Luggage Weight Limits


Aug 26th, 2001, 11:20 AM
Norma Pearson
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Luggage Weight Limits

I've read the weight limit for luggage on the flights within Kenya and Tanzania is 32 lbs. per person. Do they weigh your carry on or camera bag? If you are over by a few pounds, can you pay, and is it a lot? We will be okay after we give away the gifts we've bought for the schoolchildren, but until then, we'll be a few pounds over if they count everything. Thanks for your advice.
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Aug 26th, 2001, 01:14 PM
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I know this isn't going to help you particularly but when we went to Botswana/Zimbabwe our weight limit was 26 pounds including camera equipment. We were told being overweight might necessitate having to charter an extra plane. As it happened, in our case, it didn't matter as we had a brand new plane just put into service which was able to carry more. I sure would find out definitely and not take a chance.
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Aug 27th, 2001, 07:24 AM
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Norma; Here's how it worked with our tour. Everyone on the flight would pile their luggage on one big scale. The airline calculates a "total" weight of all the bags. If its not over the total weight allowed for the plane, no problem. You are not forced to weigh your bags one by one. No one pays attention to carry-on with the exception of size requirments. With carry-on its about the dimensions of your bag rather than the weight. Some of the planes are pretty small.

Are you taking your gifts for a particular school or destination in Africa? I ask because we were told not to hand out individual gift (pens, pencils, toys)to children. It encourages them to beg which the adults hate. Our driver would not allow the handouts, but offered to take the pens & pencils to a local school. I could see his point. The children begged to no end for pens - becoming quite aggressive. He also told us that the children turn the pens into weapon-like instruments to use on each other. So I finally gave up on the idea. The drivers do like baseball hats with your home state or something like that on them. My husband gifted our driver with his UofM hat and the driver was thrilled.

Have a wonderful trip.
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Sep 3rd, 2001, 07:41 AM
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My wife and I were in Kenya in June and flew several times. In Wilson airport (Nairobi), they weighed our two checked suitcases togther. Fortunately, they weighed 30 kg (66 lb) or less, which was the limit. They did not weigh our 2 small carry-ons, in which we put our heavier items.
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