Morocco - only 3 1/2 days - doable?


Jan 3rd, 2006, 01:39 PM
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Morocco - only 3 1/2 days - doable?

Hi all - I have to be in Madrid on a Friday evening by 7pm for a business function. Have been to Spain many times and don't feel the need to be exploring around on this trip.

However, Morocco has always been of interest to me and I thought maybe I could spend a few days and get a taste of the country. Before you all start yelling - I know I can't do a city, let alone a country, justice in only a few days. But better than being at work is to travel and it will just give me more of an excuse to go back another time. Here is what I was wondering/hoping.

I can get a flight that lands in Casablanca and leaves out of Madrid for only $50 more than Madrid round trip. If I land in Casablanca at 11:30am on a Tuesday, what (and how) can I accomplish that will get me to Madrid by 7pm Friday night?

Maybe tour Casablanca Tuesday and spend the night. Crack of dawn get up and get to Marrakesch (How and how long will it take?) Spend Wednesday and half of Thursday there and the rest of Thursday getting to ??? Fez? somehwere else? Then figure out a way to
get to Madrid on Friday.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Remember - it's not the ideal amount of time anywhere, (years ago I spent 4 hours in Paris and it was enough to make me realize I had to go back [which of course I did] and if I died the next day at least I was there once!) I would love transportation suggestions as well - car, bus, plane, train - whatever. Not afriad of doing whatever is necessary to get the trip done at whatever hour of the day.

Thanks for your help and open mind!
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Jan 20th, 2006, 06:18 AM
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Hello there. My sister and I just did a similar trip from spain. We only had 3 full days (1 for travel), but were dying to get a preview of morocco. Because of the limited time, we could only visit Fez (which was amazing), Meknes (on the way to Fez), and a few Atlas mountain villages. The reason we were able to squeeze so much in is because we hired a personal driver/guide who was excellent. He picked us up at the ferry in tangier, and then we drove to Fez (about 4 hours), stopping meknes on the way, then we spent one full day exploring fez and one full day in the mountains. I can't stress enough the convenience of a guide, especially on such limited time, and especially because the cities closer tangier aren't of as much interest as those further away (like fez or marrakech). The guide we hired is named Hamid Dandane (i found him on fodors), and his email is [email protected] if you want to contact him. I can't recommend him more highly. feel fell to email me with more question about him: [email protected]. Good luck
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