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MOre info about the flooding and its effect in Botswana (courtesy of Linyati Explorations)

MOre info about the flooding and its effect in Botswana (courtesy of Linyati Explorations)

Apr 9th, 2004, 04:02 AM
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MOre info about the flooding and its effect in Botswana (courtesy of Linyati Explorations)

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Apr 9th, 2004, 04:23 AM
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Thanks Rocco-
That is one of the camps where I'll be soon. I didn't think the flood would get to Linyanti until later, or so I had read. Wow! By all reports this is HUGE! I had read about the longer grasses last month and thought they might be fading as summer ends, but perhaps not. I still get to see even this area in flood and that is great. Liz
Apr 9th, 2004, 05:29 AM
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You must be getting so excited at your upcoming trip!

I just went to the Ker & Downey website to revisit your itinerary and it does look fantastic. I can hardly believe the deal that you got through Luxury Link and I am sad to see that it is no longer being offered. Perhaps they will bring it up again at a later date.

Do you have any idea if you could have extended the trip or was it set in stone? I would love to do your itinerary and then throw in a few more nights elsewhere, that is if I could get it on luxury link with the airfare included.

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Apr 9th, 2004, 05:39 AM
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I thought you may enjoy this thread from Linyati's bulletin board about one of the guides favorite moments at Selinda. I may as well copy and paste the whole report for everybody to enjoy here, rather than just a link. Some amazing (and quite funny) things happening in the Selinda area. Can you even imagine a pack of DOGS chasing a hippo?!

Anyway, here it is...

Posted: Thu Oct 16, 2003 11:46 am Post subject: My highlights this year - from Lemmo


Just thought I might mention a few of the more unusual things I have seen
during my time in the Selinda concession this year:

- one evening: a Giant Eagle Owl on a tree branch devouring a snake which looked to be about three feet long. The owl was putting in the victim like a long single strand of spaghetti, until there were only a couple of inches left protruding. Whereupon the owl then put a claw up and grabbed those last couple of inches - and proceeded to pull the entire snake all the way out again! It then proceeded to go though the entire ingestion process once more, this time appearing to be more satisfied with the end result.
- a late-afternoon brawl between a leopard and a honey badger, the latter
being in the course of trying to eat a leopard tortoise, and the former
clearly believing that she should be eating the tortoise. A stunning
exhibition of spitting and hissing by both major protagonists (whilst the
leopard tortoise said nothing). This was amazing in itself, but made more so by the fact that that morning we had seen the same leopard over half a
kilometre away having a growling and hissing session with another - or
perhaps the same - honey badger.

- Cape Hunting Dogs chasing an adult hippo, and on another occasion a fully grown elephant, apparently just for the heck of it. (If so, they achieved the desired effect, with both animals becoming thoroughly annoyed.) And on another occasion seeing a herd of grown zebras forming a protective circle around a young zebra to protect the youngster from the dogs who, in this case, were deadly serious.

- seeing the interaction after the same dog pack treed a leopard right above their den

- one morning, seeing some of the same dog pack surround one the three male cheetahs who are so frequently seen in the area. Thankfully they did not press an attack.

PL Melbourne
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Apr 9th, 2004, 11:38 AM
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Rocco- A HUGE thanks for the sharing of this information. I am sooooo excited.
I am sure we could have changed or added to our itinerary, but we are very limited on time for this year as our house sold unexpectedly quickly and in the trips to Utah to pick out the new house features, we just can barely pull this off. Definately wouldn't have taken it had it been longer.
I was very impressed that K&D didn't try to sell us anything. They just took it like it was, billed us $223 for international airfare taxes as we expected, and sent us the tickets. Very nice to work with. I had contacted the President, I think he is anyway, of K&D when I first got the word, since he was the contact. Anyway he was so thrilled when I told him we had used them before and really loved their camps and he said he was so glad we got the trip. I really wanted to see if they would try to add on. In a way I am sorry we didn't have the time to go on to Tongabezi, but it will have to wait until next year.
When I first contacted them after the auction, I told them that we might have them drop us at J'burg and have our flight a few days later. No problem. We didn't do it though. On our last trip we stayed at Pom Pom which is now Wilderness Safaris since they got the lease when it came up. So these camps go back and forth it seems and the camp looks just the same on the internet as when we were there and it was K&D then.
The more I hear about Selinda, the more excited I get. I don't know how that one got in the mix because it isn't theirs, but I'm sure glad it did.
I noticed after we got the auction, this same package was up the next week too. It definately is a 'Green Season' special, but also even less than the other green season specials they offer.
5 more days to go................. Liz

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