Madagascar and/orSeychelles

Nov 27th, 2005, 10:55 AM
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Madagascar and/orSeychelles

My husband and I are planning our first trip to Africa. I think we have the safaris all figured out. We are going to do Singita and then the Ngorongoro Grater Lodge. Comments? Will we enjoy both places? Are they different enough from each other?

Then, I wanted to go to Madagascar to see Lemurs. Has anyone stayed at Anjajavy? Is the place nice? Are you close to areas for day trips to see Lemurs? What is the beach like? Relaxing?

I am debating whether to hit the Seychelles as well. I am sure they are beautiful, but I need help focusing, here. If I am at a nice resort in Madagascar, would visting the Seychelles be similar? In other words, should I focus more on other destinations because I will have my "beach" at Madagascar?

Also, any recommendations for resorts near Kilimanjaro?

Thanks for all of your help!
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Nov 27th, 2005, 12:15 PM
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Shari -

Very adventurous - three, maybe even four countries? When (time of year), for how long entire trip and each country? From where are you traveling? Who will be planning and arranging all of this for you?

Singita is in South Africa. The Crater Lodge is in Tanzania. Madgascar is an island country off the coast of Southern Africa. The Seychelles a chain of islands off of East Africa.

Is Singita at Sabi Sands in SA all that you will be visiting... same for Tanzania as the Crater is in the middle of the northern circuit of this country.

We'd be able to assist if we had some idea of how you're putting this all together?

And let me suggest you keep all posts regarding this trip under one thread heading; easier for you to follow answers and for responders to see the progress of your plans.
Nov 27th, 2005, 01:01 PM
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We will be traveling from the East Coast of the US. We are planning on dividing the trip up into 4 days/nights at each place. We are planning the trip ourselves and we are aware of the distances and the flights, etc. We are planning on going in September or October of 2006.

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Nov 27th, 2005, 01:21 PM
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Personally, I feel you should either do Southern Africa or East Africa, otherwise, you're going to need a vacation by the time you return home. You'll be spending more time in the air between countries and not time enough to recover inbetween.

Doing it yourself is foolish and will cost you an arm and a leg. Besides the fact, even if you can find space at Crater Lodge for 4-days no less (right now this lodge is pretty much booked through all of 2006), or even Singita you'll be paying the highest rack rates versus what a tour operator can do for you. Besides a tour operator can arrange for all your transfers. Let someone else do that work for you.

If you will to be spending what I can estimate this will cost you, you can certainly arrange two separate trips to either South or East Africa a year apart of within 6-months from the other.

There are no comparative "luxury" (as Crater Lodge) resorts at Kilimanjaro... some interesting Coffee Lodges for a day or two. From here you have to arrange transfers by air or road to the Crater and return. By air, it's only as far as Lake Manyara, then 2-1/2 hrs by road. By road direct is about 5-hrs.

Likewise, for Singita, you'll have to arrange flights and transfers from JNB to the camp and return.

I'd reconsider some of this.

Nov 27th, 2005, 02:24 PM
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If you decide to go with one country, look at this website of these new resorts in TZ that climbhigh recently wrote about. Super luxurious--you could combine with Crater Lodge (I do not think that I would do 4 nights at Crater lodge--although there are some walks to do).

Also, look at his web site Go to TZ and to Arusha and you will see pictures of the various lodges in the area.
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Nov 27th, 2005, 02:39 PM
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I visited Madagascar in May, and I don't think any of the better parks in which to see lemurs have accommodations approaching the level you'll find at Singita and the Crater Lodge. I did a lot of research before my trip, including reviewing Cortez Travel's excellent website, and I went to three parks (Perinet, Kirindy and Berenty) and the lodging is comfortable, but basic, especially at Berenty, where its very rustic. But the lemur viewing was spectacular, and Madagascar is fascinating. I never heard of Anjajavy, but if its on one of the northern islands, the lemur viewing will likely not be as good as the parks on the main island. I don't think Mad is the type of place that visitors travel to for luxury, but I could be wrong.

Seychelles -- to me, its an awfully long way to go just to visit a beach.

If you'll end in either Tanzania or SA, there are excellent beaches in either country.

You're also going to spend a day or so traveling from Singita to the Crater, and like others said, you'll have a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience, in my view, if you went to either SA or Tanzania. I have been to both and they're excellent, but the distance between the countries is great, and it more likely will take you a couple of days to get between the two.
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Nov 27th, 2005, 04:53 PM
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Hello Shari,
Oh how I feel your pain. We will be going to Tanzania (N.Circuit) and then to the Seychelles this Feb. Although I have traveled a bit and painlessly self planned my previous trips I have found that the logistics of E. Africa and the Seychelles to be a bear to plan. I am going to be on a catamaran for one week after 2 days on Mahe with 2 days at the end to accomadate my flights which were almost impossible to arrange. I will be using one tour operater for my flights, stay in Nairobi and safari as well as a second company for the catamaran. After not being able to secure rooms in Mahe I used a 3rd company for my rooms. It actually ended up being less costly and saved the rest of my hair pulling to use agents. I did notice that there are a few company's who can arrange safaris, air and end trips to the Seychelles and Mauritas. Google as many safari sites as you can and you will see various itinerary trends that may appeal to you.
As for the Seychelles there really is much more than just beaches which in and of itself is not a bad thing, particularly after a long dusty
safari. The culture,history, scenery and wildlife on the Indian Ocean Islands albiet different from the continent is worthy of seeing.
So keep exploring your options and asking questions and you'll be able to put together your killer vacation.
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