Ndutu Lodge In Tanzania


Feb 1st, 2001, 03:34 AM
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Ndutu Lodge In Tanzania

We are in a process of planning our December 2001/January 2002 safari to Kenya and Tanzania. We will return to three tented camps in Kenya but Tanzania will be a new experience to us. We will visit Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti and stay at the Serena Crater Lodge but need to decide whether to stay at the Ndutu Lodge or use a private mobile camp which is much more expensive. But at this point we have no idea how much more expensive. I read on this forum some mixed comments about Ndutu Lodge but nothing specific. Can someone tell me about beds, showers, bathrooms, guides, foodgame viewing and anything that worked or did not work for you at the Ndutu Lodge? Would you rather stay at the Lodge or use a mobile camp and why? I would be greatful to anyone who can help me with the above questions. Thanks

Also if you had to choose one more place to visit would you go to Amboseli or Tarangire?
Our main reason is to see animals and birds.
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Feb 1st, 2001, 05:26 AM
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I stayed at Ndutu Lodge in early April last year - 2000 - and did not like the camp one bit. The rooms were very spare & basic, the shower was pathetic - hardly any water coming out of the shower-head (it had not been maintained properly) and the water was luke-warm, at best. The camp was originally (I believe) built as a hunting camp - just a row of bungalows right next to each other. Looks like a prisoner-of-war camp to me...

The lodge (dining room & lounge) was a bit better, but not much. A highlight was the semi-tame genet which appears around dinner-time, clambering on the rafters. As I recall, the food was quite mediocre too. Nduto does get its supplies of veggies etc. from Gibb's Farm, so everything is of high quality and fresh. Maybe the cook was on leave when we were there.

We did not use any of their guides - had our own.

By contrast, the game-viewing in the area was spectacular. There were wildebeest in their thousands not far from Ndutu, so can't complain about that!

I know some people (who visit Tanzania regularly) who really enjoy staying at Ndutu Lodge, so please do not take my comments as being the definitive word here. Some people like it a bit more 'basic' and 'close to nature' than others.

The mobile tented camps are way over-priced, in my opinion. No matter how 'luxurious' they are, you can't remove the rustic edge, such as the lack of a flush toilet. So it is a bit of a Hobson's choice.

If you can get a good price for a multiple-night stay at Ndutu, I would consider it, despite its shortcomings.
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