Le Meridian Pyramids - Cairo


May 8th, 1999, 10:04 AM
Vincent Square
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Le Meridian Pyramids - Cairo

We are planing a trip to Cairo end May 99. We are staying at Le Meridian Pyramids hotel (formerly Forte Grand).

Any advice on the hotel itself; any good local restraunts; and anything else you think may be useful for first time visitors to Egypt?

Many thanks.
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May 10th, 1999, 02:06 PM
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You are in for the trip of a lifetime! It was so exotic and foreign! I went at the end of February to be in Abu Simbel at sunrise.
Now, I stayed at LeMeridien near the airport and it was terrific. A word of caution though, if you have made reservations they probably expect to pick you up at the airport. I was not expecting this and the driver could not figure out why I did not come over to him when he held up the card with my name on it. So, the immigration people came and got me at the luggage carousel and took me back and it was a tad worrisome at first because I was alone and don't speak Arabic and could not figure out why I was being singled out! But, all was well and they then kept my luggage overnight when I flew to Abu Simbel, no fee! but of course, I tipped. They also took me to the airport at the crack of the dawn when I went to Abu..no fee. My messages were on the TV set in the room when I got there...the woman baking bread on the patio gave me some when I went for a very chilly swim. So, I had a + experience with LeMeridien-just not the one you are staying at.
If you go to the sound and light show at the Pyramids, wear socks, take a blanket and sweaters...it gets very cold in the desert, even that little way in, at night.
I got no GI upsets...ate nothing I did not peel myself and only things that were very well cooked, no salads (alas), but did not want to take a chance. Drink only bottled water and remember-no ice cubes.
Also, don't be afraid to say NO very firmly when tour guides etc. take you to their own choice of shops when you first get there...it was a tad intimidating for me until I realized that they were getting a cut and it was in their interest to take you there. Send me any questions and I will answer...and it will be SO wonderful!
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May 11th, 1999, 06:36 AM
Tony Hughes
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Jodi, sounds like you have overdone it on the happy pills, my friend.

Being honest, I think you would have been in the minority of people unaffected by stomach problems. Ok, so i was at the other end of the scale but it's something you should prepare for.

Cairo itself is something else. Unlike anywhere else on this planet ...traffic can only compare with LA on a bad day..

Visit the museum (ok but not THAT good) and Giza Plateau (Pyrmaids/Sphinx/Solar Boat et al)

Email if you need any more help.
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