Need to arrange car and driver in joburg

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Need to arrange car and driver in joburg

I've done some amateur fund-raising for a SA Orphanage in advance of an up-coming 18-day overland tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town. I'll only have one free day in Johannesburg before my tour, and in that day I need to purchase food/goods/supplies with the money I raised and then transport them, along with 3 suitcases of clothes and additional supplies to an orphange 10km south of Johannesburg. Because there is so little room for error (time-wise) I need a reccomendation for a company that can arrange for a safe/reputable/reliable driver and car or van. Does anyone know about how much a hire for the day would cost?

Also if anyone has tips on where I'd go to purchase baby formula in bulk and children's clothing at good prices, that would be much appreciated too.

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Makro- Its a chain of stores kind of like Walmart. You can buy alot of things by the case. You will need to sign up for membership when you arrive, but can shop there immediately. They actually sent my card to the US. It was waiting when I returned home.

Executive Shuttle Services may help you with the transportation issue.

[email protected]
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WARNING!!! Do NOT use Wilro Tours!

My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon, which included two weeks in South Africa. Most of our trip was wonderful, and we had almost nothing negative to say about any of the hotels, airlines or other travel-related companies that we used during our stay there. However, we feel obliged to warn potential travelers to that country about using a particular tour company/car service- Wilro Tours.
In truth, our honeymoon was nearly ruined because of Wilro Tours. We went on safari in Madikwe Game Reserve, and needed to be driven from Madikwe to Johannesburg in order to catch our flight out of the country. Our South Africa travel agency booked a car for us through Wilro Tours. The car service arrived on time, and the four-hour drive was uneventful. However, the vehicle that they sent for us was a compact car, resulting in some of our bags being stowed in the passenger compartment rather than the trunk due to lack of space. When we reached the airport in Johannesburg, we were rushed out of the car by the driver, and not given any time to do a “once over” of the vehicle to make sure it was clear of our belongings. As a result, the bag containing our camera (which contained 2,000 photos and videos) was left in the car, under the front passenger seat.
We called our travel agency as soon as we realized that the camera was missing (less than half an hour later). The travel agency, in turn, immediately called Wilro Tours to tell them that the camera was in the vehicle. Rather than calling the driver and telling him return to the airport or to their home base so the camera could be recovered, Wilro Tours inexplicably allowed the vehicle to remain in service for the remainder of the day, and took not a single step to assist us. However, it should be pointed out that the manager of Wilro Tours admitted that no other passengers were scheduled to be in the vehicle for the rest of the day, meaning that the car could have- and should have- been taken out of service without delay. When the car was finally returned and inspected by the manager of Wilro Tours, almost SEVEN HOURS LATER, the camera was nowhere to be found.
It is our opinion that either an employee of Wilro Tours has taken our camera, or that the driver picked up unauthorized passengers after dropping us off, and the camera was taken by one of them. In either case, Wilro Tours should have admitted responsibility for the loss and taken swift corrective measures. Instead, Wilro Tours belittled our claims (the company manager actually hung up on us when we called from the Maldives to speak about the situation), and refused to take any action whatsoever- that is, until we told them that we intended to post reviews of their company on travel-oriented websites here in the United States. Only then, some TEN DAYS LATER, did Wilro Tours conduct any semblance of an investigation, which consisted of polygraph tests of the driver and vehicle cleaner. Of course, we did not have any way to confirm the veracity and effectiveness of the testing procedures, as we were already home in the U.S. The trail has since gone cold.
Because of Wilro Tours’ refusal to help us in a timely fashion, all of our honeymoon memories have been irretrievably lost. Even up to the present time, the company has shown no remorse for their pathetic handling of the situation. There is no amount of monetary remuneration that can make up for the loss of the camera. Therefore, all we can do is warn other potential travelers to South Africa that, in our opinion, Wilro Tours is an unreliable and untrustworthy company, and should not be used under any circumstances. If you intend to travel to the Johannesburg region, keep this review in mind when choosing a touring/car service company.
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ConstantMovement - Did you book your trip with a Travel Agent (TA)? They should be able to assist with a driver for the duration. We are currently in the process of finalising our next trip and have a road transfer from Jo'berg to Drakensburg arranged by out TA

mattybonz -You might also like to just post the link (see the FAQ) to your tale of woe rather than repeating it all over the board.
I am sorry you lost your photos but ultimately the safety of your equipment was your responsibility not the drivers or the companys - Also - we are talking about Africa here - as careful as we plan, the reality is THINGS HAPPEN - and truly your camera equipment was probably a gift from heaven for someone to feed and clothe their family (I am not advocating for theft!) . We lost film too , albeit not all of it.
As hard a loss as it is - you still had your wonderful are not memories - but your memories will be forever tainted if you choose the to be so.

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mattybonz - third thread I've read your sad story in and I'm getting tired of it already.
regards - tom
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