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Madagascar Oct 21 to nov 3 Single traveller looking to share costs


Aug 22nd, 2012, 04:30 AM
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Madagascar Oct 21 to nov 3 Single traveller looking to share costs


I have already booked my flights and was planning to go to Madagascar with a group of birders. However, the plans have gone rather pear-shaped and I'm now looking to organise a separate itinery for myself. At the moment my plan is to hire a guide/driver and use local guides in the parks. For the two week trip I'm looking at:

21st / 10 Day 1: Antananarivo
•Meet and greet at Antananarivo airport then drive directly to Andasibe National Park. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel and then have nocturnal visit for the tiniest lemurs named “microcebus”.
Diner and overnight at hotel

22nd -24th /10 Days 2 - 4: Mantadia National Park & Analamazaotra
A real 1st day to spot birds at the park and please note that Mantadia National Park is the real home for ground-roller in Madagascar.
•We might see Rufous-headed, Scaly Ground-Rollers and Short-legged and discover in the same time the Blue Pigeon, Henst’s Goshawk, Cryptic Warbler, Madagascar Starling, Lesser Vasa Parrots and Scaly Ground Roller. We try our best to spot the White-throated Oxylabes, Ward’s Flycatcher, broad billed Rollers, the Madagascar Grebe, White-headed Vanga, Spine-tailed Swift and Blue Pigeons.

We will discover other species for sure but during the walk, we discover in the same time Mantadia fauna and flora and we will discover the biggest lemurs alive which is the indri indri, we may see as well the Aye Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), the Calumma parsonii uroplatus is the biggest chameleon of Madagascar, the Eulemur fulvus, Orchids, Madagascar endemic plants, among which certain species as Cymbidiella falcigera; grow all year long, blooms between October and February.
Diner and overnight at hotel.

25th /10 Day 5: Andasibe – Antananarivo – Antsirabe
After breakfast, depart for Antsirabe, pass through beautiful landscapes of rice fields that we will discover certainly Red Fody and Madagascar Wagtail.
Upon arrival, check in at your hotel and have lunch before touring the town by car and viewing the beautiful local handicrafts.
Diner and overnight at hotel.

26th /10 Day 6: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana
After breakfast, travel to Ambositra, the capital of Malagasy wood crafts, such as marquetry and sculptures made from precious woods like Rosewood. Have lunch before visiting more workshops, and then continue towards Ranomafana. Leave the highlands and enter the rainforest zone. Upon arrival, check in at your hotel and have a nocturnal walk before dinner

27th- 28th /10 Days 7 - 8: Ranomafana National Park
The second National Park which is the ambassadorial park as well as the coastal communities and ports of the South eastern shores of the island. We will discover and try to find the maximum of the thirty birds which are strictly forest species: Around Henst Accipiter henstii wich is the top one. We will discover in the same time Nelicourvi Weaver, Madagascar White-eye, Madagascar Green Sunbird, Madagascar Brush Warbler, Rand's Warbler, Green Jery, Madagascar Starling, Comet Moths, Blue Pigeons, Madagascar Sparrowhawk, and certainly, Ground Rollier the velvety philépitte & Madagascar Long-eared Owl.

We will discover other species for sure but during the walk, we discover in the same time Ranomafana fauna and flora, we may spot the Hapalemur aureus, the very rich Ibis of Madagascar and the Grand Hapalemur.
We find Apocynaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Rubiaceae there. The most common épiphytes is Asplenium nidus of the family of Aspleniaceae and orchids of the kinds Bulbophyllum, Angraecum, Aeranthes, Aerangis and Jumellea
Diner and overnight at hotel.

29th/10 Day 9: Ranomafana – Ambalavao – Ranohira
After breakfast, depart to join Ranohira (Isalo), leaving the rainy forest and enter to the dry area landscape via the colonial town of Ambalavao and see some beautiful colonial architecture and the famous Vineyard factory, Antemoro paper and silk factory.
Visit Anja reserve to see lemurs, orchids and traditional tombs, and then cross the high Plateau of Horombe, a landscape of open grassy plains will amaze you to.
Upon arrival in Ranohira, we will visit 1st the natural windows of Isalo to see the sun set and then transfer back to the village and then check in at your hotel .
Diner and overnight at hotel.

30th /10 Day 10: Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty
After breakfast, depart to reach Tuléar, we cross again the high plateau of Horombe and try to see across the harriers and other raptors as well as the odd partridge.
Stop at Zombitse National Park to discover its 47% of endemics birds includes: Giant Coua, Coquerel's Coua, Cuckoo Rollers, Madagascar Cuckoo Hawk, Long billed Greenbul, Red-tailed Vanga, Blue Vangas as well as Rufous Vanga, Appert's Greenbul, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Alpine, Black, Palm, Madagascar Spine tailed Swift, Coquerel's Coua, Rufous Vanga, Cuckoo Rollers. In the meantime, we discover the Oustaledt's Chameleon, White-footed Sportive Lemur, and Verreaux’s Sifakas.
After the visit, drive to Tuléar and then have lunch and some refreshing drink. Continuation to Ifaty and stopping en route to spot Madagascar Larks, Madagascar Cisticolas, Grey-headed Lovebirds, Black winged Stilts and the colorful three banded Plover, represented in Madagascar by the endemic subspecies (C.t.bifrontatus).
We spot some water birds near Vezo fishing includes Black-winged Stilt, Greater Sand Plover, White-fronted Plover, Sander ling and Grey Plover.
Upon arrival, check in at your hotel and then see the sunset with beers at the hotel
Diner and overnight at hotel.

31st/10 Day 11: Ifaty
Early morning in the spiny forest to seek the endemics in this area, we will spot Chabert's Vanga, the melodious Magpie Robins, Madagascar Turtle Doves, Crested Drongos, Souimanga Sunbirds, Common Newtonias, Common Jery's, Sub-desert Brush Warblers, Crested Coua, Archbold's Newtonia, Hookbilled Vangas, Sub-desert Mesite, Green-capped Coua, Madagascar Harrier Hawk, Madagascar Buzzards, Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher, Lafresnaye's Vanga, Long-tailed Ground Roller, Running Coua, Thamnornis Warbler…and other species.
During the visit, we will discover as well the dry forest and the kind of baobabs present in this area.
Diner and overnight at hotel.

01st/11 Day 12: Ifaty – Tuléar -Anakao
After early breakfast, we drive back to Toliara then embark to Anakao which is situated 01 hour from Toliara.
Diner and overnight at hotel.

02nd /11 Day 13: Nosy Ve
We have appointment of the Red-billed Tropicbird breeding colony, Sooty Gull among the large of Common, Lesser-Crested and Swift Terns, Red-tailed Tropicbirds, Crab Plovers, Crested Tern, Lesser Crested Terns, Roseate Tern, Sooty Gull, Littoral Rock Thrush and other species that you may see.
You can do snorkeling as well.
Diner and overnight at hotel.

03rd/11 Day 14: Anakao- Tuléar – Antananarivo
•Early transfer to the airport for your flight to Antananarivo and catc connecting flight back.

It mightbe that we could drop a day at Andasibe and spend a full day at Zombitse, and/or we may have to consider whethr inluding Nosy Ve is feasible.

I'm a single female British 30 something with a keen interest in lemurs, birds, chameleons and all sorts of other wildlife. I like photography too. If anyone is interested in joining me on all or part of this trip to share costs, (accommodation, driver/guide and local park guide fees could be shared). please get in touch.

All the best

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Aug 29th, 2012, 12:29 PM
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If only, if only, if only ... !

I've just finished booking my big trip for the year (Belize and Guatemala); had I seen this, I'd have loved to have joined you. If, for whatever reason, you end up delaying until next year, please repost.

(Btw, mid-30s female from the Washington, DC area. I've been fascinated by the travel shows I've seen on Madagascar. I have minimal knowledge of bird species but a healthy respect for them based on the amazing birds I saw while in Kenya. Limited skill with a camera -- alas! -- but plenty of patience for wildlife watching.)
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Sep 11th, 2012, 06:23 AM
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Hello Windolessoffice. Such a shame you can't join me this time. I'm definitely going as flights were booked ages ago! Still looking for one or two others to share the experience with but no bother if not.

I'm also planning a trip to india to Gujarat and Tadoba at the end of feb next year if you fancy that instead- going for 18 days and still looking for a few more people to share costs with. I's going to be a mammal fest! We should have a great chance of seeing Asiatic Lion, Tigers, Grey wolf, hopefully leopard, Dhole and striped hyena as well as loads of other mammals, wild ass, blackbuck, etc, plus lots of beautiful birds.

Hope you enjoy Belize- that's on my list too. Almost went there one year but decided on Brazil instead. The Jaguars were too tempting to miss!

All the best

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