Mostly South Africa (& Beyond)


Jul 21st, 2004, 05:49 AM
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Mostly South Africa (& Beyond)

The Forum is Great Early Morning reading, But... There's always a But...
It has answered many questions (some I didn't know I had), But... it has also raised more.
-I am making all of our travel arrangements.
-We are from the USA - the place with the diving dollar)
-My husband and I are off on a 2 month adventure which will begin with some time in Thailand and then on to a 30 day cruise. We will leave the Royal Princess on Dec. 17th for a too brief stay in Cape Town. (I had hoped for 5ish days in and around Cape Town, but I wanted to go on the Rovos Rail and it leaves on December 20th - thus we have to do CT in only 3.) SUGGESTIONS?

We arrive in Pretoria around Noon on Dec. 22nd and from everything I've been able to gather, we will probably have to stay overnight before taking off for the Kruger area. If we do, it sounds like a stay in Pretoria would be preferable than 1 in Joburg. AM I CORRECT? SUGGESTIONS?

And then off to the Kruger area. But, WHERE? The ongoing problem of "Champagne Taste" and only a moderate wine budget (Not much for Beer except on special occassions when it's really Good and Cold.)

We want to do 2 camps - 2 nights each. I would like to go to 2 totally differnt areas. I have researched Singita, Londolozi and looked at many of the others and am thoroughly confused. Also a bit frustrated at some of the "outrageous" prices. (I know that part of this is due to the exchange rate of the dollar, But.. oh my)

History: In 2001, we went on a 2 fabulous safaris - 3 weeks. One - Private - to Tanzania and one w/another family (we had our own vehicle) in Kenya. FABULOUS! Thank you A&K. I will be happy to share any information with anyone heading that direction. Since then, I have had my heart set on South Africa and the Botswana area.
I insert this info because we were very fortunate everywhere we went we had good sitings and I want to TRY to see landscape and animals that we didn't see there or didn't see many of: Leopards, Cheetahs, Wild Dogs, Rhinos, White Lions -

I would like to go to Very Nice Lodges/Camps which are perhaps not as well known as the Singita, etc.., but still have quality guides, are unique and have good food - & don't forget the moon. (I know, I'm not asking for much) I'd like to work in some Night Drives.

I'm aware of some of our problems:
- Transport from one to another
- Time & Money, of course
- Christmas Time

I somehow found Zuma Zuma which seems pretty nice at reasonable rates. Haven't found many reviews on Zuma Zuma - Nor can I pinpoint its location on any of the maps.
Does anyone know anything about it?

I understand that Gomo Gomo has White Lions, but know nothing about it beyond that.

Read that Twasulu has Race King Cheetahs and Black Rhino, but don't know if it's too far to go to just for that one place.

Does anyone know anything about the Outpost nr Mozambique? Again, it maybe too far to get there and back to somewhere else.

Understand that Etali Lodge, Madwike is a well kept secret. Any personal knowledge or good hearsay about it?

Simbambili (Thornybush) has come up as good for Leopards and Cheetahs. What do you think?

Researched Djuma Vuyela, but it looks a little "flamboyant/loud".

Others that I'm looking at/considing are:
Lion Sands River Lodge (Slvanga)?
Mala Mala-Harry's
Ulusaba Rock Lodge?
Elephant Plains?
Leopard Hills?
Ngala (probably too well known & too $$$)
Phinda (Heard Good things, but it may be too far)?
Some unknown Treasure ??????

Sorry, I've written a volume.

I will address Vic Falls, Botswana and Zambia or Zimbabwe seperately. From Kruger, I suppose I will have to go back to Joburg to go that direction.

In Advance, Thank you for any input.
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