Mid-price safaris??


Apr 10th, 1998, 07:18 AM
Sandy Behrens
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Mid-price safaris??

I'm looking for a mid-price safari to East Africa, something in the $3,000 price range (for 10-14 days) including air from DFW. Everything I've found is either deluxe, luxury or barebones backpacking. My husband and I are very content to stay in smaller, 2 and 3 star hotels. Can anyone out there recommend a good, reliable company that's affordable?

Thanking you in advance, Sandy.
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May 6th, 1998, 06:27 AM
Billy Goad
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Try United Touring Company (UTc).
Bala Cynwyd, PA
At http://tfsrvr.travelfile.com/get/utintl.html
You can order a brochure on the net.
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May 25th, 1998, 08:07 AM
C Poteet
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Sandy -

May I suggest you think in terms of a tented safari?
I think you will find that "two and three star" hotels in the safari country of East Africa are hard to come by. A well-run tented safari can be very comfortable and there's nothing like hearing the lions roar at night! You know you're not in Denton!

Our experience 10 years ago with a tented safari in Tanzania was extraordinarily fine. The tenting/cooking/driving/guiding and all daily details were included. We would stay in one location two/four days, then our guide would drive us across country (rough, rough, rough) to the next camp and there, by magic, would be our tents all set up, the tea/coffee pot on and our smiling regular staff waiting.

We used Sengo Safaris out of Arusha. I am not sure they are still in business. My main message is beware of hotels being above bare minimum on safari (beds are terrible, water doesn't run, toliets don't flush, but instead go for a hosted tenting safari.

Check your details carefully. For instance, what types of vehicles are used (you want an open top with a viewing area for each passenger), how many people to a vehicle, exactly what tenting service are included (i.e., perhaps ,you don't want to be in charge of putting up/taking down/loading your own tent), etc. One of the key things to be aware of when you are on safari on Africa, you are there and your U.S.-based tour operator is 5,000 miles away...don't depend on picking up the phone to solve problems!

Hope this helps. And by all means, do go, and we recommend Tanzania over Kenya. Dramatically fewer tourists, spectacular country, friendly people, very undeveloped...very African.

C Poteet/Dallas

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