Must See Sights??


Jul 28th, 2002, 03:38 PM
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Must See Sights??

I'm going to be in Cairo on business in late September. I have the opportunity to extend my trip by 3 - 4 days for sightseeing. Since my time will be limited, can anyone who's been there give me a couple of suggestions on places, things, etc that are "must see"?

Thanks in advence for any ideas.
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Jul 29th, 2002, 01:41 AM
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First decide if you will stay in Cairo or do some longer side trip (like Luxor, Aswan). These would involve flight on EgyptAir, which we found better than we imagined.

In Cairo, Cairo Museum (at least 1/2 day), Giza Pyramids (about 20 minutes outside Cairo), Coptic area, the big mosque on the hill whose name I can not remember at 5:30 AM but has been site of anti-Us demonstrations lately so be careful, nd some time absorbing the flavor of the city (which was quite over-whelming and one of the most crowded and noisiest places I have ever seen). If you ask for directions, be prepared to end up in their "uncle's perfume shop" or some such place instead of where you intended.

We went on a package 10 day tour, so did only a little self-navigation. I would have found more time on our own a mixed blessing - more time where we wanted, but navigating Cairo seemed a little daunting. You might ask your business associates, assuming they are from Cairo, for a recommendation for driver/guide for a day or 2.
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Jul 31st, 2002, 12:17 AM
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Another interesting place to visit in Cairo is Khan-el-Khalili, the big bazaar/souk area where you can find everything, local goods and souvenirs.
Also, there is a free show of whirling dervishes (amazing) two times per week (address can be found in some guidebooks).
Then, 20-30 kms south of Cairo is Saqqarah. There, are the most ancient pyramids (step pyramid, the bent pyramid, ...) and it it less crowded than Giza. And on the journey to Saqqarah, you get a glimpse of rural life along the Nile.
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Sep 27th, 2002, 08:12 AM
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My list would be :

1. Giza plains for the Pyramids - prolly half day or so..
2. The muesuem - this will take u an entire day
3. Khan el kalili - prolly half a day

day trip to saqara is doable too...Or you might want to take a 2 hr bus ride to alexandra, and *try* to imagine how this was once the great city of learning..and visit the catacombs at the same time... this sould be a day trip.

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