains. Deciding to make the best of it though, they had some pretty incredible sightings which he describes in his report, along with of course – the proof – his not to be missed pictures!

RICHARDFH – KENYA & RWANDA MAY 2006 (Kenya) (Rwanda) (gorilla video)

This is Richard’s report of his ‘off the beaten track’ safari of his first trip to Africa with a group of 7 that he put together. Booked through GAMEWATCHERS, it is a wonderful, fact-filled report, with links to websites and lots of great information. He has given us some very good descriptions of what to expect at some of the less common lodges and camps that they stayed in, along with his recommendations. Describing the gorilla trek to the Sabyinyo group, Richard sums it all up by saying ‘by far, one of the best hours of my life’. His exciting itinerary was:

Nairobi – Ngong House
Samburu – Larsen’s Tented Camp
Nairobi – Norfolk Hotel
Lake Naivasha – Chui Lodge
Maasai Mara – Porini Camp
Selenkay (near Amboseli Park) – Porini Camp
Nairobi – Norfolk Hotel
Kigali, Rwanda – drive to Mountain Gorillas Nest Hotel
Goma, Congo – short visit at Congo border
Kigali – lunch at Milles des Collins Hotel before returning home

Follow the link above to his videos on the gorilla encounter. They are just so cute!

ACABOT - LAMU AND MALINDI MAY 2006 (report) (photos – use sunshine for password)

This is a short, but descriptive report of Ann’s trip to Lamu, Malindi and the Seychelles. Ann has given us a little background on the island of Lamu and a bit about Malindi. Her pictures are the star of the show though – the varieties of underwater fish that she saw were incredible – and the quality of her underwater shots will be envied by all who have snorkeled! Places mentioned:

Lamu – Lamu Palace
Malindi – Coral Key Beach Resort


This is Kay’s report of her trip to Kenya with LUXURY TOURS out of Florida, with the ground operator being TRAVEL WILD. Kay has described some of lodgings along with good descriptions of the parks and areas she stayed in. There is also a link to some of her fabulous wildlife shots, on her website, once on her website, click ‘buy items’, from there you can enlarge the picture on the right hand side by clicking on the top right corner. Be sure to click on the controversial picture of the lions resting on the TOP of the acacia tree, in the branches – quite a discussion developed on this topic within the thread! Her itinerary included:

Nairobi – Karen Blixen Cottages
Nairobi – House of Waine
Lake Nakuru – Mbweha
Sweetwaters Game Reserve – Great Tented Camp
Lake Naivasha – Kiangazi House
Maasai Mara – Serian Tented Camp

MARTYNC - TANZANIA, KENYA & RWANDA JUNE 2006 (report) (photos)

In June, Marty, his wife and 2 of their friends embarked on a private drive safari with TANZANIA PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARIS for Tanzania, ORIGINS for Kenya and PRIMATE SAFARIS for Rwanda. Marty has given us some really fabulous descriptions of the animal sightings, some general information pointers, and some great information on the lodges and the food there. The highlight is reading about his incredible gorilla trek to see the Amahoro Group, as well as a Golden Monkey hike. As more and more come back and write about the encounter so vividly, more and more of us decide to book! Their itinerary was:

Arusaha - Dik Dik Hotel
Serengeti - Mobile Camping Nyabeho/Seronera
Tarangire - Kikoti Camp
Amboseli - Tortilis Camp
Lewa Downs - Lewa Camp
Masai Mara - Kichwa Tembo
Kinigi, Rwanda – Mountain Gorilla’s Nest Lodge
Kigali - Novotel-Kigali

CAROLY – KENYA & TANZANIA JUNE 2006 (grandmother’s trip report) (11 yr. old granddaughter’s trip report)

This is a short, but good descriptive report of Carol & Al’s trip to Africa with their 11 yr old granddaughter Rebecca. In Rebecca’s report, Carol gives us a few hints on traveling on safari with kids, along with Rebecca’s highlights and things that she didn’t enjoy as much. Their itinerary included:

Serena Mountain Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater
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Dear Lynda,
Thanks for the comprehensive list of information - however please note that United Touring Company Closed down some 3 years ago.
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You may wish to add our trip report for Tanzania (Northern Circuit) in Oct 2004. Link:
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I can't shower ENOUGH priase on you for this amazing job. I am printing on your index right now.

Thank you for this monumentous work.
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Thank you SO much for this labour of love, my friend. It really is HUGELY appreciated! I just had such a journey down memory lane reading my OWN trip report that you've included!!!
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Carrie has written a wonderful detailed account of her first safari. Booked as a private drive safari through GOOD EARTH, Carrie, her husband and her 14 yr old son Evan had some great adventures! She has given us very detailed descriptions on the camps and lodges they stayed at, as well as lots of info on the food, the game runs and lots of info on Zanzibar at the end. Their itinerary was:

Arusha - Arusha Hotel
Tangire NP - Tarangire Safari Lodge
Ngorongoro CA - Serena Lodge
Serengeti - Serena (with balloon ride the next morning)
Serengeti - Kirawira
Zanzibar – Stonetown - Tembo Hotel
Zanzibar – beach stay - Matemwe Bungalows

As much as Evan enjoyed his trip, Carrie mentioned at the end that he had fallen a bit ill during the time he was in the Serengeti, which continued even once they got home. All of us Fodorites sure do hope he is feeling better now as we bet his mom is planning another trip soon!

JANISCHA28 – KENYA & TANZANIA JUNE 2006 (report) (photos)

This is Janischa28’s incredible trip report on her 20-day honeymoon to Kenya and Tanzania booked through TROPICAL TRAILS for Tanzania; and SOUTHERN CROSS for Kenya. There are lots of camp and lodge reviews, as well as great hints for camera gear, tipping, as well as for packing in this thread. Their itinerary included:

Arusha – Karama Lodge
Ngorongoro CA – Sopa Lodge
Serengeti – Sopa Lodge
Serengeti – Wildlife Lodge
Serengeti – Ikoma Bush Camp
Lake Manyara – Lake Manyara Hotel
Lake Eyasi – Kisima Ngeda (visit with Hadzabe Tribe)
Tarangire NP – Tarangire Safari Lodge
Arusha – Karama Lodge
Nairobi – Stanley Hotel
Nairobi – Serena Hotel
Great Rift Valley - Shompole
Maasai Mara – Olonana Camp

LEELY – TANZANIA JUNE 2006 (report) (photos)

Leely was back on the road, traveling again after not being able to think of much else after her trip last year! (an affliction all of us seem to have). This time, not only did Leely’s friend Kari go, but Kari’s mom, Judy went too. Booked as a private drive safari through ATR, who used MKSC and NOMAD as their ground operator, Leely came home with some GREAT stories of their adventures to tell! Her vivid descriptions of their wildlife sightings will keep you on the edge of your seat reading – you know, the type where you miss your bus stop! Their itinerary was:

Arusha – Moivaro Coffee Lodge
Arusha National Park with Green Footprint
Tarangire - Mawe Ninga
Ngorongoro Crater - Wildlife Lodge
Oldupai – Olduvai Camp
Serengeti - Ronjo Camp
Serengeti – Nomad camp - Mbalageti Camp (campsite was Simiti)
Arusha - Moivaro. (visit Sekei Primary School with Wilbert from Kiliwarrior
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I'm having a mite bit of trouble posting the two that I have ready, everytime I go to preview to make sure my bolding is in correct, it disappears!!

Anybody out there have a solution to this? Very strange...
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This is Mairseydote’s report of her trip with Fred to Tanzania in June. Booked as a private drive/fly safari through AFRICA DREAM SAFARIS, just before leaving Mairseydote was having second thoughts on the small planes that they would be flying in on their inter-Africa flights. But she is happy to report that all went well and they loved the personalization, to say nothing of the view, a 4-seat Cessna provided them with. Mairseydotes gives us a good report of the BIG 5 that they managed to see within the first few days, and we know she is busy with renovations on her house and moving and all kinds of other ‘unimportant’ stuff; but we all hope she will finish this splendid tale soon, as well as posting her pictures! Her itinerary was:

Nairobi to Kilimanjaro to the Western Serengeti by air
Western Serengeti – Mbalageti Serengeti Lodge
Serengeti – luxury camping near Moru Kopjes
Ngorongoro Crater – Serena Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater – Crater Lodge

KERIKERI - KENYA JULY 2006 (report)

Kerikeri writes her report from within Africa, as her trip goes on for months (she is working with NGO) and she knows we don’t want to wait that long for it! This is her report on the Kenya portion of her trip taking in:

Lake Nakuru
Maasai Mara – Maasai Safari Club
Amboseli National Park – Amboseli Lodge

There are many more places that she went to, but they are mentioned in the report. But she does take quite the ribbing from everyone in good taste, over this thread and continuing into others, when she mentions that all the Mara had was ‘boring’ animals! In the end we find out that all she meant was that she wanted her days to be filled with male lions as opposed to zebras and impala
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it finally let me do it!
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CSUSS - TANZANIA JUNE/JUL 2006 (report) (photos)

This is Carol & Jim’s report from their wonderful trip to Tanzania in June. Using MATENBEZI as their safari company, Carol relates some very humorous highlights of their drive/fly private safari (don’t miss the one about the bathroom at Oliver’s Camp, or her apt description of a hippo) as well as some very detailed descriptions of her camps and lodges. Carol and Jim’s photos have a great mix of people, animals and things. Their itinerary was:

Nairobi – Holiday Inn
Transfer (drive) to Arusha
Sinya, West Kilimanjaro – Kambi ya Tembo
Arusha – Kigongoni Lodge
Tarangire – Oliver’s Camp
Lake Manyara – lunch at Serena Lodge
Ngorongoro Crater – Serena Lodge
Ngorongoro CA – Ngorongoro Farm House
Northern Serengeti – Sayari Camp
Zanzibar – Stonetown – Emerson & Greene
Zanzibar – Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel

Carol’s ‘final thoughts – things that I can’t out of my head’ is hilarious! Anyone who has visited East Africa can relate to the last part – it’s akin to coming home from ‘A Small World’ in Disneyland….


This is a partial report of Chris and Sophie’s honeymoon in June/July of 2006 in Tanzania. With the help of some of our board’s most knowledgeable, Sandi, Leely and Eben; Chris put together a wonderful trip for their honeymoon. Booked through ATR (AFRICAN TRAVEL RESOURCES) their itinerary was:

Arusha Moivaro coffee lodge
Tarangire - Mawe Ninga
Ngorongoro Crater - Crater Lodge
Serengeti - Olakira Luxury MobileTents
Northern Serengeti - Sayari Camp
Zanzibar - Pongwe Beach
Zanzibar - Asali Suite at Matemwe
Zanzibar - Kenda Sunset Bungalows
Zanzibar - Stone Town – Dhow Palace
Zanzibar – Stone Town - Emerson Green

Even though this particular trip report isn’t finished, look in this thread to find Chris’ thoughts – the good and the bad – on each of the places they stayed:
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