Need advise about Kruger area


May 4th, 2004, 11:59 AM
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Need advise about Kruger area

We are going to Africa in Sept and taking a tour in Kenya. Then we will spend a week in South Africa on our own with a rental car. We plan on arriving in Johannesburg in the evening and spend the night some where near the airport. The next morning we will drive to Kruger. We have been trying to decide on where to stay. Maybe just spend the that night outside the park as we may sight see along the way. We thought Olifants sounded good for a few nights but it seems like it might be too far to drive. We would like to go to one of the private game lodges but most of them are too expensive. We thought Elephant Plains looked very nice and a little more reasonable so we might splurge for 2 nights if we can find one in our budget (maybe R1300 per person). We would love to hear some input and suggestions from people that have been to Kruger.
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May 5th, 2004, 09:58 AM
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We were in Kruger in November of last year. FANTASTIC. If you do a search, I posted a trip report -- search for the word "wow" and you'll probably find it!

The hotel nearest Jo'burg airport -- just a few steps outside of it, in fact, is the Intercontinental Sun Johannesburg Airport. We had a reservation to stay there but due to a flight delay ended up arriving at Jo'burg the following morning so I don't know how it is, only that the location could not be more convenient and it looks nice from the outside. If you want a less expensive hotel near the airport there is also a Holiday Inn close by with shuttle service. I'm sure there are other options as well.

Kruger is marvelous -- I would not miss it. We enjoyed Olifants a great deal. The views over the river are excellent and there is tons of wildlife all over. The bungalows with the best views are roughly those numbered 1-19 I believe. Seems like of those, something like #10-13 were the best. Just ask for a river view if available. There are over a hundred bungalows, so even if there is no availability, keep checking back because something is likely to open up eventually -- there are always cancellations. The drive from Jo'burg airport to Olifants took roughly 4-5 hours if I remember correctly, but that was with a lot of stopping for wildlife viewing. The roads are great and you can drive great long stretches without seeing other people. If you can get in at Olifants, do it. It may be hard at this late date. We were there for 3 nights and saw all the Big Five except cheetah. Massive herds of elephants! We loved having the freedom to drive ourselves. Do NOT miss a guided walk with a ranger. They are inexpensive, and watching a bull elephant enjoy a mud bath or standing face to face with a giraffe at close range is an unforgettable thrill. Since you cannot walk in the bush on your own at Kruger, going with a ranger is the only way to do it, and they point out all sorts of things you wouldn't see yourself.

Afterwards we stayed at Chitwa Chitwa Safari Lodge for 3 nights and that was excellent too. We considered Elephant Plains as well. I do know their rangers are terrific, because our ranger spoke highly of EP's rangers, and they share traversing rights over the same area, and we ran into EP folks on game drives frequently. I've only heard good things about it. Chitwa Chitwa Safari Lodge was in roughly the same price range and I recommend it highly.
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