My 92 year old Momma going to Israel my herself


Mar 19th, 1999, 01:28 AM
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My 92 year old Momma going to Israel my herself

My Momma is 92 and alone since Dad died a few years ago. She lives near Canada on the west coast. She just hates flying and airplanes. She is very strong,feisty and healthy though and has this idea that she wants to fly alone to Tel Aviv to see distant relatives who won't come to the USA. She wants me to drive her to Seattle and she will fly alone back and forth to Tel Aviv. Are there direct flights from Seattle to Tel Aviv? How long does it take to fly this route? Would she have to change planes anywhere? She doesn't walk too good.
She only wants to fly El Al too so that limits things.
I wish I could talk her out of it but she has always done exactly what she wants her whole life so it seems like she will be going this spring. Any info anyone can tell me on flights and how to cope with this long flight would help as there is no way I can get away from work and family for the month she insists on going for to go with her (plus it would drive me insane..she is a very, very demanding negative person).
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Mar 20th, 1999, 03:29 AM
Posts: n/a this is route map of el al. they have a flight from los angeles which will be around 17 hours. from new york about 10-11. in any case, ask the travel agent about the special services for elderly or handicaped people. it used to be called "shalom service" it will at least make all the boarding and landing arrangement much easier.
she sounds terrific to plane it at her age. really wish her luck.
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