Marrakesh area


Sep 17th, 1998, 06:54 AM
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Marrakesh area

We are going to Marrakesh next march and wonder what things are good to do in the general vicinity. I know what I want to do/see in the city, but what about within a couple of hours.
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Sep 29th, 1998, 07:20 AM
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I was in Marrakesh last December and it was great! The hotel was the best part, called Les Deux Tours, in the wealthy Palmerie area of the city. You should just go see the place even if you can't stay there. Say hi to Remi, the manager, for me if you go. Definitely take a trip up into the moutains to a Berber market and have tea in one of the tents, though French will be of little use to you here. The Moroccans that I know say the coast is worth visiting, though we did not make it. In the central square, try the fish and chips at stall number 21. It's fresh and absolutely delicious. The general rule is to stay away from the stall that sell lots of things: they turn-over is too low to assure freshness. The soup is excellent, and the bread sold by the old ladies on the ground is absolutely magnificent. The one luxury meal that we had was at the famous (can't remember the name right now) restaurant where there's excellent food and entertainment, and the view from the roof has to be seen to be believed. I'm not really answering your question, but we found so much to do in Marrakesh itself during the week that we had little time to leave town.

We did go out to la Roserie which is the well-known luxury hotel frequented by wealthy foreign tourists. It is beautiful, and the lunch was good, but the really nice things was the walk in the country that we were able to talk -- up through olive groves and hills. I'd recommend this excursion, and it can be combined with a trip to one of the Berber markets. If you have contacts with a good local travel agent, they can arrange all sorts of excursions for a modest cost. The UK travel agent that we used was Best of Morocco, and they have a Marrakesh office. Have a great time, and remember to try stall 21. Not even my tender-stomached husband suffered any ill effects.
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