New Cataract in Aswan


Sep 17th, 2000, 04:19 PM
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New Cataract in Aswan

Can anyone tell me if guests at the New Cataract share the pool and/or restaurants with the Old Cataract? I've heard you sometimes can't go into the restaurant or on the terrace at the Old Cataract unless you're a guest there, but I wondered if being a guest at the New Cataract qualified. Are you required to have breakfast at the New Cat rather than the Old if you're a guest there?
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Oct 10th, 2000, 05:22 AM
Bjorn Alvik
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Hi, Carol
My wife and I went on a 15 day's Egypt and Nile Tour in 1997. We stayed at the Old Cataract and felt very lucky that we did not stay at the new one. The atmosphere of the Old Cataract cannot be beaten by any hotel in the world, so to speak. The comfort of the new one, though, seemed to be very good, but it was a very modern hotel which you will find all over the world.
Back to your question: The to hotels are very close to each other and connected with a small garden. There should be no trouble at all going from the new to the old's terrace, and even to the restaurant inside the 'old'.
As I recall, the swimming pool 'belonged' to the new Cataract. So that shouldn't be a problem, either.
If you have not already ordered, I certainly will recommend you the Old Cataract, but be confirmed that they will give you a room with a garden+Nile view.
Anyway, you will have a wonderful stay. Don't miss at least one breakfast and one supper in the Old's restaurant. And do not miss Kitchener's garden on the little island behind the Elephantner islands. Let the reception help you with ordering a felucca trip out there. Then, maybe, you will get kind of fixed price and maybe also avoid the intensive begging pressure.

Bjorn, Norway
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