Nakhil Inn - Nuweiba - South Sinai


Sep 2nd, 2012, 06:09 AM
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Nakhil Inn - Nuweiba - South Sinai

I am posting this review of Nakhil Inn because I remember how long it took me to decide upon a suitable place to relax by the sea, far away from the cares and worries of normal life, a place to remember who you really are. This place did just that for me and my family. I hope it does the same for you.

We arrived at Nakhil Inn after an intensive tour of Cairo and Luxor in daunting temperatures, looking for some beach bliss. For the most part, this is what we experienced. The view across the Gulf of Arabia to Saudi Arabia is something I shall treasure forever. The accommodation and landscaping of the beach area creates a serene ambience with some sensitive nods to the surrounding Bedouin culture. This is in sharp contrast to the adjacent coastline, which bears the scars from several years of tourism in decline. We did manage a pleasant walk along the sandbanks at low tide to the public beach but tended to look out to the Gulf of Arabia rather than at the dilapidated shore line, which is littered with the rubbish from passing ships. The Hemaya Association is organising a programme of recycling in the Nuweiba area to try and tackle the problem and I really hope that they succeed because it is a potentially beautiful stretch of coast. None of this litter is apparent at Nakhil Inn however, which is spotless and maintained everyday.

Samer and Elena take a genuine interest in your welfare and they are excellent at letting you settle into the place and getting to know you gradually. By the end of our stay we enjoyed some really enjoyable conversations on the beach at night and Elena made us an impossibly beautiful cake for our Wedding Anniversary.

We stayed in one of the attractive chalets with our 14 year old 6 foot tall son and quickly realised that it would be a little too cosy for 6 days. The room rates were reasonable enough that we paid for the chalet next door to us and Sam loved having a teenage cave to himself. If you think of the chalets as upmarket beach huts then you know what to expect. We really liked them and found them the perfect accommodation for beach life.

Samer and Elena must have been fish in their former lives, such is their love for the sea and the life above and beneath it and you soon share their enthusiasm. The snorkeling expedition they took us on over the coral garden will live long in the memory, along with the rare experience of witnessing two Lion fish fighting on the surface.

Breakfast caters for all tastes and we always found something to munch. Mezze tended to be the order of the day for our lunch and the shish kebabs and catch of the day were our favourite meals in the evening. Fussy eaters are accommodated with pizza and pasta and good old chips. Generally we found the food better in Cairo and Luxor, mainly because we missed the plentiful fruit and vegetables of the Nile Valley, but eating your dinner on the beach is a real treat for anyone who has to put up with British summer temperatures!

Should you wish to drag yourself away from the beach, I can recommend the walk up Mount Sinai at night to catch the sunrise. The litter and behaviour of the more ignorant tourists out there will make you wince but the views are unforgettable. We also enjoyed an outing to the White Canyon, which involves a bit of clambering but is well worth it. You even reach a mirage free oasis at the end of it, where you will be served the sweetest tea ever. As for the jeep ride back...not to be missed.

If like us, you lead stressful lives for most of the year, Nakhil Inn is the perfect antidote.
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