Namibia & Congo


Jun 8th, 1997, 07:27 PM
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Namibia & Congo

What is Namibia like is it worth going to. Is Etosha Park nice and is it safe? I also want to visit the Skeleton Coast is it nice? And has anybody been to Ndoki Park in congo.
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Jul 19th, 1997, 12:53 AM
Luis Pires
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Namibia rates as one of the most interesting and unique destinations in Africa.
One would travel as safe as one does in Botswana or Zimbabwe.
Beware of the long distances though.
My personal highlights include the Skeleton Coast (all the way from Walvis Bay and Sandwich Harbour to Terrace or Mowe Bay), Sossusvlei, Swakopmund and Etosha.
If you are hiring a vehicle - a 4x4 is not a must, but I would go for one if travelling alone.
Accomodation at Sossusvlei is a bit more expensive, usually at one of the many game farms.
Municipal bungalows in Walvis Bay are excelent and if you prefer Swakopmund, most hotels and B&B's have a definitive German feel and standard.
Acoomodation at Terrace Bay is arranged through the Department of Tourism. Basic bungalows, reasonable food and very cheap.
Etosha - all depends on the time of the year and which camps you want to visit. A good rainy season could mean that animals move away from the main watering holes and therefore are more difficult to spot. Otherwise you will see lots of game all in execllent condition. The only cloud in the horizon for Etosha is animal overcrowing and the pressure on the environment.
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Jul 21st, 1997, 07:03 AM
Carl Taljaard
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I have just returned from a two week holiday in Namibia and would highly recommend it as a destination. Although there are numerous tours, the best way to see the country is in your own vehicle. Most of the roads are in good condition and unless you plan going into the very remote sites, a 4 wheel drive is not required.
Etosha is a must! The best time to go is during the dry season (April - September) as the Etosha pan floods during the rains and the animals are widely dispersed and difficult to spot. The two best camps to stay in are Namintoni and Okokojou. These are popular destinations and advance booking is a must.
Swakopmund, on the coast, is a worthwhile destination for a few days as is Luderitz. I can highly recommend the new Zum Spiergebiet hotel in Luderitz. A trip into the Namib/Nauklift desert is well worthwhile.
Namibia is not a beautiful country in the European style but has very dramatic desert scenery.
There are no problems regarding personal safety. The most dangerous aspect os the vast driving distances between towns
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Sep 11th, 2010, 07:14 AM
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Namibia is a great country with diverse scenery and makes a good choice if you want an African trip that isn't just a safari. Etosha is safe and although not necessarily the top destination for a safari it is still good. The roads are good and you can easily self drive if you want.
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