leaving for Tunisia: any advice


Sep 30th, 2000, 09:10 AM
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leaving for Tunisia: any advice

I'm leaving in a couple of weeks to Tunisia with my g/f. Any advice of what to see in each part? I would not like to be all the time eating European food at the hotel, but would like to taste some local dishes. But I've heared to be careful with the water and with the salats, since have been washed with that water, and so, I do not know if I just have to eat what the hotel offers -by the way, what are typical places to go for a good food in the country?

Next question would be related to the women: should we be careful at any time, not go out at night or have to dress specially for example, to visit mosques?

I'd thank any other advice, obviously, related to the weather in Fall, or any other theme of Tunisia.
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Oct 1st, 2000, 01:21 AM
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The hotels we stayed in in Tunisia served - besides the well prepared European dishes - always local dishes at dinner. Some were good, some were really bad.
Be indeed careful with water and salads. This does not mean that you always have to eat in your hotel, restaurants will be OK too but don't eat or drink anything from streetvendors. Water is OK for washing but we always use bottled water for toothbrushing.
In my opinion Tunisians are used to European women nowadays. We never had any problem.
Regarding the visit of mosques, you will have to leave your shoes at the entrance. In the mosque of Sousse we have seen people entering with uncovered arms. Note that you may only visit the inner court of the mosque and not the place where people are praying.
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