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mister_e Mar 21st, 2017 04:33 PM

Morocco first timer around 8 days
Hi folks,

Eight days in Morocco .
Welcome an itinerary advice. I have an interest in photography.

Chefchaouen (Volubilis on the way?)
Overnight Sahara trip Merzouga (after crossing the Atlas Mountains, desert camping in Sahara)
Zig valley and Todra Gorge
Aït Ben Haddou (via Ouarzazate)

How would you suggest I cover this and any other suggestions?

All of this possibleif solo ? Or go with a tour group.Can do round trip from Marrakech or fly to Fez and fly out Fez or other way round.

Planning the trip for mid April and you are my consideration for sound advice.

Advice also if I should do this solo or by tour package.
Maybe cant fit in Rabat or Casablanca so left out.

Any other suggestions warmly welcomed.

MmePerdu Mar 21st, 2017 05:06 PM

If you plan 2 nights (1 full day plus a travel day) in each location (Fes, Chefchaouen, desert), and 1 night between Merzouga & Marrakech, 1 night between Chefchaouen & Merzouga with all day drive-bys on those 2 days, that's 8 nights. For this sort of trip, lots of stops, covering a great deal of ground and few days, a tour would likely be best.

If you don't want to rush, decide which of the places, activities interest you most and cut back so it's practical to go on your own with, to my way of thinking, a more enjoyable pace. In a country like Morocco, an excellent place for a relaxing time, it makes no sense to me to have to keep moving. Not a criticism but a mystery to me. Do consider fewer stops or more days.

wheelsofmorocco Apr 3rd, 2017 10:38 PM

You can go for as many days you want. It does not matters. You can go for 5 t0 15 days depends upon your budget but i think you should go with whole team. if you do not have friends with you. You can join any tour guide. When you go with teams your journey will turn to unforgettable journey.

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