Morocco or Jordan


Aug 28th, 2012, 08:19 AM
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Morocco or Jordan

I'm a sophomore college student trying to figure out where to best study abroad to gain fluency in Arabic. My school has two options for Arabic-speaking countries - Morocco and Jordan. Anyone have any feedback about these locations or good programs to study with?
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Aug 29th, 2012, 12:46 PM
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I believe that the Arabic spoken in Morocco is Moroccan Arabic which is different from that spoken in Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries. You should check this out to be sure, but if looking for more standard Arabic I would go with Jordan.
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Sep 2nd, 2012, 06:53 AM
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Your school, has given you the 2 Options to learn the Arabic are the best options to learn the basic arabic.
Moroccan Dialect " Spoken Language"; is correct, Basic and easier Lang for Beginners.
Use this website For Moroccan Arabic Language:
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