Morocco/Spain Itinerary help please


Mar 22nd, 2012, 10:56 PM
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Morocco/Spain Itinerary help please


This is trip is planned in late June/July. I hear the heat is almost unbearable.. is it too risky to go? Can you please review this drafted itinerary? Thank you,

6/28: Seville
6/29: Seville
6/30 Seville(Day trips somewhere.... Granada/Alahambra? )
7/1 Seville
7/2: Ronda
7/3: Ronda (white hill towns)
7/4: Ronda
7/5: transportation to Fez... whats the best way of gettting there?
7/6: Fez
7/7: Fez
7/8: Fez
7/9 Bus to Chefchoacan
7/10 Chefchoacan
7/11 Chefchoacan
7/12 transportation/flight to santiago de compostella... how/where? HELP! Thanks!
7/13 santiago de compostella
7/14 camino de santiago ---> basque region
7/15 basque region
7/16 basque region
7/17 barcelona
7/18 barcelona
7/19 barcelona
7/20 fly home from barcelona at 10:45

I know I won't be able to see a variety of sights within Spain or Morocco... but just wanted a taste of the most interesting places in each country. Any must sees or recommendations welcome. How much of a must see is Madrid? I am going to Barcelona and much more a small town person...

thank you in advance.

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Mar 23rd, 2012, 01:28 AM
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Posts: 12,269 best way to do this but it will be blistering hot in summer winter always best. BEWARE all the Maroc agnets touts scammers spammers in clever disguises here check profiles carefully.Personally would skip it in summer head to Barcelona Costa Brava perhaps
instead. Carcassonne is beautiful and lots cooler one of my personal favs.

Happy Travels
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Mar 23rd, 2012, 08:09 AM
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Even southern Spain will be miserably hot in the summer. Plus, it's almost a crime to go to southern Spain without visiting the Alhambra, and it's not a day trip from Seville.

It sounds like you haven't done a lot of research - you need to spend some time with some good guidebooks - Lonely Planet is usually good on logistics.

If it were me, and I had signed up to go to Spain in the summer, I'd aim to spend a fair amount of time in the north - there are some good looking mountains back of the north coast, plus the Pyrenees on the French border. Check out the Basque culture and save Morocco for a trip when you can see more of it.

Note that you will not find direct transport from Ronda to anywhere in Morocco, or from Chefchaouen to anywhere in Spain. You will need to travel to one of the ferry ports, or to an international airport.
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Mar 25th, 2012, 04:51 PM
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I totaly agree with Thursday and Qwovadis, well said.
i'd say the same too.
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