Need some info on Jordan


Oct 1st, 1999, 07:49 AM
Kelly Pon
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Need some info on Jordan

Hi! Does anyone know how should we pack for Jordan in October? We heard that it gets pretty warm but at the same time, as we're planning to have an overnight stay camping out in the desert, we were told that it gets freezing during the night.
Secondly, how do we get to the desert and does the trip come with private guides? And how much would that cost us?
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Oct 4th, 1999, 08:35 AM
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I would dress in layers since it is still very warm in the desert area. Bring your sleeping bags and you should be fine. However, I am not sure but most countries frown on camping in the desert - I would check with the Jordanian Embassy before I set my sails on camping in the desert. It may be out right prohibited or a permit required.

There is no need to look for the desert - the green strip of irrigated land along the Jordan River ends very quickly and the desert looms ahead. You can take the Desert Highway thru Jordan and there will be the desert all around you.
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Oct 28th, 1999, 10:45 AM
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Hi - I seem to remember that there were tours that allowed you to stay in the desert outside of Aquba in camps... they looked interesting, but don't know the cost. Don't miss Petra and plan for two days at least but even the Bedouins aren't allowed to camp there anymore. And in the north, spend a day in the Roman ruins in Jerash.

We were there in April and in the north it is was quite cool, sweater weather even for Canadians!

The JETT bus system is great for getting around but book early if you plan to travel during holidays.

It's an absolutely beautiful country to visit. We spent two days in Petra and it wasn't enough time to hike through the entire place. Also, if you go to Petra, don't take the horses at the entrance, wait until the end of the day when you're exhausted and the price is a quarter of the price for the same ride, and besides it's really only a ten minute walk down or back anyway!! We instead took a camel ride inside the city since we were limited for time and wanted to get deep into the area.

Jerash is a find! It's a huge roman city with two coliseums and some incredible stonework... We went back for a full afternoon to explore the entire place after only having two hours there on a tour.

Enjoy your trip...
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