Museum photo fee

Old May 29th, 2000, 01:02 PM
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Museum photo fee

Have heard extra fee charged to even carry camera into some museums, temples, etc. Can anyone clarify and give estimates? Thanks!
Old May 29th, 2000, 01:34 PM
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Yes, we paid about $.25 - $1.00 (American dollars) at some museums and temples for a still camera. It seems for the two weeks we were there, we spent about a total $5.00 to carry our camera in to places. Didn't seem like enough to worry about to us. <BR> <BR>We didn't carry a video camera, but the charges to take those in were $2.00 - $10.00, per place. Eeeekkkk! <BR> <BR> <BR>
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Thank you folks again. Price for carrying a still camera is still a great bargain. Much less than I thought.
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For my trip in 1998, carrying a camera had no charge; perhaps because I had it in my bag ??? . Using it is another matter;to use still camera cost 10 Egyptian pounds (which was more than the admission fee at some museums) and use of video camera cost 100 egyptian pounds. There was no charge to take pictures in churches and temples where picture taking is allowed. <BR>Inside the Cheops pyramid where we were told picture taking is not allowed, the guard even encouraged us to have him take our picture in exchange for a few baksheesh.
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Hi, <BR> <BR>We just returned from Egypt last night. During the past 11 days there we visited sites and museums between Cairo <BR>and Luxor. About a third of the sites were free for a still camera, while others charged 5 Egyptian pounds ($1.47). Most tombs and some museums allow no photography or, if so, will not allow flash photos. Good idea to bring 2 still cameras with different speed films. Video cam are many times not allowed, and you have to check them in. Fees when you can use them ranged from $10-$50. Also regarding videos make sure if you buy them that they are marked for America, otherwise the tape will not work on US VCRs. Film is expensive there and speed sizes are not always available, so bring plenty especially 400. <BR>

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