National Geographic Moments - You Don't Want to See


Mar 23rd, 2006, 11:27 AM
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National Geographic Moments - You Don't Want to See

Taken from the Mala Mala Cyberdiary, IMO the finest game report site of any lodge/camp.

Newington male leopard, Ngoboswan female leopard & cub 12 March

During the morning of the 12 of March, guests and rangers were exposed to nature at its harshest. Rangers were alerted to the distinctive sounds of leopards fighting. The rangers followed up and were able to locate the Newington male attacking the Ngoboswan female. Male leopards do not usually fight with members of the opposite sex and thus rangers feared the worst, he had found her cubs!

The Ngoboswan female was clearly protecting an area just behind her and inevitably the large male eventually overpowered her. A brief scuffle ensued and the male was seen jogging off with the limp body of one of her cubs. The cub was obviously sired by another male. Male leopards kill off any siblings that are dependent on their mother if they are not sired by himself, thus effectively bringing the female into season sooner, and thus allowing the dominant male to sire the next generation. Unfortunately for the Ngoboswan female she had led her cubs into a fairly open area with little protection from encounters such as this. Her cubs were doing well and were approximately 5 months old. Rangers found the carcass of a young kudu in the area and they assumed that she had led them into the area to feed. Rangers were also able to locate the second cub, perched high in the branches of a Knob thorn tree. The cub was safe for now.

I'm glad I didn't see these cubs, in January, instead I just heard a brief call from one of them for their mother.
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Mar 23rd, 2006, 12:38 PM
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Yep, the brutal side of nature. LIons do the same.

I wonder about cheetahs and tigers.
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