level of restoration after quakes ?


May 29th, 2001, 02:38 PM
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level of restoration after quakes ?

Hello All,

I am making plans to travel to western Turkey this September. I am really excited & I think that it'll be a great trip. However, I was wondering what to realistically expect to see these days, due to the quakes a couple of years ago. Are most sites cleared up ? Also, I plan to travel as a part of a Pacha Tour group.Any comments, whether positive or negative, about this tour operator ?

Much thanks in advance !
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May 31st, 2001, 08:53 AM
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It really depends on where your tour takes you, but most probably you will be going to Istanbul and other popular tourist destinations. Istanbul was never badly damaged in the downtown area (the quake was actaully a fair bit away from Istanbul).

When I was in Trukey in April, including both Istanbul and Bodrum, I didn't see any damage.

Your tour group would never take you to quake damaged areas.

CAn't tell you anything about your tour operator.

Only other advise - always have tissues in our purse/pocket for the washroom. A number of public toilets in Turkey don't provide toilet paper.

It is a really beautiful country and you will be very pleasantly surprised at the hospitality shown by the local people.

Also - Sept is the best time to go. The weather will be very nice, very few tourists (compared to August!) and you can still swim. Do take some pants and a light sweater/jacket for the evening as they start to get cooler in Sept.
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