Londolozi Varty or Singita Boulders

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Londolozi Varty or Singita Boulders

If hypothetically money is no object which is the best experience, Londolozi Varty Camp or Singita Boulders?
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"experience" can mean a lot of things

What do you want, what are your priorities?

That said, I've been to neither so can't be of much actual help

regards - tom
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I've been to Boulders, but I need a little more help to give any sort of answer.
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What is your expectation re "experience" -- luxurious surroundings, sumptious meals, with virtually guaranteed wildlife sightings in uncrowded places?

Based on reviews I've read here over the years, and some recent research myself, I think both camps give you that. I've not been to either, but have been seriously considering a Londolozi offering that includes Varty Camp for four nights.

Now, four nights in a single interesting camp would for me, be heaven, as long as I get to experience something slightly different at another place or two in the same trip. Would this be part of a longer trip that includes, say time in Cape Town, and maybe a stop or two along the Garden Route and/or out into wine country?

Frankly, for our next trip we're leaning toward a participatory camping safari through Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique that ends in Kruger (though not at a high end camp) simply because of the unique experiences the itinerary offers. (Our last trip was a fly-in at 3 CCAfrica -- now called &Beyond-- camps in Botswana. It was magnificent.)

But if you're looking for a romantic honeymoon-like experience where everything is basically done for you and all you have to do is enjoy it -- either camp should suit your purpose quite well!
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we stayded at singita ebony - so cannot help with information on boulders.
ebony was nice but extremely posh regarding the clients and their attitude towards safaris generally speaking. the wildlife was very good as all over sabi sands.

i assume it's similar at boulders as singita targets that kind of clientele.

i know londolozi varty - but all londo lodges are stunning.
the wildlife is outstanding, especially the leopards.
and the clientele is much more down to earth - generally speaking. exceptions don't count ;-)

and varty is 2/3 the rate of boulders.

so it's completely depending on your expectations.


i would like to know which &beyond camps you did in bot?
i am planning a trip for april 09 and would love to learn from your experiences.

thank you.

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I have not been to Singita. Have just returned from Londolozi so I can give you feedback there.

Londolozi has 5 different camps -- but they are all connected by a walkway that is around a half mile long.

Varty has the most rooms -- 10 -- and it is child friendly. We saw several young children there. It is the hub of all the camps in that the gift shop, exercise equipment and computers for guest use are located there. Of all the camps, I would choose this one lase because of these things.

We booked at Founders but were upgraded to Pioneer because a group wanted to book Founders. Pioneer has only 3 rooms and has recently been refurbished.

Each camp has its own staff. The staff at Pioneer was excellent.

Yet it was strange to me when we arrived as we went to the common area of Pioneer first and then when going to our room we passed half the Founders rooms first -- they were on the left side of the walkway and the Pioneer ones were on the right side further down.

We really liked the plunge pool here because it was not totally in the sun and the temperature of the water was comfortable -- not so cold that you need to take a long time to get comfortable in it but cool enough to be effective. Additionally we had a covered area to sit by the pool. There were indoor and outdoor showers.

I did not see Treetops so I cannot give you any feedback there. The common areas for Granite -- also just 3 rooms and even more upscale than Pioneer -- was very nice as well -- great views!

At Pioneer the common area incorporates an open kitchen area. You can watch the chef cook up the meal if you want. Founders kitchen was removed from the sitting area. I believe it was incorporated in Granite.

As for being pampered, I can't think of anything they didn't do for us -- the last night dinner was served in our rooms -- each couple was served the meal in separate courses. When we came in from the game drive, a bottle of champagne was chilling and a bath was drawn. Several candles were lit in the bathroom -- very romantic. A table and candles was set up in the sitting area.

Best experience -- the game drives would be a major component of that for me -- and the game drives were very good. We saw several leopards -- the reason we came here -- as well as lions and almost witnessed a wildebeest being born ( we got there 5 minutes after one was born and there was a second coming to another wildebeest but she appeared to be upset and the guide felt that we should move on after we had watched for about 45 minutes -- thought the herd seemed unsettled with out presence. So we only got to see the beginning -- a couple of the legs were out) and the elephants that were young -- about a year or so -- getting to the water on a very hot day and just go plunk! and fall into the water on its side and have a great time with it's legs in the air!

I know that Mala Mala has the largest area in Sabi Sands -- I do not know if that gives them the edge when it comes to game viewing but we felt the area that is Londolozi is substantial enough to see several interesting things. I know Singita is a smaller area than Londolozi.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about Londolozi that I can answer.
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Thanks for the inputs. How many landrovers in total go out at Londolozi when all camps are full?

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Londolozi can have two vehicles on Singita territory on any one drive and vice versa. This goes back to when the Varty's helped design Singita.

That being said I've never made it onto Singita when I've been to Londolozi. Everytime we've set off in that direction we've always come across a leopard or cheetah.

If all the camps are full there would be 40 - 50 guests so around 7 or 8 vehicles not including private vehicles. They have a max of six people each with the tracker on the front. However, in practice you rarely see another vehicle apart from when you are at a sighting.
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There would be one car from Pioneer and one from Granite. Founders has 7 rooms so that could have 3 cars. Treetops has 6 rooms so that would have 2 vehicles. Varty has 10 rooms so that could have 4 vehicles as they do not put more than 6 in a vehicle. That would be 11 vehicles at the same time -- never saw that many. We did see some on the roads -- mostly when returning -- and at the sighting never more than 2 other vehicles. If there is a family with children, I believe they have their own vehicle -- saw one family I think.

You only go out with people from your camp -- they would not mis Varty guests and Founders to lessen the number of vehicles. So, with 7 rooms Founders could have up to 3 vehicles.

At Phinda we saw other vehicles on the road and at sightings. There they have two camps in the north and two in the south but the camos are not connected and you can't walk between them. In a way it was nice to be able to walk between the camps at Londolozi and just get out and stretch more than just going to your room. It is not fenced and animals come in but it was ok to walk around during the day -- at night you have escorts to the room and main area.

My husband said that to him there is a difference between going on safari and staying at a place like Londolozi and going on a game drive. I think he enjoys the tented camps without the plunge pools and butler etc more -- not to say that one is better than the other but he likes the feel of being away -- no internet or cell phones etc that we had in Zambia in 2005 and in Botswana in 2000. But when it is 100 degrees out, I LOVE the air conditioning and plunge pools during down time!

I honestly cannot think of anything negative at Londolozi -- the place and service were impeccable.
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Thanks for the info.
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