March Weather


Sep 1st, 1998, 07:35 AM
jerald griliches
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March Weather

My wife and I are thinking of going to Israel
in March-99. Can anyone tell me just what type of weather we can expect at that time or year.
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Sep 1st, 1998, 12:40 PM
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March weather in Israel is not very predictable (I've been living there for the first 40 years of my life...). Also, it depends where you go in Israel. As much as it's a small country, it's very diverse in topography and tempertures. It may get as hot as 95F in places like the Dead Sea (a MUST to any tourist) or Eilat which is on thr Red Sea in the south. It may still be wintery, which means as low as 32F, in the mountains (Jerusalem, Galilee). Most likely you should enjoy a very moderate climate. Just bring very few extras in clothing in case weather gets crazy, which happens a lot lately (El Nino, you know...). Have a great time! I'm going there too, at the end of March. Amik.
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