Nairobi Kenya and Hoima Uganda

Dec 23rd, 1997, 04:39 PM
Robert D. Helferty MD
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Nairobi Kenya and Hoima Uganda

First time visit to above. Interested in info. on good native places or exciting places to stay. What's best transportation between Kenya and Uganda?
Planning trip next Fall. Any health problems or crime problems? Any info. on good guide sources?Many thanks for any info.
Jan 23rd, 1998, 04:58 PM
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Ihave been to east africa twice. I like the Fairview hotel in Nairobi because it gets an
interesting gathering of guests who work in Africa
e.g.missionary types,government workers of all sorts etc.It is less expensive then the norfolk which
caters to american tourists.
Jan 25th, 1998, 09:28 PM
Judy Huck
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We are planning a trip to Kenya, Tanzania or Botswana in 1999. We want to primarily visit wilderness areas and observe wildlife. Any tips, tour suggestions, recommendations for safety and good values are welcome.
Jun 13th, 1998, 04:25 PM
Rich Castle
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I was born in Lusaka, Zambia and lived and went to school in Kenya. I lived in both Mombasa and Nairobi and travelled extensively throughout the country. There are many wonderful places to go but the top 3 for me were: the coast - beaches like you see in a travel agents windows. Amboseli game lodge - great safari. The lakes - Nakuru and Naivasha.
When you're over there, don't flaunt what wealth you have - where no-one deserves to be murdered for having a 200 camera it sometimes does happen. Keep safe. Hope that's of help,
Jul 9th, 1998, 08:13 AM
Alex Cross
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I was born in Lusaka as well, but we left when I was very young so I don't remember much about it. I am starting to plan a trip for May/June 1999 back to Africa. I don't have many specifics yet. I want to see Lusaka, go on a safari, and anything else of interest, culture, or natural beauty. If you have any other advice, I would certainly welcome it.
Jul 13th, 1998, 11:42 AM
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i went on a safari in kenya in 1996 feb. it seemed like a good time to go weather was not book a safari from the US,we booked with the star travel agency it is near the stanley nirobi.they where very accommodating and professional. it cost $300.00 USfor 3 nite 4 days and included everything(per person) did't have a care in the world,the best trip i ever took i want to go back to see membosa on the coast i hear it is absolutly beautiful with an arab influence. we where told not even to think about going out in Nirobi at nite so we didn't.have fun
Jul 14th, 1998, 03:51 PM
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we booked thru Lets Go Travel(ask for Vincent) in downtown Nairobi.He saved us lots of $$$ compared to making travel arrangements in the USA.
Jul 16th, 1998, 07:08 AM
Sachin Sapte
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I am a student in the States. I am extremely interested in going for a safari in africa. I was glad to pick up a few pointers on this forum. It would be good if someone could advise me on the following points:
1> What is the best time to go.
2> Which is the best place to go.
3> Since I am a student I dont have a lot of big bucks to spend. What would be an economical way to go about this.
Jul 16th, 1998, 01:02 PM
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I have some quick advice. Go in August, its the Wildebeast migration time. Brings out all the other animals, esp the predators. but the Wildebeast are great themselves.

Start with Kenya or Tanzania. Go to Ngoro Goro (spelling?) crater--its full of great animals to see. Or Masai Mara Park in Kenya. Be sure and travel with a friend. Do not go to Africa alone.

Be very careful in Nairobi, or while on travel anywhere I suppose. Stay out of Uhuru park even in the mid-day. I had a friend who ignored that advice and he was jumped by 11 guys who took all he had--clothes, shirt, undershirt, socks, shoes, belt, wedding ring and of course all money and papers. He walked back to his hotel through downtown Nairobi with only his underpants to call his own.

but do go--Africa is magical and terrific and full of wonderful people too.

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