Namibia vehicle rental


Jan 1st, 2011, 07:37 AM
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Namibia vehicle rental

Hi, I'm pricing the difference of a campervan and camping vs a rental car and staying in National Park lodging. If anyone else has done this I'm interested in what you determined. My Globe Trotter travel guide mentions "third party insurance is included in the price of fuel". I've not seen this anywhere else and wonder if this is true. The cost of insurance adds to the determination of what type of vehicle to rent.

Also does anyone know of lodging in or around Windhoek that provides transportation from WDH airport? After a very long flight and arriving at night we'd prefer not to get into a car and have to drive.

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Jan 2nd, 2011, 01:45 PM
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Well, 3rd party insurance is probably compulsory but I don;t think it will affect your calculations (as you'll pay it whatever option you choose).

You need to check out what cover is included and excluded in the rental.

Rental car insurance is quite high in Namibia, and there are a high proportion of one-car collisions, which can be interpreted as carelessness by the driver, even its because an animal wandered out in front of you.

So - you need to ask the rental companies what you'd be liable if the car is damaged, and whether total insurance is available.

Driving in Namibia is VERY easy. WDH is probably the easiest airport in the world to drive away from!

Ooops - just read you are arriving at night. Yes - avoid that. I'm sure many places will easily quote you for a transfer, but they will probably ask a local taxi firm to do the run.
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