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zxcvbnm Feb 14th, 2019 01:50 AM

Morocco- trip report from 5 years ago
I forgot to post a trip report of Morocco from years ago. I noticed I had saved the following in my email.

We flew to Casablanca on Royal Air Maroc--the only airline I know that doesn't have soap?! on their planes. We got to Casablanca went out to eat and passed by the royal palace. We only had a few hours before our train ride to Marrakesh- it took about 3 hours total. The bathroom on the train is literally a hole in the floor onto the track below.

We stayed in a riad (riad d'arain) which I would not recommend, because the neighborhood wasn't the best and they overcharged us according to what others told us later.

We took a tour with click excursions to Ozoud Waterfalls- where a guide took us for a hike near the falls- it was beautiful! You need sneakers for this hike. Near the water, we saw some really cute monkeys, but don't approach too closely- someone in our tour group got bitten. He pulled on her tank top and then bit her back.

We walked around Marrakesh the next few days through the souk market, the garden-- I think it was the Majorelle Garden- right in middle of the city, which was pretty, passed by the Bahia palace.

We went to Essaouira for one day. It was cloudy at first but it then brightened up. We walked by the beach, through the little town. It wasn't a typical beach-water w. On the way we stopped by an Argan oil store and saw women grinding the nuts for the oil. on the way back we stopped by a mountain goat laden tree.

I don't remember that much more but I do remember that even little kids expected us to give them money for nothing. For example, we were looking for our accomodation and we're heading for the door and this little boy stops in front with his hand waiting for us to give him money, or a kid shooed away a cat (we didn't ask or want it) and he wanted us to pay him for that "service." It's sad.

Overall we had a nice time. definitely a unique trip.

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