Millenium tickets in Cairo


Sep 5th, 1999, 05:24 PM
Bill Rogoza
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Millenium tickets in Cairo

Is anybody else going to the pyramids and the Jean-Michel Jarre concert. We are looking for info on tickets and any info on hotels - we are booked at the Sheraton downtown and are wondering about the quality.
Also any info on Alexandria we are booked at the Delta hotel
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Sep 9th, 1999, 09:12 AM
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I've stayed at the Sheraton downtown. Quality is the same as other Sheratons I've stayed in in different parts of the world. My only complaint with this one in downtown Cairo is the house phones. They are everywhere, in the lobbies, and make them convenient for anyone to call any room. The phone would ring even in the middle of the night. WHen my husband answered, the caller hanged up; when I answered, the caller was very explicit about his sexual intentions. When we complained to the staff, the only thing they could do was to block all incoming calls. On days we were expecting calls, we could not block incoming calls, and sure enough those unwanted calls resumed. In some travel guide, I read that Egyptian men think that American/western women are easy picking.
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Sep 15th, 1999, 12:24 PM
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You see one Sheraton you see them all. I ran into the same type of problem staying at the Marriott - apparently the staff feels free to dial any room and make lewd remarks regardless of hotel security.

Alex is about 180 miles N of Cairo and takes 3-4 hours by the desert road. There are some awful accidents on this road even though it is as straight as an arrow so I ould be cautious if I were driving myself. It is safer and really not that expensive to hire a driver who is used to the nuances of Egyptian driving etiquette. Haggle aggressively.

ALex is more European than Cairo being right on the water. There are few mediocre Pharoanic sites; most of the ruins are of the Greco-Roman period. They are doing great work exploring the harbor for Cleo's temple and some of the artifacts are in the Alex Museum which is small and quaint.
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